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Many women love to ask it but most men. dread to answer it. what are you looking for on tinder. today we’re going to discuss why this. question is so important to women and. i’m going to give you copy pasteable. text to answer it depending on your. desires if you’re new my name is louis. farfield i’m the best online dating. coach in the world according to the 2. 355. 221 thank you emails i get every week. and i also have. this this pathetic excuse for youtube. channel oh yeah now i know many of you. just want to skip to the copypastable. text and if you really want to you can. just go here but do yourself a favor do. not skip this next part and i guarantee. it will save you lots of headaches and. rejections on dating apps let’s ask. ourselves for one minute why we so often. get this dreaded text as is well. established tinder is falsely known as.

The hookup app. but not all women are looking for a. hookup or a fling. many in fact are looking for something. meaningful so asking what are you. looking for on tinder works well as a. filter just like the right question in a. game of guess who. your answer lets her know if she’s on. the right track. would i like to date this person or not. now i already put you on a false trail. because now you probably already think. that the people asking this question. don’t want hookups and they want. relationships. not necessarily. someone might also ask this question to. discover other traits and desires of. yours such as. is he truthful is he a dating trap is he. a dating app tryhard is he desperate for. a relationship or simply open to finding. one if he doesn’t want a relationship. will he use grownup words or be around.

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The bush does he want more than a fling. but less than a relationship aka. fuckbuddy so what seems like a simple. question actually gives the woman a ton. of information and this is exactly why. you need to get your answer right by. which i mean give the answer that most. closely matches your desires and yes i. said your desires just because you want. to give your tinder crush the right. answer does not mean that you should. pretend to be someone you’re not in the. end it’s all about being yourself and. not someone she wants you to be which. brings me to my next point. that’s a risky statement isn’t it hear. me out her goal is clear. she wants to see if you share the same. priorities as her. which often leads guys to making the. next mistake. i wonder what she wants to hear look i. understand this frame of mind but i’m.

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Telling you that this mindset will ruin. your chances with women. why. because you’re trying to match her id of. the perfect partner rather than thinking. if she matches your id of the perfect. partner. which shows me that you are willing to. lie about your standards or that you. have no standards because. you’re coming from a position of. scarcity in short you feel like you need. to make every match count and so you lie. about what you’re looking for instead of. fixing the real problem. which is understanding what women really. want. and building a dream boat of a profile. that gets. hella matches and coincidentally you. learn both in my overthe-top text game. workshop which is linked in the video. description and has already changed the. lives of over 4 000 men try it you’ve. got nothing to lose what do women really.

Want a man who has the guts to be. himself and speak his mind 90 of dudes. are trying to smile and nice guy their. way into a woman’s panties and with. every guy pretending to be prince. charming women have grown tired of all. the fakery. and now women want to date real men even. if that man only wants to keep it casual. my longwinded point. never try to give an answer you assume. she wants to hear. always be your true genuine self now. that my mini rant ended. let’s get to the copy paste lines i feel. like i’m stating the obvious here but. the very worst thing to text back is. not sure curious mostly haha i don’t. know. i was curious and i’m trying tinder out. of boredom big fat lie. every guy knows why he’s on tinder to. meet. chicks and sorry for the derogatory. language mom but. guys don’t call women ladies behind.

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Closed doors. instead depending on what you like say. these and by the way i’m just gonna spit. out a bunch of takes that are good. without explaining why they are good if. you’re into understanding why they are. good you can learn that for free the. article is linked in the description. below i’m looking for someone who can. beat me at mario kart someone who. replaces the toilet roll when she uses. the last one i’m open for anything if i. meet a girl who’s amazing and who makes. me not want to date anyone else awesome. if i meet a girl who’s fun can have good. bedroom adventures with but i don’t see. it going anywhere that’s good too a. relationship but i’m definitely not. going to rush anything and i’m also not. going to stick around if i don’t see it. going anywhere on tinder to add a bit of. excitement and adventure to my life and.

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Secretly hoping to find a girl who can. sweep you off my feet. so far no such luck and. not looking for anything specific i. thought i’d meet some interesting people. but have mostly been bored. still naively hoping to get swept off my. feet though don’t feel like being. serious joke around with a hint of. direction in there too i’m looking for. my long lost twin we got separated at. birth and in the meanwhile i’m trying to. get a date or two looking for someone to. do a bank job with can you handle an. ak47 or do you have getaway driver. skills a soulmate. but i could just be content with. pathetic drunk fornication. if you want to know why these texts are. so good or you want to avoid this. question in general by letting your. profile do work then check the article. link in the video description for 10. free copy pasteable text that keep your.

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