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Either you is going to give me the truth. about eharmony. or your friend out there he’s going to. give me the truth. well what’s going on guys and gals my. name is jason with. and today we’re. going to take a look at. five truths about the online dating site. eharmony now. if at any point during this video you. want to give eharmony a try for yourself. i’m gonna go ahead and put a link in the. description box below to a free trial. so you can jump in there and you can. check things out on your own let’s get. right into it. truth number one eharmony is more. expensive than a lot of. other dating sites and while this isn’t. ideal for your wallet or for your purse. there’s a lot more to this truth that we. need to take a look at. first of all how much more expensive is. eharmony well. what i’ve done for you is i’ve put a.

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Link in the description box below to our. eharmony cost page on that page our team. regularly updates the most current. subscription prices. for an eharmony membership so if. budget’s important to you which. it definitely should be go ahead and. click that link now and take a look at. what the pricing currently is. second of all it’s not always a bad. thing when an online dating site is more. expensive. sure it’s going to cost you more but. what that does is it kind of weeds out. the people who. aren’t serious about the process because. the more financially invested people. are in things the more serious they’re. going to take things the more committed. the process the more messages they’re. going to respond to. all of that great stuff so just because. it’s a bit more expensive than some. other dating sites that’s not.

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Necessarily a negative. truth number two the dating process at. eharmony is. slower than a lot of other dating sites. traditional dating sites operate kind of. like shopping. it takes you like two minutes to create. your profile you log in and then you. start just scrolling through an endless. stream of singles. eharmony on the other hand takes a much. more structured. approach to the process and it’s a lot. more of a quality over quantity type. approach now this is definitely going to. take some getting used to. but it’s really hard not to trust in the. process and look at the results that. eharmony has delivered. speaking of those results truth number. three. eharmony is responsible for helping over. two. million people find love now that is an. incredible stat and definitely one. that we should all be getting excited.

About again if you do want to give. eharmony a try and check these things. out for yourself. i do have that link in the description. box below to a free trial so you can. jump in there right now. truth number four eharmony is not good. for people who are looking for casual. dating or hookups. the site is 100 geared towards helping. people find serious and committed. relationships so. if you’re just looking for casual dating. or just looking for hookups you are. not going to like eharmony and real. quick before we get to our fifth and. final truth about eharmony. if you’re enjoying this content you’re. having a good time you’re learning some. stuff. if you could take a second right now. just hit that like button hit that. subscribe button. it really does help out the channel a. lot truth number five. eharmony is legit if you’re looking for.

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That serious. committed relationship or you’re. potentially looking to meet someone who. you might want to marry. down the line eharmony is gonna be a. great fit. it’s really hard to argue with the. results they’ve already proven. and that quality over quantity. structured process that they have that. clearly is getting the job done again if. you are looking for the casual dating. not going to be a great fit for you but. if you are looking for that serious. relationship. eharmony is going to be a real legit. choice well that brings us to the end of. the video. again if you enjoyed yourself today if. you could just take a second right now. hit that like button hit the subscribe. button we’d love to be able to continue. sending you some awesome great content. and your support really means a lot and. again if you do want to give.

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