What Is The Rule For Dating Someone Younger

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What Is The Rule For Dating Someone Younger hey ladies and gentlemen

It doesn’t matter the age men will learn. they have no choice. hi guys welcome back to my channel my. name is tuluwa sam oladako thank you so. much for tuning in if you’re new here. welcome. thank you for joining in whatever you. came here for if it’s the title that i. brought to here you are welcome some i. already said it the most overflows we. have including me that in the church of. god welcome thank you um if you are. returning subscribe subscriber thank you. so much for tuning in you know i love. you guys you guys are my tribe thank you. guys for. always always always encouraging. supporting and helping i appreciate you. guys um do not forget to hit the. subscribe button again. this video um is sponsored by vista. media networks thank you so much guys. thank you for your production team thank. you guys i appreciate you please guys if.

You have not followed them follow them. on instagram i would always link their. handle in the description box below. thank you so much for doing that um. today we’ll be talking about what they. do not tell you about dating or marrying. someone younger see you in the next. slide. okay. i know you are. you’re already subtle abby it’s okay. let’s go in like you know i got married. to somebody that um is two years younger. than i am and at the time i broke the. silence about it. it wasn’t something that was commonly. talked about it is very common i mean. beyond what you know. it is actually a very common occurrence. and because i mean they used to write. letters but i got to fall in love with. it no you know usually happy like that. anyway um so when i started talking. about dating marrying someone younger i. actually started talking about while.

We’re dating and i remember i got a lot. of comments when i first talked about it. on instagram i got a lot of. questions i’m dating somebody four years. younger than somebody what do i do what. do you suggest i suddenly became the. what do you suggest so i asked you just. ask people who did i ask when i was. asked to date the person such that is. the suggestion that i followed. as long as the spirit tells you. to date the person you have peace in. your mind this person takes all the. boxes um i don’t mean you should create. a list but like the sensible boxes that. you should have. why not why not go ahead and and try it. if if that if you can live with it as a. lady. i’m talking to ladies actually mostly. today and the men that are younger than. them but um that’s not what i’m going in. actually the first video i did on.

Youtube ever in january 2022 cyto is two. years younger you have not seen it go. and say it has about almost 6 000 views. already which is actually what announced. me to the world um funnily enough my. husband and i did that so he talked. about the side of the story i talked. about mine a lot of people also said it. doesn’t look like it’s you you people. look like edge mate if you did not tell. us you did not know am i supposed to. look to yourself. don’t you know that somebody babe i miss. back hello i look five years old at my. age what do you think. same to you whatever you thought. anyway i’m going to be reading because i. wrote the points out i don’t forget i’m. going to be reading some of the points. number one what they don’t tell you. there is a lot of learning to be done. hey ladies and gentlemen i was not.

Prepared. hello answers is all done you know. that’s. from the time that you’re already like. 10 you started stuff like when it goes. to your husband‘s house and yours. and this was some sort. the society grooms you. from a younger age as a woman. to be a wife and a mother. it just it just just so happens your. parents he enters conversations i. remember sometimes maybe you talk to. your mum my mom wrote rudely should say. he’s only me that can’t understand his. motherin-law may not be able to others. kind of literally to innuendos in. conversation but i don’t think men have. that oh well now i’m sure my son is. going well if we start cooking from you. mind that come understand but you. decided to be treating your wife don’t. worry my my daughter unlocked trust me. you are going to marry somebody that is. prepared you guess however it wasn’t.

Common in our time men were left to deal. with grant on the generator caught the. grass feel daddy to fix his car things. that are not. relational they were dealing with guns. toy cars we were dealing with dolls to. helping mom in the kitchen something. relational they were not really trained. to be relational people and like that. bomb just enter marriage with that. notion i think the only thing that they. are told is that to provide for your. um. family that’s all that’s all make sure. you have money make sure you walk. that’s even sometimes i won’t told that. so that they can get the wife to submit. so from a young age they’ve been caring. my wife has to submit there’s no. definition of the submission they don’t. know that the mission in submission is. their own therefore a man that does not. have a mission should not be submitted.

To they don’t know all those things all. they know is just submit submit that’s. down. so they just enter my. mind and the the the difference in the. dynamic this one is that you are older. so that means you’ve been hearing it. longer than he has even heard to prepare. to him it’s not bad though i just want. you to realize what i it shocked me when. i entered because my mom we should do. something that. songs that are easy to beat. oh goodness i wish it was here so i. can’t defend himself well he’s going to. be in the comment section so young. people should be asking him there but i. remember when um the first time he met. my sister. and my elder sister because i met her. you know she was actually happy because. i’ve been judging her about him so she. walked in when my uncle’s sitting room. were still dating at the time and my.

