What To Do If Your Two Best Friends Start Dating

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Does your friend always forgets that she has friends every time she gets a new. guy in her life I have a friend who gets a guy and then drastically decreases 75. percent of her attention in all other relationships should the romantic. relationship have this much weight or no it’s not really a tough one to answer. it’s a temple for me because I was that girl that drastically dropped everyone. on the face of the earth every time I had a relationship. I stopped answering phone calls I stopped answering emails I wasn’t on. social media I completely isolated myself and my relationship my friends. really put me on blast to say hey she totally ditched us where is she what’s. going on because I personally went through this I. think I can do a really good job at answering your question the reason why. your friend decreases attention to everyone else and places all of her.

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Focus on this new guy or her romantic relationship is because she sees more. value in this person than she does with all of you guys combined which is a very. tough pill to swallow your friend is placing love happiness joy and security. all in this romantic relationship he’s actually placing the love and happiness. above the love and support that she’s getting from her friends and family love. has many different shades if you will motherly nurturing love which is from. the family and friends agape love which is the spiritual love that you’re. receiving that romantic love which she believes she found brotherly love which. is gonna come from you and her other friends and she’s not going to get that. in just one person for her to put all her eggs in that one basket with the. risk of that basket possibly getting stolen or broken or shattered it’s not a.

Very wise thing to do so what can you the friend that’s been dropped in bitch. do about the situation you don’t want to continue to be her friend get a support. that she needs be the love that she does be the acceptance that she’s gonna want. to look for when she realizes that she made a horrible mistake you choose to. remove yourself from her circle of influence then she is gonna have. absolutely nobody to go to when the breakup happens or when something bad. happens and she’s gonna start to isolate herself if you really do care about your. friend you’re gonna want to remain her friend because eventually she’s going to. need you again as for the person who is neglecting all of her other. relationships in place of this new romantic relationship I want to go ahead. and encourage you on one thing both you and your significant other are going to.

Need space and time apart and if you take that away from your significant. other or if you’re forcing yourself to take it away from yourself then you’re. gonna find yourself being overly dependent on this one person which is. going to ultimately jeopardize the relationship what you can do to remedy. this situation and hold your girl time to be sacred you’re gonna want to make. sure that you have that in place because who are you gonna run to if you have. problems with homie over here who’s gonna support you when you have female. problems that only females can understand and only females can help you. through it if you push them all the way you’re gonna have nobody even when. you’re married you’re going to need those relationships all to feel loved to. feel supported and to feel comfortable in your own skin and in your own life.

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