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I was walking towards the lockers one. day when i noticed the three most. popular boys in school looking at me. like i was some kind of snack. it was the first time in two years. they’d noticed me. then they were suddenly smiling at me. what’s going on. i got so nervous i crashed straight into. an open locker door and my books fell to. the floor. wow what an entry seriously her. the nerd well she is cute but are you. sure she should be our new target. she looks too innocent heck yeah i’m. gonna make her fall in love with me. and win the bet get your 10 million. dollars ready. losers we’ll see about that hi. my name is athena and let me tell you. how these three. annoying playboys pulled me into the. most confusing situation. ever first though please hit the like. and subscribe button. after my class i was walking down the.

Stairs when i suddenly tripped. but someone caught me just in time it. was andre. the guy who was literally dating half of. the female population in our school. he was staring at my lips as he pulled. me close. your lips look lonely do they want to. meet mine. please get off me whoa easy there baby. girl. i’d rather kiss a trash can by the way. oh. wait what’s the difference i smiled at. seeing the shocked look on his face. walking away i almost tripped over a. random calculator someone had left on. the floor. i dropped my books and before i could. pick them up someone was doing it for me. you should watch your step next time. princess. for a second i was stunned to see tanner. the guy with the biggest instagram. following. he was grinning at me and boy he looks. like a prince. would you mind taking a picture of me. for my insta.

He pushed his phone and started posing. like he was god’s gift to women. i didn’t know how to react so i put his. phone down on the floor and. awkwardly walked away to find an empty. classroom as i walked in. i was surprised to see someone sleeping. in there i shook his shoulder to wake. him up. only to gasp when i realized it was. lucas the handsome sleepyhead. what are you doing here this is my place. oh. sorry i didn’t see your name on the door. i ignored his sarcasm and was about to. head out before he spoke again. we can share this room if you want. suddenly the teacher came in and thought. we’d been making out in there or. something. she kicked us out and it was so. embarrassing even more than all the. tripping over. i had to avoid these heartbreakers they. were called the triple threat for a. reason. and i hated guys like them after my.

Classes were finished. i found the three of them outside. waiting for someone they. all smiled at me uh oh hey baby girl. i think you’re an engine cause my car. won’t start without you. come on princess let’s get out of here. i’ll give you a ride home. lucas just gave me a nod and signaled. for me to get in. when the world was happening i hurriedly. walked out of the gate to avoid them. when i entered the cafeteria the next. day i was greeted with milkshakes. coffees burgers and nuggets. it was the boys again i turned them all. down and chose. to sit on a table alone as i ate i heard. some girls behind me talking about me. seriously why are they after that lame. junior it must be a prank. there’s no way they’d notice her. otherwise she’s ugly. i turned to look at the girls and said i. really want to punch. all you girls right now but you know i’m.

Busy dealing with. attractive boys drooling over me now. ciao but i was furious. i had to know if i was really the target. of a stupid prank a few days later as i. was passing by the boy’s locker room i. noticed that the door was slightly open. i saw the trio inside i hid behind a. locker to listen. god what is that smell do boys even. shower give me two days and she’ll be. following me around. like a puppy i don’t think so she’s kind. of challenging. nah she’s just plain hard to get tanner. you guys should learn from me. i couldn’t believe it these players had. put a bet on me. i’d show them they’d pick the wrong girl. to mess with i was going to make them. pay. let the games begin the drama club i was. in had a show the next day. and my role was a stupid tree the scene. had a windy day so when i started. swaying my arms.

Someone gave a standing ovation from the. audience. best actress ever that’s my girl what. was he doing. after the show he came over and gave me. a bouquet of flowers and a gigantic. teddy bear babe. you know what there’s something wrong. with my phone it doesn’t have your. number in it. he wouldn’t leave until i put my number. in his phone the next day while i was. walking to school. i noticed a familiar sports car. following me. hop in princess it was tanner this time. i got in. let’s see what his deal is during the. ride i spilled my coffee over his. squeaky clean dashboard. on purpose oops sorry i’m just. so clumsy i was expecting him to get mad. about it but instead. he reached for some tissues and cleaned. my hands with them i found myself. staring at him while my heart raced no. no no. it was all just an act get a grip athena.

