What To Know About Dating A Native American

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Hi my name is Donna Trejo my my Native. American girl and today you’re about to. get schooled we’ve evolved in you know. not all of us lived in teepees teepees. we’re made for only travel uses well we. own one but we don’t live in removing it. you just camp in it whenever we want to. we use them for things like ceremonies. or camping and such but we don’t live in. them I have to say to that where is my. check we really don’t get anything for. free everything we everything we get we. have to work for it just like everybody. else. if we had free health care then the. diabetes and heart disease rate would be. very very low but at this point in time. is very high our dad works to provide. for us we you don’t get like money or. anything we get schooling for free. that’s not true either we have to meet. the same academic requirement as any.

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Other ethnicity you start to apply for. scholarships I thought it was a Donald. Trump that didn’t pay taxes if we were. rich off of casinos why would we. government money I like to be just. mostly lose our money to casinos we all. gamble. not all Native Americans wear. headdresses and some tribes they don’t. wear them at all in my tribe we don’t. wear headdresses and we never did women. don’t wear headdresses and you have to. earn them it wasn’t just given to them. or handed down to them you have to earn. every feather that makes up that. headdress if you were to buy a headdress. there would be that would be. disrespectful because there’s no meaning. behind it you didn’t do anything to earn. it all you did was pay for it that’s. racist and a lot of people say that the. term comes from the color of our. skin but if you look at me I’m not red.

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