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Hey so I’ve had people asking me to make. this video for a long time so here I am. my top three things what not to say to. widows what not to say hey I know you. guys are thinking about us and you just. really don’t know what to say but don’t. use cliche statements please for Abell. love for the love. do not say they’re in a better place. well they’re not in my place so that. doesn’t make me feel better. don’t that everything happens for a. reason. seriously I hate that statement I hate. it um what doesn’t kill you makes you. stronger really because the only thing. that statement makes me want to do is. punch you in the face when you say that. to me um God won’t give you more than. you can handle. that’s wrong I know for a fact God gives. you way more than you can handle so you. have to turn and rely on him for his.

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Help alright number two not to say to. widows don’t try and relate if you are. not a widow if you have not had your. spouse passed away. don’t try and relate with us because I. hate caring if my husband passed away. I could never remarry I just I just love. him too much. do you realize how that sounds what that. says is if my husband died I couldn’t. remarry because I loved him more than. you loved your husband really that’s. what that says to me don’t say that to. us whittles it’s rude so rude don’t. trade relate don’t try and put yourself. in our situations if you have not been. there and then try to tell us what you. think you would do in that situation I. got I could I love my husband too much. to even consider remarrying my third. that walls even from some of my own. closest family members and it’s like. what moving on um I could I could never.

Go through what you’ve gone through I. don’t know how you get through it. you just do what are your options like. there are no options other than getting. through it you just take it day by day. it’s a dayby-day thing okay number. three what not to do to widows and got. my add widowers and this is my personal. experience so if you’re a widow and you. disagree or you’re a widower and you. disagree that’s okay but this is me this. is my life this is my channel so number. three don’t judge us so charge us widows. you have no idea how unbelievably. difficult it is to live without the one. you love um unless you’ve gone through. it it is it’s unbelievably hard um. everyone on that same note everybody’s. different everybody grieves differently. everybody is different so if someone. doesn’t want to date for a year. good for them that works for them if.

Someone doesn’t want to date for two. years if someone never wants to date. after they lose their spouse let them. have what what is best for them if they. want to cry all the time. let him cry um this was a big pet peeve. of mine. it is not a con. to show your dedication and the amount. of love you had for your dead spouse by. how long you stay crying in the dark in. your basement it’s a figure of speech. but however long you have to be a hermit. I felt like people wanted me to be. crying sad and for at least a year. before I did anything fun um and that. would show I was truly a truly loved. Clint and I truly grieved Clint but. everybody is different everybody is. different. Clint it was terminal for a year and a. half we had discussions Clint wanted me. to get my butt out of the house when I. felt right and and move forward and date.

And you know what it is incredibly. extremely hard do you think it would be. hard to to not date it’s even harder to. date I date because I dated because I. loved Clint and I wanted to do what he. wanted me to do um and everybody is. different so please don’t judge us don’t. judge us if you think we’re smiling like. smiling and out having fun and wow you. know they must have got over the loss of. their spouse really easy because lookit. they’re bowling you know I mean I got. some of the craziest hurtful remarks um. just please be careful what you say and. don’t judge us just on that on that note. what can you do or say to widows I gave. you a lot of don’ts but what can you do. and this is my personal experience so if. other widows don’t like this sorry this. is mine text or call cards or emails hey. if you don’t know what to say.

Say that say hey I don’t know what to. say but you’re not in my mind and I’m. thinking about you. Thanks that’s great if so many people. are there for the funeral and there for. like a month or two and then everybody’s. life goes back to normal and you. doesn’t and to have people text me and. call me or send me a card months after. he passed just letting them know that. they’re thinking about me made a big. difference to me um letting me know that. I just wasn’t forgotten in the shuffle. of moving forward so if you’re a friend. of somebody that has passed and have had. a widow did is a widow or had a spouse. pass away just stay in contact with them. um some people countless people have. contacted me and how what can I do my. son so is a widow a new widow I don’t. want to impose what are some ideas these. are some things that I liked and that.

