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Now. in church i’ve seen some churches where. they when you walk into that church you. see brothers. sitting somewhere. sisters somewhere they must not mix. it is a lot so that they do not sing. is that true such churches have more. sins. you know why because they feel that you. must not. relate with the opposite sex that if you. do that. there’ll be problems and. that is good but it’s not a full truth. and you must understand that half. truth is more dangerous than the lie. half truth is more than like now i have. four daughters. i will not flog my daughter if i see. them. with boys no way but i can only tell. them. a nogo area they must have in their. mind. because if i stop them the human nature. is inquisitive. they want to know what that is stopping. them so what i need to do. is to draw me to their head what they.

Must. they must never do no matter the gun or. the switch words. a guy uses i must say this part don’t go. you can be friends hello. let them learn and understand a few. things. they will see reasons why they will. control themselves. but when that is guarding them because. you are saying don’t talk with the. brother. don’t talk with this don’t talk with. that don’t talk with that it’s not. possible. you you control that at home you can’t. control that in school. then we go to school school is fun. church. yes i’m their father i’m their father. but there are some. bad guys in church who are supposed to. be clear yeah they want to put her. will i be there i might say the truth. will i be there am i going to marry them. i’m not in that somebody said to me so. my daughter yeah they’re very fine. you go back gone that’s in me i reject.

It. for them i don’t do that but there’s. some truths and i’ve started teaching. them. there’s some things they’ll see on tv. sometimes i deliberately talk to. something. to see their reaction i just put on some. something. the africanamerican colony. when i work on that i’m fine we live in. a very corrupt world you can’t tell. somebody don’t. don’t when that guides her or guides him. leave them hello that’s the truth. so those are the kind of things i want. to share with us you can have. okay you can get. without cut but you cannot have. kochi without dating. let me explain it’s not everybody you. meet that is your female friend or my. friend that you must marry it’s not. possible. ah but what we have that courtship. is let it be sexless am i making sense. you can choose to know yourself be good. friends. have a good day now now there is a level.

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You are a friend to somebody of an. opposite sex. and it has gone to your friendship both. of you know. this is just my friend why you woke up. in the morning are you okay are you up. yeah are you fine where are you going. today you’re not just friends now. yeah you know do you call your friends. like that. hey why are you calling that one special. you know. you’re not just friends that’s the truth. it is not wrong it can. it can be permitted you can see somebody. you just like. an opposite sex you like the person are. you what i’m talking about. why are you looking at me like that. look at pretenders. i’m telling you shut up. i’m telling you the truth i want to talk. to you so that you don’t let you don’t. you. your mentality about life will be. correct. now people can you can see. come madison come you can i can see.

I’m not sorry for example is a sister. i’m next next particular sister because. i don’t trust some of you say why did. papa pick that one. for example this is a sister and i see. maybe i just. there are people you just have a. connection to it’s not chemistry or. don’t use that what chemistry that what. has been abused today. you should have you just like the person. it is not wrong. because somebody just likes that how can. i be lacking boy god forbid. what is wrong is your flesh begins to. desire. the person do you understand the. difference that’s why i said there‘s. some things i will tell you that church. will tell you. once you like this sister fire is a sin. and some of us are not badly we don’t. know how to draw the line. so at the end of the day we have so many. of us struggling with immoral problems. deceiving ourselves.

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Not because the devil is powerful but. because understanding is a problem. so i can see this my opposite sex and i. just like why are you in church. okay all right you know when christians. like themselves start with weekly. activities. you are nothing you need to come. together practice. hey i wonder i was looking around the. reason i didn’t see you. that’s where they start you know go and. sit down. so what becomes wrong. is when you now discover you’re having. strange feelings you are desiring the. person that i say no no no no. you have to bring in the word of god to. check you the father my body my soul my. spirit. is in line with god’s word so what i’m. trying to explain to us is. there’s nothing wrong with that when. people going to like themselves whether. you like it or not. when you now start lacking somebody like.

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It or leave it. dating has started yes. that’s the best you must call among. others that’s the best thing for you i. must. hear from you trout today is it the holy. spirit. that you misleading for me it has. started already but. it’s not necessary that that kind of. person you like like that you must marry. are you following me what is death and. death is when to protect themselves and. they. are connected and i will have a. relationship but. please a nogo area is it must be what. sexless total but when it’s touching. it’s when to reproduce themselves. with the intention of getting married. that’s why am i able to draw. in the people that said papa no. had a sister who never touched a man. before they got married. he said and he didn’t know that this man. is not a man as a man he’s not a man. that is you know now it’s not a man.

As well doesn’t mean he’s not a man you. know they tried. i said how do you know the tribe i said. oh it’s not he said yeah hey. say my sister now she’s crying she can’t. go outside so you have to. papa you know you have to first test. to check if he’s a man i said no. enough said there‘s something tell the. girl they’ll say. you can’t be pregnant for me to know. no it’s wrong you can know. a man without bed. you can know a lady who is fruitful. without. any lady that has a regular effective. menstrual flow is productive. very productive if anything that happens. that she doesn’t have a child. is the devil medically don’t tell me. all of those who once in a while they. expect it this time it doesn’t come this. time. becomes another time it comes it’s not. solid it comes behind. those are the ones that need to start.

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Them say father something is wrong. somewhere. i don’t know if you’re getting my point. uh the rebels are expecting only 26 you. want to come 27. some people. they are they are measure flow change. like political parties. so. okay then you can access the problem. but apart from that because the devil. that you can’t eat your kick and have it. the devil will never. show you the paths yeah you’re going to. fall into trouble. the devil i i told i i was talking about. sexual life the time i talked about. sexual right. i said there are certain sexual lies. that the devil tells people. i put that belief number one that sex. makes a relationship stronger that’s the. number one sexual lies this is sex makes. relationships stronger. lie sex in the relationship brings. suspicion. the love suspicion it is their heart. that falls in love not the body.

Your heart once you get into. the best thing you can do for yourself. is when you have a relationship with. someone you’re going to get married to. never sleep with a person in fact it’s. the best thing you can do for your life. because when that is involved a lot of. nonsense you become unnecessarily. possessive. you become unnecessarily jealous you. start feeling like you owe the person. the depth i don’t i don’t know if you. have fallen i’m talking about. you’re unnecessary many unnecessary. things that come you see somebody. talking to him. has conquered you you are feeling oh he. has conquered he wants to move on to the. next person. so when you now discover the drama that. comes in with sexual connection. relationship. it just helps you to say lord i’m going. to stay pure you don’t. need it it is their heart that was in.

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