When we reached school. he helped me get out of the car ride. slow down. geez i’m not blind seems like it. sometimes. i glared at him is there something you. want to say. he just flashed a big smile and turned. to fix his hair in the car window so. annoying i walked off to class halfway. through the lesson. when the teacher had her back to us. someone from the table next to me. whispered. i looked up to see that it was andre. why’d you come here with tanner. you know guys like him are jerks who. will just break your heart. you know i’m totally serious about you. then he kissed my hand. oh please how serious are you there’s no. number to express. then prove it to me sure baby girl but. how. i’ll tell you about it at lunch i can’t. wait i swear. i’ll do anything for you just then the. teacher kicked him out of the class for.

Making all these noises. everyone giggled but he didn’t look the. least bit embarrassed. he winked and walked off lunchtime came. and he was already waiting. i wanted to ruin his reputation. especially in front of the girls. so i whispered my dare to him and his. eyes grew. wide if i do it will you be my. girlfriend. i nodded he immediately walked to the. front of the cafeteria. jumped on a table and shouted i have. something to confess. i wet my bed every night and i don’t. know what to do anymore. i burst out laughing when he made a. whole drama out of it while fake crying. but to my surprise. the girls started comforting him what my. plan had backfired. so i sneaked out of the room devastated. the next day while i was reaching for a. book in the library. lucas suddenly appeared and grabbed it. for me i gave him a smile but he just.

Nodded while i was doing my homework he. sat across from me and started reading a. book. i waited for him to say hello or. something but he totally. ignored me i asked him what he was. reading but he just gave me a glare. oh i get it he was using the snobbish. bad boy style. i moved beside him and leaned in are you. mute. or does your breath just stink i was. caught off guard when he grinned. do you really want to know i immediately. pulled away when our lips almost touched. i cleared my throat and got myself back. on track are you free tomorrow i just. need someone to go somewhere with me. yeah sure whatever later that night i. did a little research on lucas and. grinned when i read a comment about him. having a phobia of heights in one of his. instagram posts. he was surprised when i brought him to. an amusement park the next day.

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I forced him to try all the rides and i. was laughing my butt off whenever he. screamed like a. girl stop being such a wuss lucas let’s. try the pirate ship. one more time just then he started. throwing up. and i couldn’t stop laughing i wanted to. have. more fun so i acted like i’d sprained my. ankle and let him carry me. all around the place then i asked him to. buy me some fries. when he bought them i said oh shoot i’m. also craving a banana split. and a cheeseburger i could barely stop. myself from laughing at his annoyed face. poor guy later fell asleep on the bench. while i ate all the food. all of a sudden i screamed in his ear he. jolted awake and asked what had happened. i told him that i was just thirsty and i. needed some soda. he finally snapped buy it yourself girl. jeez you’re so annoying and just like.

That. lucas gave up one down two to go andre. continued pestering me at school while. lucas was nowhere to be found. during lunch tanner sat beside me and. asked me if. i’d like to go on a date with him to the. bahamas i want to get to know you first. before going anywhere alone with you. i don’t even know anything about your. family not a problem. you could join us for dinner tonight i. did a happy dance on the inside. everything was going according to plan i. told him that i’d come myself. so i just asked his address that night i. borrowed my friends. hyperactive cats and brought them with. me tanner looked. so happy as he opened the door my mom’s. out so. no one can babysit them i put the basket. down and the cats started running. everywhere scratching paintings and. knocking over expensive vases. sorry they get their clumsiness from.

