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Younger Women Older Men Dating be something

If you’re an older guy in the dating  world in this video i want to give you one  . simple tip that will get you more attention  from women make you more attractive to women and  . even have younger women choosing  you from a crowd and chasing you. hi i’m bobby rio and over the past few years  more and more of my clients are guys in their  . 40s their 50s their 60s and when they get into the  dating world a lot of times they’re coming out of  . a long relationship or they’re coming out of a  divorce and they go back out and maybe they’re  . going out to you know social events or a lot  of times they’re on dating sites or dating apps  . and they’re not getting the attention from the  type of girls they want which a lot of times  . happens to be women um younger than them and  when i review their profiles a lot of things.

That i do with them is i say well you know give me  an idea of who you are um and i often look through  . their their dating profiles to kind of critique  their pictures and kind of see if i can pinpoint  . what’s going on and what i often find is as  i’m looking through their stuff i’m just like  . you are presenting yourself as generic old  dude right and no younger woman is on a  . dating app going i want generic old dude when a  woman’s out with her friends at you know a bar  . or a lounge having drinks and generic old dude  comes over there’s nothing exciting about that  . she doesn’t go oh my god you know  but what i also tell them is that  . women especially younger women are instinctively  attracted to older men and they think there’s a  . disconnect there they’re like well you’re telling  me not to be generic old dude but then you’re.

Telling me women are attracted to older men and  what i then go on to explain to them is that you  . have to fit into a sexy stereotype meaning there  is certain types of men older men that women are  . drawn to they’ve been drawn to these men for  hundreds of years it’s programmed into them  . in movies and tv shows in the books that they read  that certain type of older men signify being sexy  . and what i explained to my clients is that what  you want to do is you want to encapsulate one  . of these i call them older guy sexy stereotypes  you want to figure out which one you fit into  . and then you want to be that person right meaning  you want to create a movie trailer version of your  . life so that when a woman is scrolling through a  dating site or you know flipping through tinder  . and she sees your profile you signify sexiness  right so as men the easiest way that i can kind.

Of explain this is if you know for for guys if  we see a woman in um you know a nurse’s outfit  . or a cheerleader’s outfit or something like  that right that’s like a sexy outfit that is  . associated with it right that that type of woman  um for women it’s completely different right  . there’s roles and and and types of guys that women  are attracted to so when they’re scrolling through  . and they see one of these they stop and they  look because you fit into that sexy stereotype  . so i want to go through i want to go through six  ones that i usually um tell my clients about right  . and when i say that when i give these it’s not  just about dressing this way although dressing  . and sort of crafting your image around one of  these is important but it’s also about everything  . right if you have pictures up on a social media  site or a dating app or you know an online dating.

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Site you want to like i said you want to create  a movie trailer so you want to sort of paint this  . picture of this is the guy that i am and that is  sort of like a bat signal for all the women out  . there that are attracted to that type of guy so  as i go through them i want you to think which one  . would uh you likely fit into which one  would be the easiest one for you to fit into  . so the uh first older guy sexy  stereotype is the professor. right i’m also going to call this the  intellectual right so we have professor slash. intellectual and this is the guy that i mean we  all have seen and heard the stories of the middle  . aged college professor the 60 year old college  professor who’s sleeping one of his hot 22 year  . old um you know students and the reason this is  is because that’s kind of ingrained in a certain.

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Type of girl right they look up to that that that  figure right that that professor that intellectual  . that that they can learn things from right a  certain type of girl fits into that not all girls  . but there’s a girls that that’s what they’re drawn  to that older guy who can show them the world  . tell them interesting things um an example of  a guy like that would be jordan peterson if  . you don’t know him um i’ll put a picture of him  here he’s a kind of a you know he’s an author  . of books sort of a modern day philosopher type  type of guy and and you’ll see that the way he  . presents himself crafts into that stereotype  of being the intellectual being the professor  . and i guarantee that there’s a lot of younger  women out there that find him attractive even  . though he is in his i think he’s probably in his  late 50s early 60s um and if that kind of fits you.

Right if that kind of you see yourself as that  then what you want to do i always say is you want  . to take a natural bit of how you are and you kind  of want to put that on steroids meaning amplify  . that so if you’re a little bit of the intellectual  professor type amplify it find out what that  . the the dress type of that kind of guy is you  know what what would he be doing what would a  . picture of that guy being you know maybe on his  social media picture would be a picture of him  . giving a lecture him sitting in a coffee shop in  paris reading a book right because there’s gonna  . be women that when they’re scrolling through  like that’s what they’re attracted to they’re  . not attracted to the random old dude you know  posing in front of the eiffel tower all kind of  . awkward and stuff they want the image they want  the movie trailer so number two is guru right.

Um the older guru this could be a spiritual guru  this could be a health guru a yoga guru um it’s  . it’s essentially the the older guy who’s kind of  into you know very passionate about something um  . a lot of times it happens to be something  like spirituality or something like that  . and what’s great about these right the professor  the guru is a lot of older guys think i need to be  . rich you need to have money but the reality is no  you you don’t if because there’s older gurus that  . live you know they live in like a 900 square foot  i know one of them right is this guy he lives in  . a 900 square foot apartment you know it’s kind of  near the beach but it’s not an expensive apartment  . he spends his days you know doing yoga and  he’s always got young women around because  . there’s a lot of young women that are attracted  to that right that that guru figure in their life.

