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Hey welcome man. well it turns out there’s a whole new. scourge on the land. it’s called woke fishing woke fishing. and this is where mean people pretend to. be woke. and socially aware to seduce uh. virtuous sensitive people who aren’t at. all deranged. who aren’t at all deranged by their. wokeness. you know this is something that’s i mean. really guys have been pretending forever. to be sensitive or whatever you know and. hanging around the margins just waiting. for that chance when you know the girl. will. you know be emotionally weak or. something then he’ll get a shot. guys have been doing guys have been. telling women what they wanted to hear. forever and they’re going to continue to. so that’s really just what woke fishing. is it’s just pretending to be a. sensitive type. uh to trick i guess gullible. purplehaired gremlins anyway.

This article is from health.com it says. what is woke fishing. why you need to know about the latest. dating trend. if you’ve been swiping lately you need. to read this well. i haven’t i don’t really need to read it. i guess but let’s take a crack at it. anyway. dating apps have always had catfishers. and manipulators. but in 2020 cyber dates now have a new. type of creep to look out for. people pretending to be politically. progressive to charm. unsuspecting folks looking for love. you know my thoughts are if you’re. obsessed with weird. marxist social and racial theories. you know there’s nobody who can really. help you anyway you’re just gonna make. bad decisions but. anyway let’s see it says here the term. woke fishing was coined by writer serena. smith. in a recent article for vice to describe. a situation where someone pretends to be.

Woke. i.e aware of issues relating to social. and racial justice. and just to be clear here woke isn’t. being aware. of issues relating to social and racial. justice woke is being obsessed by it. obsessed to the point of derangement. obsessed to the point of masochism. you know obsessed to the point where you. you can’t see anything else. anywhere but anyway. so let’s see they got a uh. boardcertified psychiatrist to explain. this. it says that woke fishing is one person. who was talking to another person. starts asking them vague questions. regarding progressive causes. in an effort to determine their la their. interest level. and then mirrors their responses yeah i. mean people do this. all the time we’ve always done this. feigned interest in somebody else’s. interest. to get them to like them basically you. know as a way in.

It’s just in this case they’re. pretending to be in their cult. you know that’s it you know their cult. of wokeness. so let’s see i mean this is left. apparently just left many many victims. in its wake. smith that’s the person who um who. coined the phrase woke fishing. apparently. her ex convinced her that he shared her. political and social beliefs. but when smith decided to go vegan. of course she did he quickly showed his. true colors. quote i can still remember one of his. appalled. patronizing texts quote oh god. you’re not going to become one of those. vegan feminists are you. oh that’s great i love it. smith wrote she said i was confused. he hadn’t come across like someone who. hated vegan feminists. so where had this come from i’m going to. say it came from. meeting some vegan feminists i want to. guess that that’s where he got that.

Attitude from. just simply meeting vegan feminists i. think that’s enough to convince anybody. frankly. now i shouldn’t over generalize there i. should i’m sure there are some very nice. vegan feminists i’m sure i can’t really. say it without laughing sorry. okay anyway but here it echoes what i. what i was saying earlier. although the term woke fishing might be. a new one. this is far from a new phenomenon it’s a. twist on an old practice of manipulating. others. to achieve a desired outcome in this. case consent for. sleepover parties it doesn’t say that. but that’s more fun. it’s simply a classic manipulative. tactic with a catchy new name. yes and that’s what i’m saying people. have been doing this forever. manipulating people. feigning interest in something to get. something that they want. although i think maybe with the case of.

Locust i mean i think it does wokeness. does seem to induce a kind of. it’s it almost manifests as like a. mental illness or something. as you know like a lack of maturity. a lack of constraint they seem to be. quite hysterical and emotional. you know it’s almost like an emotional. stunting or something like that i hate. to be mean i hate to be mean but that’s. just what i’m observing. they certainly don’t like to hear things. that they don’t agree with i’ll say that. much. and they’ve already proven that they’re. very easily manipulated. i mean the things that they believe. absolutely they will scream. at you about you know like you know. around gender and all of this and all. the many genders and whatnot. they’re all you know contradict they all. contradict each other. you know things that contradict each. other like you know born this way but.

Also. it’s fluid and it can change and also. you can actually be. like a a nonhuman thing that doesn’t. exist like a unicorn or something right. so these are not the kind of you know. signatures of. mentally healthy people so they might be. more vulnerable to uh manipulation. that’s my point so it may. it may actually be a little bit more. insidious than it normally is. anyway just going to interrupt for one. second to say if you like this content. subscribe so you can see more thanks a. lot but this also does reveal something. else about. the woke right in that they have a very. very narrow band of things that they can. they can believe and and of people that. they can hang out with. like listen to this it can be difficult. to spot a woke fisher. largely because their initial attempts. to ingratiate themselves. can often be mistaken for genuine.

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Interest. however it pays to be cautious if a. stranger seems to be. too agreeable especially when their. views mirror your own. ad da silva says to elicit their true. beliefs. she suggests asking a new specific. question. if they respond with a vague answer or. turn the question back on you. they may be woke fishing and this is and. this is what i’m saying. like you have to ask specific questions. to find out exactly what they believe. because it’s this narrow bandwidth of. what they find acceptable. a normal person has a pretty wide. tolerance for beliefs. political or whatever but for you know. the wokeness. it’s no no it has to be very. very narrow they have a very narrow. system of beliefs now that. narrow system beliefs can change day by. day. and what was great today can be a. horrible crime tomorrow. but as long as you agree with it when it.

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Changes right. as long as you agree with the change. you’re fine again normal people have a. wide. they’re widely tolerant of a lot of. different stuff they’re not just. crammed into one little corner and this. so this is you could be like a very. tolerant person you could be just. verging on wook yourself right and if. there’s one little thing that you don’t. agree with right. it turns out you were you’re a fascist. you’re the bad guy from you know the bad. guys from germany. right that’s how they think you know. then you’re a uh. woke fisher as well you know and you. could just be like well i just said what. i thought. i wasn’t pretending no no no you’re a. woke fisher. you said one little thing they disagreed. with i don’t know after reading this i. think that i like the wokefishers more. than i like the woke. quite frankly maybe why anybody would.

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