Their mama he looked. totally unaffected your kittens are. adorable. like you come on dinner’s ready and. they’re all waiting for you. his parents looked so sophisticated and. i was surprised to see that he had four. little sisters. they all flocked around me like it was. their first time seeing a girl. i started fake crying when dinner was. served what’s wrong. i don’t eat chicken poor little. creatures. his mom asked me oh are you vegetarian. no only for chickens chicken saved my. life one time. when i was crossing the road tanner. immediately told the cook to change my. food and when we started eating. my cat suddenly jumped on the table and. turned everything into a disaster. the look of horror on the faces of the. tanner family was. epic sorry i was shocked when his mom. took the cats and started petting them. unbelievable it’s fine they’re just.

Asking for some love. i then placed my feet on the table and. let out the loudest burp. thanks for this blended meal anything. for you. darn he was such a good actor after. dinner his mom showed me their family. albums and i couldn’t help but notice. how cute baby tanner was as i watched. him play with his sisters. i realized that he wasn’t really a. selfabsorbed jerk after all. while heading out that night i tripped. over something as usual. and dropped my glasses tanner picked. them up from me and looked at my bare. face. lovingly wow your beauty is. so unreal so perfect i realized that he. was. actually talking to me i felt my heart. beating faster he looked so sincere and. it made me feel like i was the most. beautiful girl in the world apparently. my efforts to get rid of him hadn’t. worked tonight. but why was i smiling the next day andre.

Sneaked in through my window why are you. here there’s a party nearby. come on i told him that parties weren’t. my thing and besides. i didn’t have anything to wear say no. more baby girl come with me. i needed to mess with him more so i went. with him to the mall. he bought me a cute red dress and gave. me a makeover. wow you look like someone i know who my. next girlfriend. oh please i went to the party with andre. and. everyone was shocked upon seeing me they. thought i was a totally different person. while dancing with andre i couldn’t help. but notice tanner and lucas. looking at me from across the room a. girl walked up to tanner and started. dancing with him. for some reason the sight made my blood. boil. i excused myself to the toilet and when. i came back andre was now dancing. sweetly with another girl of course he.

Was a player. so i wasn’t surprised lucas followed me. when i went outside to the garden. i’m sorry about what happened the other. day athena i was so stupid for doing. such a horrible thing to a pretty girl. like you oh. wow from a jerk to a romeo. he really wanted to win that bet i. really like you. and i hope you feel the same way he. looked so. genuine that i almost got carried away i. was about to say something but. then someone snatched me away from him. tanner. what’s your problem dude that’s it we. need to stop this. i won’t let you play with her feelings. what are you talking about i. really like her and pigs can fly lucas. before they could punch each other andre. came over to stop them. and i just stood between them looking. like a confused little kitten. cut it out you idiots she’s mine stay. out of this loser you’re hopeless.

She was about to say yes to me excuse me. i don’t even like you shut up you know. what. take the dawn money here’s 10 million. for each of you. just leave her alone best decision ever. tanner. i was shocked did he just give away 20. million dollars. just like that tanner then grabbed my. hand and said. get out of here athena you don’t deserve. to be treated like this. stop pretending like you really care. tanner tanner looked. so furious cut it out i’ve known about. the bet. all this time and i’ve been playing all. of you idiots. you all lose they were all shocked at my. revelation. andre and lucas grabbed the bags from. tanner and ran away. while tanner just stood there shocked. i’m sorry for everything athena. goodbye my heart sank as i watched him. walk away. my wish was finally granted the jerks. had finally stopped bothering me.

And i should have been happy and. relieved right but i wasn’t. the next day my mom came running to me. with shocking news. someone called tanner had put 10 million. dollars into our account. we’re rich wait what what was he doing. i ran to the school to talk to him but. he wasn’t there for two weeks. there was no sign of tanner then one day. he finally showed up with a gorgeous. blonde. she was all over him after school i. found them kissing behind the bleachers. i tore him away and asked him about the. money but he walked away. saying i don’t know what you’re talking. about go away. as he walked away i knew he was lying so. that night i went to his house. his mom told me to wait in his room as i. looked around i saw something that. shocked me my lost anklet it was placed. carefully on his desk. just then the door opened and tanner.

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