What Is The Rule For Dating Someone Younger

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Hi in this video I’m gonna share six six. six. yep six keys to attracting and dating. younger men hi there Matt Schaefer your. empowerment connection and relationship. coach here I am a former trial attorney. who decided to use his powers for good. and has dedicated his life to serving. women and creating more fulfilling. relationships and connections both with. themselves and with men I’ve worked with. thousands of women around the world and. helped them foster and create deeper. empowerment and better relationships in. their lives and I’m super excited for. today’s video topic how to attract and. date younger men this is something that. comes up a lot with my clients and a lot. with my students and we’re gonna go deep. into it I’m gonna share six ways that. you can attract and date younger men in. a powerful in fulfilling way but before.

We do that take a second hit that little. subscribe button and don’t forget to. click the link in the caption or. comments I’ve created an awesome. training that I know is gonna really. help you in your relationships so let’s. start off by talking about what do I. mean by a younger man clearly I mean men. that are probably younger than you so. I’m probably talking about men in their. 20s and 30s probably right so when. you’re talking about men in their 20s. and 30s there’s a lot of specific. nuanced things that you’re gonna want to. do with them that you wouldn’t. necessarily do with a man in his 40s or. 50s or whatever your age might be right. we have a spectrum of women that do. watch this channel so we’re gonna go. through 6 keys to attracting turning on. and dating men who are younger the first. key is be fearless and direct in your.

Communication and connection with these. men because here’s the thing a lot of. younger men have probably already. disqualified themselves from a woman. who’s a little older than them either. because they assume that you’re married. or they think that maybe you’re just not. their type but there’s a lot of ways. they men talk themselves out of. approaching women so if you are a little. older than him. you want to create that in foster that. connection with him you want to indicate. to him that you are interested that. means lots of eye contact an open body. position if you’re talking about. nonverbal connection and then also. smiling right inviting him in be willing. to start a conversation be willing to. initiate the flirtation it doesn’t mean. that you’re putting yourself in a. masculine position if you are direct.

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Right you want to sort of let him know. that you are interested and just because. you’re a little older than him it. doesn’t mean that you’re not ready to. play and connect with him in a. meaningful way. the second key to attracting and dating. younger men effectively is to be present. with them younger men are going to be. very experiential and very caught up in. the moment of whatever it’s going on in. their lives right and so it’s important. for you as an older woman with maybe a. little bit more experience to be really. clear that you were gonna be right there. with them in that present moment that. means not projecting into the future and. making a bunch of assumptions about them. because maybe they’re not ready for a. fullblown commitment yet or they’re. gonna be looking at you and deciding you. know and evaluating what kind of.

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Relationship they want with you and if. they feel like you’re projecting into. the future and trying to push them. towards the commitment or put them on a. timeline or a deadline they’re gonna. pull back and maybe check out this is. especially true with younger man so. don’t project into the future with them. and read a lot into the future and also. don’t bring in a lot of the past if a. man especially a younger guy can tell. that you’re bringing a lot of your past. relationship baggage up with him. especially in the early stages of. getting to know him it’s gonna scare. them off right younger guys are very. present they’re very experiential they. really want to have fun and really get. to know you in the present moment so be. connected be dialed in with whatever. he’s saying and be willing to just be in. that moment with him without reading too.

Much into it or looking at it through. the lens of your past experiences as. much as possible and the third key to. attract and date a younger man is to be. playful and spontaneous I cannot tell. you how important this is all men at. level or little boys right but younger. man especially they want to play they. want to have fun so connect with that. little girl within you right let go of. everything that you’ve experienced up. until now and be ready to just play with. him and go back and forth with him. banter with him you know like tease him. let him tease you and just be present in. that moment and half fun in your. exchanges with him if you can do that. you’re gonna draw him in and you’re. gonna invite him to want to experience. more of you and date you and have fun. adventures with you adventures are. another huge way to build connection and.

Intimacy in relationship with a younger. man because younger guys you know they. see the world through the lens of. possibility and they want to experience. it in as many different ways as possible. so the more spontaneous and the more. open to adventures and sort of random. excursions and everything you can be the. more younger guys gonna want to hang out. with you he’s not gonna be set in his. ways a younger guy wants to explore and. you can through your openness and. playfulness and inviting this be his. exploration partner does not sound fun. and if he’s being silly don’t demean him. don’t dismiss his silliness that might. come across a little maternal and. something you want to avoid as an older. woman is coming across as his mom so if. he’s being silly tolerated roll with it. go back and forth with him in his.

