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Yeah if you’re watching this video you. probably know exactly what you’re. looking for. so we’re here to help you find it hey. welcome to online for love your number. one resource for dating by the numbers. today we’re going to be going over the. top four lesbian cougar dating sites so. before i dive into these. reviews though you have to check out our. free online dating app quiz which is. linked above me. as well as in the description but you. have to check out this quiz because. it’ll pair you with your perfect. online dating site or dating app it’s. fun it’s quick it’s easy it’s totally. free so do not forget to check out. our quiz by clicking the link above me. then come on back here and comment below. what your results are because i’m really. curious to know maybe they’re in this. video. maybe something different let’s find out.

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Also do not forget to check out our. deals page which is linked above me as. well as in the description down below. because. we here online for love are always. getting all sorts of awesome deals for. different dating sites and dating apps. and why spend more money if you don’t. have to. so don’t forget to check out our deals. page linked above me all right so the. sites that we’re going to be reviewing. today will include. lesbian cougar dating pink sofa zoe and. pink cupid. let’s get started with lesbian cougar. dating couldn’t be more on point. for the title of this video could it so. let’s dive into the demographics of this. site. alright so this site is very. straightforward it’s right in the name. who it’s for and who you’re gonna find. on there so. people are on this site for um you know. the dynamic of someone who’s older maybe.

Has money someone who’s younger maybe. could be arm candy or maybe they’re. looking for. longterm serious monogamous love. relationship forever. for whatever reason you know there are. older people younger people. and that’s sort of the basis of the. relationships on this website. this is definitely a niche site and it. was very hard. actually impossible to find more. specific demographics than that like. where the people on the side are. actually coming from. the age breakdowns etc they don’t offer. up that information. like bigger sites do like eharmony and. this tends to be a theme on any niche. dating site it can be very difficult to. find out even more specific information. but it’s probably um easy to say because. they don’t offer that because this is a. niche dating site um. that the amount of people are definitely.

Smaller. on this site than other bigger dating. apps and dating sites so. you’re not going to find the same amount. of people on this site than you would on. like the eharmonies and the tinders of. the world because those are. very much popular and nonme shading. sites so. you probably will have less people on. here so you’ll be better off maybe if. you live in a city to find someone on. this site and nearby you as far as the. ease of use it does take a few minutes. to actually get started in signing up. for this site and it doesn’t offer an. app it’s only available as a desktop. version when you first go to the landing. page you might notice that it’s just a. little bit outdated looking for sure. overall this is a very interesting niche. dating site it might not be the most. popular but the profiles are very. detailed and it seems like you have a.

Good chance to find someone who very. much fits what you’re looking for. because of those detailed profiles. if you’re enjoying this video so far. please make sure to give us a thumbs up. and subscribe to the channel. so it really helps us out when you give. us a thumbs up because that shows. youtube that people are enjoying our. content. so then youtube pushes our videos out. for more people to see so we would. really appreciate your thumbs up and. your subscriptions. let’s go ahead and talk about the next. site on the list which is pink sofa. let’s get started with its demographics. so pink sofa is a lesbian dating site. and it is not new it’s been around for. over. two decades it’s not strictly a cougar. cub relationship type of site but there. are people on here looking for all sorts. of different relationships.

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So this could be a great place to go for. that if that’s what you’re looking for. let’s break down some of the figures. pink sofa has around 600 000 users from. all over the world around 100 000 of. them. are from the united states alone 4 500. new members join the site each month and. 18. 500 members are active on the site each. month 35 percent of the user base is. aged between 45 to 55 years old and. older. that’s a third of the users 34 of the. users are between the ages of 25 to 34. years old. and then about eight percent of the. users are 18 to 24 years old as far as. ease of use pink soap does not actually. have an app but you can use it obviously. on desktop on your browser on your phone. um and it is very simple to get started. to sign up and um to fill out your. profile and you do have the opportunity. to fill out your profile in a very.

Detailed way if you so choose what’s. interesting and important to note though. is that you will have to be. approved for your profile to be on this. site so you might have to wait a little. bit for that. if you connect to your facebook profile. your approval will probably come in a. lot faster the site does offer a good. amount of search and filter features and. you are able to send one free message. but if you want to continue contacting. other users. you will have to sign up to become a. member of the sites so obviously this is. a lengthy signup process you will have. to answer a lot of questions about. yourself. i think that this can actually be very. useful to you and we always recommend. hearing this channel that if you have. the opportunity to fill out a detailed. profile. you should take the time to do it.