Star walking. willing to hug my other side. so my star just. brushed it to the side and i asked him i. said sir. they’re not that when you see a woman. okay. you stand up so all this greeting you. you waste time it’s not about adults. because i was only elderly people oh god. you always stand up. and shake the person all you all because. massachusetts wanted to hug him but when. she saw that. yeah nice to meet you. boys. spiritual mentoring um you have to at. some point i would not be as if you’re. cheering. out god look for my friends that i did. to the length and i also want to say. this it doesn’t matter the age men will. learn they have no choice because for. the for for the most part of their life. they’ve been focused on. goals and make money buy a car and you. see you know so even my return is your. goal. you know it’s just.

Settle down so. they are not really relationally. prepared for that so a man must be so. that’s why you must actually marry. somebody that is teachable that is. willing to learn because it’s both ways. you to you learn to adapt you learn his. preferences and all that but even to be. married not necessarily your preference. but like being married is something that. you have to learn i also want to say. because some men will feel uncomfortable. now but the truth is that. that’s why many second wives manifest. wives are angry when they are if maybe a. divorce happens because all the training. that she trained him you’re not going to. do perfect those husbands. such a painful stop but yeah. because some of this teaching it’s not. only though it’s not if you would say. that oh before it would just happen and. it will pain you so.

From that pain the only person to say. but you did not tell me i’m like watch. out for money call holy spirit you know. anything you have to spread me why why. and always say you you have to teach him. that’s but that’s part of it so there’s. a lot of learning to be done i don’t. want because i i on my best actually i. spoke with someone and she was so pain. she was just talking yes he’s younger. than me but there’s so many things i. said ah. i’m not even married man he’s spending. you like this hello teacher he said. colleen here before you release the. dance let me enjoy. i don’t want to put it but it’s gonna be. a why you guys because he loves you he’s. not that he doesn’t love you he’s not as. if he would hurt you we bring us my. second point he will hurt you. he will hurt you and he’s not gonna be. from place of.

Intention but from ignorance he didn’t. know he doesn’t now invalidate because i. remember at some point i told my husband. you see at this point. why you are lenny my heart is. yeah i guess you’re getting me. because i’m an empath you are destroying. my own heart so i want you nothing is. lenny matt’s not not available she. doesn’t love megan you got my best baba. you will see my ghost in america let me. just stay now because that. caused the trouble so. prepare your heart already so that you. don’t i wish i quickly learned that. maybe i would not have taken so many. things to heart that i did i’m just. happening almost two years in marriage. and i’m telling you this from. experience that i have experienced. i’m telling you for free when you look. at god i don’t think i heard you. correctly i think i made a mistake right.

Yeah you know you know like he told you. but you know what so you know tell god. you now start arranging that i think i. missed you god i want to retrace my step. i’m gonna say no i i’m drawn up for. today for a purpose you know so um i i. wish i knew that i would not have been. this hurts you know but i was really. hurt for like the first year of marriage. was. my god there’s a lot of learning to be. done it’s going to hurt you and it won’t. mean it’s going to be from ignorance. you have to fight three third points you. have to fight to nurture but not baby. your husband. this one. this one is the spirit of the lord that. revealed to me because i didn’t know. that at some point and initially started. dating and we used to. disagree maybe i don’t like this thing. you know initially he used to think that. everything i don’t like is because he’s.

Younger. i didn’t even know because he was just. using his act because he didn’t say it. so after a while i sat him down that. farm i’ll tell you i don’t like some. things like you don’t used to chase like. because he’s younger. did i mention that see if you are 150 or. years older than me and you. and he saw that i have a lot of friends. that are guys you know so he sees that. when they do stuff maybe that he’s done. and i react so he says that it’s not. about the age. see i’ve also data sounded like seven. years old that i mean. you know now you’ve seen it’s me boys. and valentine’s should be you understand. okay now i don’t know like seven years. ago. when i said that boys are boys they are. look at the difference in the middle. they are so it’s not really but. when it comes to this you your days are. younger it should get to the point where.

The guy will not care or like you you. even want you to baby him but for the. initial pass. that part of nurturing you will not. shock but no baby i don’t know how to. really really do the definitely. the definition of distinction for you. but i think baby is. um quickly running to his aid as though. he’s helpless so nurturing is you can. tell him don’t why don’t you try it like. this um you can look at it this way but. babies let me do it for you and it’s. muslim different after a while the man. can if he’s a solid man like what is. this now is it because i mean hey so not. sure but not baby um well at some points. the guy will say well baby me i’m not. feeling well carry me hey you can’t. afford. them the fourth one depending on how. exposed these family members are some of. them may have issues with you for no.