Silliness and just allow yourself to be. in that playful space with him another. important key to building attraction and. dating younger man is to be a master of. texting or at least get used to texting. because younger guys guys in their 20s. and 30s they do a lot of texting they. don’t do as much phone conversation and. I’m not saying you can’t invite them and. draw them in to phone conversations I. invite you to do that. but also be ready for a lot of texting. with these younger guys so you’re gonna. want to get good at managing texting as. a tool to get to know a man don’t make. it the primary form of communication. especially in early stage dating use. texting as a tool to. range meetups to flirt with him but not. as a tool of getting to know him so get. ready to text a lot more with a younger. guy but be very intentional about it or.

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It could become a primary way that. you’re talking to them and that can be. super exhausting and you don’t want to. do that you want to use texting as a. tool to set up in person encounters and. to do some flirting and to maintain that. burn of attraction another key to going. deeper with younger man is to really own. your sensuality right your flirtation. your touch your body really leveraging. those assets that you have and those. senses are gonna be super important. because touch is a primary love language. for almost all men but especially for a. younger man who are deeply physical. right the more you can be in your. sensual inviting soft femininity the. more you’re going to excite him right. because you could teach him a lot as an. older woman and that’s very exciting for. a lot of younger men so be in full.

Ownership of your sexuality of your. sensuality and all the things that come. with that and invite him into that space. with you and it’s gonna really excite. him and it’s gonna really light the fire. with him to go deep with you in that way. and this last tip is really important. you want to give younger men a platform. to practice their masculinity right and. you do that by being deeply in your. feminine because I want you to think. about this younger men are just starting. to learn what it means to be a man a man. who’s in his 20s a man who’s in his 30s. he’s really craving an understanding of. what it means to be deeply in his. masculine you know and he’s stepping. into that space and so the more feminine. you can be the more inviting you can be. the more you can throw him the ball and. give him opportunities to step up and be.

A man and plan dates and be the. protector and be the hero the more you. do that the more you’re inviting him to. rise and for younger guys guys who. haven’t really established their. masculine. identity yet that’s a huge gift that. you’re giving them and that’s really. gonna excite them and make them feel. more powerful and more empowered when. they’re with you which is gonna make. them want to hang out with you more it’s. gonna make them want to get to know you. better it’s gonna make them want to. spend more time with you so one of the. most valuable roles you can play as the. older woman in the life of a younger man. is to be his inspiration be his muse be. his example of what it means to be in. relationship with a goddess with the. woman who’s deeply in her feminine and. knows who she is. and knows what she wants and it’s.

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Looking to him and asking him in a. powerful sensual feminine way can you. rise to my level can you be the man that. I need you to be that’s super hot and. super evoking for a lot of men. especially a man who’s really seeking. that answer what kind of man am I how. can I be the sort of masculine figure. that I saw my dad be and then I see. these other men out there be you know. men in that age they’re liking their. Prince phase right and they’re striving. to become kings and if they have a queen. in their life a queen can inspire them. to go there so be his queen be his muse. be his inspiration and he will be deeply. deeply deeply connected and deeply. appreciative to you so there you go six. ways to attract and date younger men the. first one is to be direct and be open. with them let them know that you are. interested let them know that you do.

Want to connect with them that you are. not married and you are not too old for. them age is truly just a number and you. want to get to know them and then be. present with them don’t project into the. future and assume that this relationship. is gonna turn into something more and. put them on a deadline and don’t bring. up the past right don’t view them. through the lens of your past trauma. just be in that present moment with them. be connected and see and experience them. for who they are and then be playful and. spontaneous be your little girl self be. in the moment with them playing and. sassing them in teasing them and in. lighting them forward. let them be sarcastic let them be silly. banter and go back and forth with them. and be spontaneous be willing to go on. adventures and be their adventure. partner younger guys are looking for.

That adventurous freedom and you can be. their partner and platform to make it. happen and be prepared to text more with. a younger guy but also recognize that. you get to do it intentionally don’t. allow texting to become a continuous way. that you’re getting to know this younger. guy rein it in set the tempo and use it. as a tool use it to flirt use it to. coordinate and set up meetups with him. but don’t make it something that you do. all the time and your guys will probably. want to do that so it’ll be up to you to. sort of condition and set that tempo. with him and own your sensuality with a. younger guy be your soft flirtatious. feminine self be very touchy with him. touches a primary love language and for. younger men who are in that prime. physical masculine space especially with. their hormones and all that stuff the.

More sensual you are with him the more. excited he’s gonna be and the more he’s. going to enjoy it and lastly be that. platform be that inviting of voguing. force in his life they could seem to. step into his masculine be the queen. that asks of him are you ready to be a. king because men in their 20s and 30s. younger men they are seeking that. masculine identity and they’re seeking. what it means to be a king they want to. know what that is they want to know what. that feels like and so the more you can. throw them the ball and invite them into. that masculine space invite them to plan. those dates and like them to step into. their power invite them to be the. driving physical force in the. relationship they’re gonna be attracted. to you if you do that they’re gonna be. excited by you and they’re gonna see you.

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