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Thoroughly and think about your answers. because this is your first impression on. the online dating world and you want to. make a good one so. take your time fill it out right and you. should have good results or better. results than if you didn’t. but overall this is a definitely a great. site to check out this is an. older site it’s been around for so long. it’s got a lot of users it’s popular. it’s well known so if you’re looking for. a lesbian relationship that maybe has a. cougar cub aspect to it this is a great. place to go and try to find that. specifically. especially because you can fill out your. profile as detailed as you’d like. which could just help you to find that. perfect person for you question of the. day. if money wasn’t a factor what would be. your perfect first. date would it be flying to paris just.

For the evening would it be like a. really fancy dinner would it be going to. disney. whatever it is leave in the comments. down below if money wasn’t an issue what. would be your perfect. first date i’m really curious to know. but let’s go ahead and talk about our. next. site on the list which is zoe let’s get. started with the demographics so just. like the last site this site isn’t. specifically for. only cougar club relationships but it is. a lesbian. dating site and it does have a really. impressive user base so. let’s dive into some of the specifics of. the site to date close to four million. people have signed up to use. zoe it’s got over 16 million messages. being sent every month. the most active age range on the site is. between 18 and 34 year olds but as you. can guess with four million users you’d. find potential matches of all ages here.

As far as ease of use this is actually. an app only thing so you have to. download it either from google play our. store etc. and get it on your phone to use it um. the registration process is very quick. and simple and if you actually connect. one of your social media accounts like. facebook or instagram. they make the process even faster but. once you get started on this site you. can actually fill out your profile a. little bit and then get started on. swiping so this does have a. roulette style swiping feature a lot. tender so you can swipe. left or right of people you are. interested in are not interested in and. if you want to know more about them you. can just click the i at the bottom of. their profile to get more information. that they’ve written about themselves. if you are looking for you know cougars.

Or cubs type of dynamic you can actually. change the age ranges of the matches you. were getting. so that could definitely help you out. and the cool thing about zoe is that it. is very possible to use this without. having to pay for a membership although. if you do choose to pay for a membership. to use this site you will be. allowed to use a lot more special. features so it’s up to you so this site. is actually pretty cheap because you do. not have to pay for a membership but. that’s not true for all dating sites. so if you want to possibly save yourself. some money and different dating sites. and dating apps do not forget to check. out our deals page which is linked above. me. or in the description down below because. we here online for love are always. getting all sorts of awesome deals for. different dating sites and dating apps.

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And. why i spend more money if you don’t have. to so click that link above me to. possibly save yourself some dough. now let’s go ahead and talk about the. last site on this list which is pink. cupid let’s get started with the. demographics so this is again a lesbian. dating site that isn’t necessarily. specifically aimed at cougar and cub. type of relationships but people are on. here for a host of different reasons. let’s dive into some of the statistics. about this site actually around 1. million users have registered for pink. cupid. the united states contributes 315 000. users. around 11 000 people visit the site each. day that’s 350. 000 a month most of the users on the. site are between 18 to 34 years old. a large percentage of them are between. 45 and 55 and older too. so this can be a great site for the. cougar cub dynamic.

As far as ease of use this is available. as an app as well as on your desktop. version or browser. and you can actually go ahead and use. your social media accounts if you want. to speed up the process or you can input. all your information manually the signup. process is very quick and simple and not. as detailed as some of the other sites. that we’ve already reviewed. you’ll just have to put in some basic. information about yourself like your. name. what you’re looking for um username. password etc all that info. and you can change the age range that. you’re interested in so if you are a. cougar or a club looking for the. opposite that can help you narrow down. who you’re looking for where this site. actually really excels is its search and. filter features you can find people. by a lot of different ways so these.

Include searching for people based on. the time and date the user was last. online if they have a profile picture or. not. the city which they live in various. parameters related to their appearance. and various parameters related to their. lifestyle it’s free to visit their. profile and check it out if you are. interested in them but you cannot send. any messages or make contact unless you. pay to become a member of the site. overall this definitely seems like a. great choice to find what you were. looking for. has a pretty good user base it’s pretty. slick and easy to use it has great. search and filter parameters so. hopefully. this could be a great height to help you. narrow down and find what it is that you. were looking for. but that’s going to just about wrap up. this video i hope you have been. enjoying it don’t forget to check out.

Our quiz our online dating app. site quiz which is linked above me. because this is going to pair you with. your perfect online dating site or. dating app. which might be you know listed in this. video or it might be something. completely different so there’s only one. way to find out. go and take the quiz also do not forget. about our deals page because we here. online for love we’re always getting all. sorts of awesome deals on different. dating sites and dating apps and why. spend more if you don’t have to so click. that link above me as. well or in the description down below to. our deals page. also now that you’re just about done. with this video check out some of our. other videos popping up on either side. of me. don’t forget to answer the question of. the day if money is not an issue what. would be your perfect.

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