What Is Courting Vs Dating

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Hey guys welcome again to my channel I’m. so happy to have you guys here once more. and today as you can see from the title. I will be discussing seven differences. between courtship and dating I decided. to do this video because I feel a lot of. Christian women and a lot of people in. general confuse the concept of courting. and dating and there are so many. differences but I decided to discuss. seven all scriptural references will. appear down below or on the screen um so. yeah let’s get started the first. difference is dating is recreational. dating blocks order and what is my. scriptural support for this in Genesis. 2:23 Adam said to Eve this is now bone. of my bone and flesh of my flesh there. was order born of my bone the for flesh. of my flesh. so she was connected to him by spirit. before she was connected by his flesh.

Dating goes by sight rather than by. spirit so you can see that there is no. order it’s recreational it’s what you. can’t see what you are kind of you know. what you can visualize while courtship. is intentional in courtship there is. order the same reference to the. scripture one of my bone flesh of my. flesh you are connected first in the. spirit before you’re connected in the. flesh another scriptural reference is. the Holy Spirit told to the worshipers. of God set apart for me Barnabas and. Saul this shows that there is. partnership there is a person literally. a person if God has called you to be. married that he has set apart for you to. be married to that person has a name you. guys have omission so there is intention. in courtship the second different dating. you’re led by your own feelings the word. face we should walk by faith and not by.

Sight and as I said previously with. dating you’re walking by sight you’re. really not walking by faith you go with. your feeling do you can use second. Corinthians 5:7 to look at that. scripture courtship you’re led by the. Spirit of God Romans 8:14 says the. children of God. led by the Spirit of God so in courtship. God connects you to his child and Condy. his child because the word also tells us. not to be yoked with unbelievers. so quite ship is for the believer Dayton. is for the world now this scripture. really stood out to me as a scriptural. reference because I had no intention of. dating and courtship to be taken from. one verse on the next scripture is 1st. Corinthians 6:18 19 now this scripture. discusses how we should sleep from. sexual immorality and this is very. important because first we are told to.

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Flee from sexual immorality dating is. all about sexual sexual ization of you. know of the nation’s with people dating. is all about how you are attracted to a. person physically a courtship we’re told. that we are temples of the Holy Spirit. courtship you are led by your spirits. you’re led by the spirit I mean you’re. led by the Spirit of God you recognize. that you’re a temple of God you. recognize that you are not your own you. recognize that the Spirit of God. inhabits you and you respect his. presence in your life and you believe. and trust that he has the best. intentions for you so this is why dating. is sexual we’re told to flee sexual. immorality for courtship is spiritual. you know because we’re told out bodies. are temples of the Holy Spirit whoever. sins against his body has had sex. outside of marriage and this is not in.

The will of God this is what you call a. sexual sin the other difference is. boundaries dating there are no. boundaries the word tells us that the. gate is wide and the route is broad but. the word also tells us that the way to. life the way to Jesus is narrow now the. difference here is with dating you can. do whatever you want there are no. boundaries you can decide to have sex. whenever you want you can decide to you. know you can do whatever you can sight. to leave you with each other without. having a ring on your finger but with. courtship there are boundaries it’s a. narrow route you are. and you are instructed or what you. cannot cannot do by the spirit and. presence of God in your life. now another scriptural reference is in. Galatians 5:19 2:23 where we see that in. dating the fruits of the flesh are. produced wedding quotes you the fruit of.

The Spirit speak and what do I mean by. this if you look at the fruit of the. flesh you will see sexual immorality. greed arm you know idolatry witchcraft. and so on and you also see in the fruits. of the spirit love joy peace kindness. and so on and it’s very interesting. because the word says that what I’m. talking about the fruit of the Spirit. against such things there are no laws. and this means that you are not lead. once more guys you’re not led by your. feelings if your partner offends you you. take it’s good if you’re not happy with. a certain situation you express your you. know you express your desire to your. partner but you take it to God because. there are no laws against love there are. no laws you know love is patient love is. kind and we are standing on the love. that we experienced your Christ Jesus.

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Because this is a relationship through. Christ because God is love. so in courtship it’s all about growing. together in the body of Christ it’s not. about holding each other to a human. standard it’s about reaching the. standard and pressing towards the. standard and the goal of the price of. the calling in Christ Jesus. so courtship is all about Jesus dating. is not now in dating there is no. instruction and what do I mean by this I. mean you can do whatever you please and. this might seem similar to what I. discussed previously but the difference. here is in courtship there is an. instruction the Holy Spirit should speak. in that relationship the Holy Spirit. should be speaking guys in that. relationship you should evaluate your. port ship and see what the Spirit is. saying because there is instruction the. word tells us that my sheep know my.

Voice issue in John’s voice they will. not follow that means that you follow. only the voice of God in that. relationship you follow only his. direction if he’s leading you out of. that relationship. you leave she’s telling you to stay and. this is where you need to work on you. work on it now the final difference. between dating and courtship is we stand. on different foundations dating stands. on the worlds foundation the word says. that the world’s wisdom is foolishness. in God’s sight you might seem foolish to. the world that you’re waiting for. marriage before your sexually intimate. with your partner you may seem foolish. to the world that you are choosing not. to date certain men that have certain. attributes just because you know they. are not Christians these might seem. foolish to the world but this is God’s.

Wisdom and there is power in God’s. wisdom there is intention there is order. in God’s wisdom and it speaks through. your courtship which is why the. scriptural reference for this is the. wise and foolish builder which can be. found in Matt which can be found in. Matthew 7:24 227 we are told that the. wise builder when there is a storm his. house status because it is built on the. work on forests that is the rock of our. Lord Jesus Christ and that means that. what God has put together no man can put. asunder at scriptures see so your. relationship is solid because your. relationship with God is first sorted. its first solid but in dating the man. has built his house on fans so he’s a. foolish builder so when there is a storm. it falls apart and this is why sometimes. you look into your life and you see some. relationships that were not built on.

Good and any small thing that comes. there is confusion there is chaos and. ultimately there is a separation because. it wasn’t built on good so guys these. are the differences between dating and. courtship I wanted to do this because um. I just thought it was important for the. believer to understand that there are. spiritual principles and spiritual. reasons for courtship and not dating I. hope you guys enjoyed this video and if. you want me to do any video guys please. leave it down below I’m happy to take. your references to do some videos I’m. exploring now on more videos on more. ideas so I’m happy to always hear from. you guys and I want to know what other. difference have you noticed between. dating and porch. do you let me know below and I will see. you guys again next week once more on. Sunday follow me on Instagram and check.

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