Worked for me um I loved having a. cleaning service so um if it is you I. think you don’t want to be pushy right. but for me I sought out and hired my own. after I had passed away and people like. oh I’ll come in and clean for you no. biggie no I don’t want anybody to come. and give me service away from their. families in time but I was comfortable. paying a company to come in and help why. I’m trying to go to work fulltime. raised my three kids fulltime and clean. my house so a cleaning service brings. tears of joy to my eyes um so maybe even. researching the area and calling him. saying hey we have discussed you know me. and my spouse we’ve discussed this and. we want a clue we I want a cleaning. service we want to pay for that to come. to your house once a month twice a month. I don’t know whatever you can do but a.

Cleaning service made a big deal for me. at the end of the day when you’re tired. and you’re the mom and the dad and you. get home when you make dinner and you’re. doing laundry to not have to worry that. your house is not deep cleaned and it’s. not filthy the cleaning service was. great for me and another option is. frozen meals or delivery I know I don’t. want I didn’t want people to much to. bring me like a fresh made dinner I felt. like it put them out but I had an. amazing. and um do they there was this lady of. hers that ran a business and they had. freezer mills and so she was like hey I. just bought um a couple of weeks of. freezer meals for you can I bring him by. and I just was like oh you know I was. able to on my own time take him out put. him in um being busy and haven’t um. you’re dealing with the emotions of your.

Little people grieving and to not have. to worry about dinner sometimes was. awesome. um I even had a suggestion from a friend. of mine my best friend Jenny um she just. had a baby and a cute friend of hers did. I don’t know what meal service it was. but it shipped fresh to your front door. all the ingredients in the recipe um she. loved that went crazy for it and I was. like oh my gosh that would be perfect. for a widow or widower you just say you. know uh if you’re an a bystander on the. outside and you monetarily want to help. hey what can I do that’s a great idea to. help alleviate some of the stress in our. life is help with feeding us and then I. know it’s three things what not to say. three things to say but I wanted to add. a fourth in there and invite us invite. us to stuff um it’s hard alright to be a.

Widow and still invite us to the movies. with your family or to the park or you. know if you think that we might feel. weird. it doesn’t matter invite us and then we. have the option of declining but at. least we know we’re still wanted and we. still fit in somewhere in the social. realm I know being a young widow it was. hard. nobody my age I can’t go to like the old. folks home and rub shoulders with my. fellow widowers you know I had babies I. had baseball games dance I had a busy. schedule and um I’m soccer mom you know. was baseball mom and you have this life. that everybody nobody knows nobody’s. widow in that life very rarely and so to. be included on the regular things were. great and then ending up like to finish. my schpeel here by I guess just. reiterating that being a widow is hard. and even remarrying is very hard I’ve.

Been remarried now for one year to a. widower whose wife passed away from. brain cancer and my husband passed away. from bone cancer so we have seven kids. and I’m living the mom life right now. um but it is a challenge and I often. reflect back and I think you know it. would be a lot easier to have hid in my. basement and not got out and not put. myself out there to try and move forward. as Clinton wanted it would be a lot. easier to not have to navigate in my. heart all the feelings of loving two. people but I know without a doubt that. um Clinton would have walked me to I’ve. moved forward that never goes away ever. and just because we might move forward. we never ever love less the person that. we married and especially navigating. remarry you know it would be easier to. not remarry in lots of ways but um it.

Takes work extra work and um I would. never change it I wouldn’t go back and. change it and I love Cody and I love our. crazy life um but it is not easy and. it’s not just like I remarried moved on. and got over it you know like I still. struggle on a weekly basis um and so it. is hard just don’t judge us just love us. and those of you who are going through. this and you are a widow um I know. without our Savior Jesus Christ I would. not have be able to moved forward and. function near as well as I have and I. know that our faith and hope and our. Savior and that we can get through. impossible things with his help with a. positive attitude I know instead of. groaning and complaining and being. depressed and miserable I was like that. on some. but on the days that I turned my. thoughts in my mind to the Savior . please help me I know he’s helped me I.

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