What To Say In First Online Dating Message

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Hey guys how are you this is Liz with. real updates and today I’m going to talk. about three things you should never say. in in first message to somebody on my. dating site so you know you’re going. through profiles you see somebody who. looks interesting and you want to you. know get to know them. here is what not to say so um the first. one is very simple and that is hi. don’t just say hi um I can’t tell you. how many messages I’ve gotten that have. high in the subject line and then the. body of the email was just hi. if you can’t like formulate a complete. sentence to me then I’m probably not. gonna want to talk to you because it’s. kind of lazy it shows that you’re maybe. not putting a lot of effort into it. maybe you didn’t read my profile it’s. just kind of annoying. don’t put hot you can definitely put. high but just make sure that you know.

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You put something else in the second one. I think a lot of women will agree with. me not guys do not put your hot and you. might mean it and be nice this way ever. like the best compliment you want to. tell her that she is so beautiful and so. hot um but it it comes off super um. sketchy and creepy because she doesn’t. know you so if all you’re talking about. is physical things like you’re so pretty. you’re so hot um it’s hard to tell if. you are in it for the right reasons or. you just think she’s hot and you’re kind. of creepy so even if you mean it nice. and you know you’re a gentleman and. you’re the nicest guy in the whole wide. world refrain from any physical. compliments until you’ve at least talked. once or twice and then the third thing. you should never say in a first online. dating message is let’s go out um I know.

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