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What Is Tumblr Dating Site re wielding in this

It’s obvious that the online dating. market is booming but before I formally. commit to anything I have to ask why. would my client invest in this company. over any other one. thank heart I hold the power of human. life in my hands which one you want to. hear first life you sound like a. Planeteer I started this company three. years ago in month one we had only six. users now there are two million matches. on file of net every day let’s say a. quarter of those results in an actual. relationship a tenth of those are. consummated what does that mean to you. and me we are a careful iteration of the. female race we’re also an exhausted one. we only have so many bad lays and. empathy stopping breakups before our. bones dry up and pull away obviously we. phrase this more positively on the site. problem most women average only 4.7.

Partners in their entire lifetime. meaning a whole 25% of the women who. meet and sleep with someone on this site. will be sleeping with their last partner. factor and the ones for whom that is the. getting murdered or driven to suicide. type of last party that sounds like a. great segue to a different thing still. leaves an average of 20,000 human lives. eating breathing dating that’s the sort. of power you’re wielding in this. industry we don’t do casual we don’t set. up couples we don’t match.com we build. clans we Forge bloodlines we pave the. way for dynasties do you see we have. shifted and mold the population there. are lives that I am responsible for. putting on this planet when I can take. them out comp ad is not actually a. service we offer here at least just gets. caught up playing God right but isn’t.

It’s the same mission statement as all. the other sites most of our competitors. have settled in niches ie harmonies for. old people. matcom sneaky cuz it seems like it’s all. about love but most of the people on. they’re just looking to hook up like a. more dignified Craigslist that’s the. same parent company that owns match also. owns chemistry calm love and seek. OkCupid black people meet single people. meet senior people meet singles Netcom. speeddate and tinder so how different. can they really all be you forgot Urban. Spoon. that’s not dating website really that’s. not a black doesn’t it sound like oh we. have gone through thousands of case. studies evaluated every variable and can. determine to an almost certainty whether. or not you and your potential date would. be a good longterm match using science. sexy perfect fine and Hart maybe you.

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Already walked by the lovely your life. and you missed her cuz you were busy. tweeting or reading a thing how many. times could you have already missed your. soulmate. cuz it’s some dumb whatever next time. she comes around the corner we want to. be there to nudge you cuz sometimes. that’s all it takes a little of nudge. buddy what’s soos for handouts. give it to me Blake fine love dotnet saw. solid financial commitments from 11 new. investors today three of them had brown. shoes two of them yeah Hugh usually. that’s here you guys I never know what. statue the room fine when asked what. convinced our investors to back us two. of them said life in him ah. third place naturally cuz you’re. terrified second place love Blake your. whip holding mess everyone hates you yes. science oh nice work today monkeys quiet. six babies were just born well Josie.

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Barked because of us what do you think. about that I think there’s no way that. I’m presenting well Josie bark sounds. like a fancy novel I’d lie about having. read tomorrow then great work in there. today especially love the part where you. talked about science and everyone killed. themselves because oh my god oh I’m. actually having scoff once yet but if. I’ve got the green light. uhhuh Oh Derrick had this idea to make. a gummy bear so big that he could fit in. it so once I ate through to the inside. oh look surprise. it’s Derrick for sex doma treat how’s he. supposed to breathe I bring this up. because the money I went from you today. for being the best is probably gonna. fund this ambitious coming their sex. project. see this is what I don’t get about you. you swear up and down about the science. behind the site but you met your.

Boyfriend in the real world with no. science at all science is everywhere. turd and for your information I plugged. our SATs into the sites algorithm for. funsies and we were in 98 was that. matched and what was the other two. percentage thanks Vampire Weekend is. great you’re just okay why don’t you. like them cuz they don’t conform to some. spreadsheet of the ideal beats per. second for a song and you hate that. because you have to crush anything. special and intangible cuz you’re a. robot robot part revealing the science. of something doesn’t take away its. specialness the Sun the tides the people. used to think everything was magic until. science kicked the door down it. was like uh actually everything’s way. cooler than magic because it’s science. peace out smoke bomb which I made every. single longterm couple that’s met on.

Our side you I don’t use the sites reach. a compatibility of over 95% using more. sexy rosamma loves not intangibles it’s. rock hard science baby baby what are you. doing here sorry I came to the office. um we need to talk I couldn’t wait oh my. god you guys are breaking up right now. and everyone forgot that Max is still. max um look we do need to talk is it the. Vampire Weekend thing cuz she’s right. there okay who else in the radio sounds. like that weekend hmm nobody there holy. unique that’s not what this is okay but. what then we each do the chores the. other one doesn’t want to do we hate the. same movies we share the same political. views politics we were 98% that’s it no. I feel like you you crunch the numbers. you decided we make sense and that was. it for you do make sense and that might. be great for some people but um I never.

Got the feeling that you would that you. would fight for me if you had to uh and. maybe that makes me you know a chick. or to romantic whatever but I need that. passion but with the way you treat love. it’s like you keep your heart locked up. like a trophy for getting all the things. that’s done isn’t it a Vampire Weekend’s. Vampire Weekend there yeah thanks um oh. yeah you got the band stuck in my head I. feel like it fits here for this anyway. I’m sorry you okay. Bob I’m don’t know I’m going to be well. you know look on the bright side at. least you work you know snacks you. have to use a site to date now. we’re interested in what your. experiences and online dating have been. overall what works what doesn’t so on we. guys are horrible terrible I got a. hundred messages in an hour the messages. I receive holla.

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