Reason. i don’t want them to chase me or family. house anyway let me just tell you. they would just think that you came to. take that position i don’t know why i. know i don’t understand what they well. maybe they just feel like this person. has come and we cannot control hard we. would normally control somebody younger. than him i don’t know i don’t understand. it but some of them may have issues with. for you. with you for no reason and it could also. be because of experience what they’ve. seen happen in the past you know that. has nothing to do with you with love sha. and understanding and your husband. stepping in and saying this one is my. wife not our wife. that’s what can be sorted it’s not. really a major deal. um. people assume you’re bossy indie. youtubers i remember that video so once. somebody actually wrote hey because he’s.

Younger than you i know sometimes you. may begin to bust him around you have to. submit hello auntie i. already know one day i’m going to say it. you saw it from 30 minutes video that. i’m busting him around you just swipe. because i said this i’m two years older. and you just do you know as in the. things i hear sometimes like you have to. submit you have to be extra submissive. so is it does he have extra mission that. i’m submitting to i mean what sub. mission that means there’s a reason that. i’m submitting if there’s no reason i. don’t see the goal of submitting to. what submissions. is obligation or let’s go here because. this is um this is for this is waiting. for us today is our submission that’s. what submission is this is the goal for. the family um this is what and both of. us are agreed to is submitting.

Yourselves one to another and you. achieve the goal or is this objection. is this subjugation no it’s not. subjugation um. like i said i was almost saying you have. to be extracted that means this the term. submission takes on a new meaning some. people would literally want you to be a. certain type of way to prove to them. that you are submissive to your husband. and i know between the marriage that one. i know. i don’t understand it i don’t know who. gave them the right you see that somehow. this person is two years older than this. person and somehow you are beginning to. ask questions do you respect him do you. listen to him what whoa. sir get ready for that. i don’t mean i get ready to fight though. that’s not what i’m not saying you. should fight but don’t be shocked when. it comes at you you can easily some of.

Them you can ignore some you can say oh. is it because i’m older than anyone you. start hearing them. and stamina or stutter when you when. used to you the tone with you is it. because i’m older than him they are. telling me all these things i know it’s. not really like that they will move on. from that because there’s no point. um if you people assume you’re bossy if. you choose to maintain your confidence i. said that before i for instance my 30th. birthday somebody reached out to me so. don’t you feel like it’s somehow to. advertise your age like you can. celebrate your birth table you don’t. have to say your age because samuel will. be 20 dcrc. and. as he is 28 i am 30. one hour but to eat. so maybe the 1992 i put on facebook like. i said i put it in my business who. do you if you like to advertise your age. so my landmark age now i should have not.

Celebrated this and said well i’m 30. because my husband is two years younger. just imagine and it’s not based on. anything solid it’s hearsay it’s um low. selfesteem it’s insecurity and thank. god i didn’t marry an insecure man. last but not least. people expect you to dump down. on who you are to prove to them. who are not in the marriage that you’ll. be submissive i think i said that before. but i think okay saying to gay i just. expect you to and don’t do that. don’t reduce yourself once you and your. husband are fine and like i said in that. video um the first video i said i don’t. wake up each morning and say huh. good morning lord i’m two years older it. doesn’t come up sometimes we don’t even. remember like it doesn’t it’s not a. factor it’s not what we look to every. time we’re. talking or playing or doing what my.

People do oh. i’m so yes it doesn’t occur with friends. right but a lot of people sometimes will. try to remind you if you allow it right. but don’t let anybody rub your. confidence because you married someone. younger than you it’s it’s only age. sometimes i say my husband is younger. than me in age alone because the money. is older in this one. so. what are you talking about do your. credits account is older than me and i. think i like that oh god you’ll be able. to let me know. i know i don’t mind you see but that’s. how the tiny tiny in prayer when he. prays he prays for me he owes the same. authority god doesn’t say because you’re. when you pray for her i will give you 80. cents god doesn’t operate the way we. operate ages number number that’s what. is that’s why some people that go to a. certain rally reality tv show will come.

Out now and say that they are 25 and we. know that they enter that state but the. younger sister is 32 and then that’s one. what’s your own business they will be. celebrating it every day what do you. want to do about it that’s how you know. that life is not that hard you. understand i just say all this to say to. reach out to those of you that reach out. to me because somebody said oh how do. your friends handle your hd friends with. your old brand are they rude i didn’t. you want to be the same respect you are. caught to me you’re caught to my house. but whether you know that’s all that i. mean or not and my husband who respects. my friend simple respect is reciprocal. and i don’t think it’s a big deal. for you to. be in a relationship that where you’re. older as a woman or you’re younger as a. man all it takes is understanding um.

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