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And i mean you see it all the time these cult  leaders and stuff like that who have swarms of  . these women um now i’m not recommending you be a  cult leader or anything like that i’m just saying  . that amplifying that guru tendency that you might  already have if you’re into spirituality if you’re  . into things like yoga and meditation bring that  to the forefront um embrace it a little bit more  . but also craft your image around it more more  than than you normally would right so maybe  . maybe you’re a guy and you dress like me  and you kind of just dress like a normal  . guy but you’re really into spirituality maybe  start switching a little bit right maybe take some  . cues and look and see and you know wear some you  know bracelets and add some type of stuff you know  . go online and kind of look and see because again a  woman scrolling through a media site sees that guy.

It’s a stereotype of a certain a lot of certain  girls out there are going to be attracted to that. um the next one is probably the one that  most guys assume is the one the stereotype  . that women are attracted to and that’s  wall street guy right this is the guy who  . dresses in uh you know a suit a sharp suit he’s  got the nice car he’s got the nice watch um and  . you know this is the one a lot of guys well  you need money for that but you don’t need  . as much money as you think right this is this  is this is kind of one of the things i always  . say to older guys like well how much money  do you think you need a lot of guys like you  . need money i’m like well how much give me a  number what do you think it takes to attract  . a younger woman how much money do you need to  make because the reality is most guys assume.

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They need to be making millions and millions of  dollars to kind of be that guy but the reality  . is you don’t right you don’t you don’t need to  be making millions of dollars you’re competing  . against you know 25 year old guys who are making  you know they’re working as waiters you know so um  . if wall street guy fits your thing start  dressing the part right not just when you go  . don’t just wear a suit to work wear it more be the  guy that shows up to the lounge sharply dressed on  . your social media profile what would the guy on  wall street’s social media profile look like well  . craft yours to look like that and embrace that  character a bit more so let’s continue along and  . let me give you a few more that i recommend um  by the way if you are an older guy and you are  . find yourself more attractive to younger women i  do a class with my friend hank he’s in his uh late.

50s and he’s sort of the epitome of of of these  stereotypes and we teach how to use your age as an  . advantage right because here i’m talking a little  bit about your image that you’re presenting what  . hank will get into in this course and i’ll leave  a link below it’s completely free he talks about  . your attitude the way you talk to women and all  the subtle things you can do to position yourself  . as the prize to a younger woman i’m going to give  you a few more of these uh stereotypes so the  . next one we have is the um the you know i call it  like the mafia politician and that’s essentially. the power position right it doesn’t  you know i always say the politician or  . or or the tony soprano type guy because  there’s always going to be like i said  . there’s always going to be that certain subtype  of woman that they like that powerful older man.

In a position that gets him respect right  the mayor of the town who’s kind of got his  . hands in a lot of different things tony soprano  type character again i’m not recommending you  . necessarily run for office or you join the mafia  but i’m saying embrace that style that character  . and when you’re presenting um social media if  that’s you right if it’s not you choose one of  . the other ones but if you tend to identify  with that type of guy well then design your  . um you know your social media around that right  what would pictures of of a politician have and  . you know him kind of always wheeling and  dealing and and being out places right  . that’s going to attract a certain type  of woman um next we have the aging artist. um the aging artist is you know an aging musician  the the aging poet right the aging actual artist.

Who paints pictures there’s always women that  are gonna be attracted to that guy right um the  . charles bukowski type of type of guy or you know  even just the guy who who who’s really passionate  . about music and plays plays music or is into you  know writing you know the art like the the author  . um if you fit into that realm and you even if it’s  just a little bit right even if you just enjoy  . painting on the side but but you would want to get  into it more right because a lot of this you don’t  . want to fake something it’s got to be a natural  part of you that you bring to the surface more  . and you project it out into the dating world more  but if that’s you then then embrace that right  . embrace that aging artist dress like an aging  artist we talk about not eating money the aging.

Artist is often poor but he often cleans up with  women because of the aura he has around him and  . there’s always going to be women that are after  that type of guy the last one is the engaged dad  . this is one that a lot of guys don’t don’t  don’t fully appreciate but younger women  . find themselves really attracted to a dad who is  involved right it’s not just a matter of posting  . a picture of your kid it’s the dad that they see  as like the coach on the team right the dad that  . they see out you know working with his son out  on uh you know whatever it is right like that’s  . attractive to them i’ve had so many i can’t even  tell you how many female friends of mine tell me  . there’s nothing sexier like we go to this pool  club and they’ll tell me there’s nothing sexier  . than watching like the dads like playing with  their kids in the pool right and a lot of guys.

Older guys don’t think that they almost think they  have to hide that aspect of them like oh i’m a dad  . i don’t want them to know that and listen you  don’t want to ever use your kids as props you  . know i’m not telling you to kind of prop them out  and hey i’m a dad but don’t hide it right embrace  . it and if that’s who you are project that out  there right your social media can be that right  . there can be pictures of you you know coaching the  the the your kids your kids little league game or  . if your kids are a little older now maybe it’s  you at their graduation you know your arm around  . them all happy because there’s always going to be  women that are attracted to that now maybe there’s  . a part of that that’s like the sort of the um the  the girl who wants to kind of steal the married.

Guy away from his happy family i’m sure that  plays into it you know the the show the affair  . on showtime that was a good example right the guy  with the you know he shows up at the the diner and  . the waitress sees him with his family and  she kind of falls for him um but that’s  . real i’ve heard it from so many women um so  if that’s you embrace it now like i said um  . these stereotypes are a way to project sort of  a movie trailer version of yourself out to the  . world but when you’re actually talking to women  especially younger women you need to know how  . to talk from a position of power a position  of status how to lean back and have a younger  . woman putting in the effort and chasing you and i  want to teach you that in a free class that i do  . um there’s several options to choose from we do it  a few times a week it’s my friend hank it’s called.

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