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Hey buddy. why don’t you go do me a favor and uh. off. why you’re clearly making this lovely. lady uncomfortable. so why don’t you get out of here go. bother someone else. what am i gonna do about it how about i. bust your face in. how about that. you really are pathetic. oh too chicken to fight me. that’s what i thought off. hey are you okay. yeah that’s good that douche wasn’t. leaving you alone so i. i thought i’d step in. it’s really no problem this girl’s gotta. stick together you know. yeah men like him think they’re entitled. to a woman’s attention. please if he even tries to come near you. again. i’ll make sure he regrets it. do you mind if i sit here. thank you. what’s your name beautiful. my my what a pretty name for such a. pretty girl. it’s a pleasure to meet you. why don’t i buy you a drink. help you get your mind off him and put a.

Smile back on your face. yes i’m sure go ahead order anything. you’d like. i’ll pay for. uh just a water for me please thanks. do i come here often that’s one cliche. question but. yeah i do i don’t really like coming out. to bars like this. it’s full of drunken fools and men like. that but a lot of my clients like to. hang around here. so they usually ask me to meet them here. to discuss business. yes business i run my own company. empire if i dare to say. yeah i’ve only been running it for a few. years now but. it’s going incredibly well. what do we do um. we’re a freelance studio at the moment. i was just meeting with a client about. his photography project. yeah it’s nice i get to do a job i love. and. get to be paid pretty well for it. but enough about me dollface let’s talk. about you. i’ve seen you around this place before.

But. i was either too busy or too shy to come. up and talk to you. yeah you seem like a cool girl and. i wanted to get to know you better. you too isn’t that sweet. my that’s a gorgeous necklace you have. on. me. wow it’s so beautiful. where’d you get it. it was a gift from your friend traveling. abroad. that’s so cool he looks one of a kind. just like you. oh did i make you blush isn’t that sweet. really he made you do all that. your boss sounds like such an ass. need me to talk to him for you. i’m only joking i’m only joking. mostly hey. hey i hope you don’t mind me asking but. are you single. i know kind of a random question axe but. i just wanted to know are you seeing. anyone. no that’s good great. actually. why is that well. the past few hours i’ve spent with you. have been amazing. i’ve never met a girl quite like you.

You’re adorable. funny and nothing but kindhearted. and beautiful so. i wanted to ask you if you. oh my phone um please excuse me i’ll. be right back. hey ethan what’s up. i’m gonna have some news well. make it quick i have something i’m. taking care of right now. you have news about misty what about her. i thought she was leaving for chicago. tomorrow night. what she did what. that little. i’m not gonna start screaming in a bar. so. why don’t you meet me at the joint on. fifth avenue. we’ll discuss what to do about it then. okay thank you when you get here. bye. hey i’m back. who called me oh don’t worry about it. doll it’s nothing. was it my boyfriend. no i’m not into men. besides my friend ethan already has a. special someone. his boyfriend alex. don’t apologize you didn’t know besides. if i had a boyfriend why would i ask if.

You’re single. but back to that. now i was meaning to ask you. would you i don’t know maybe want to. oh my rights here i’m sorry i. i gotta go. but before i leave. would you mind if i maybe got your. number. i loved spending time with you tonight. and i’d like to chat with you more. maybe i can even take you out on a date. someplace real nice. how about that nice restaurant on the. edge of the city. if you’re open to the whole going on a. date thing that is i. didn’t really ask if you were into girls. you are and you’d like that. oh that’s wonderful let’s say. i pick you up tomorrow night. seven o’clock awesome. oh thanks for your number doll. i’ll text you to details see you. tomorrow night. alex ethan it’s good to see you too. how was your date. i’m glad you enjoyed it i told you. best italian food in the city. now about this whole misty situation.

How did you acquire this information. you found files on her computer. with other crime lords huh. what the hell does she think she is. trying to sell my information and plans. to other people. no no we won’t kill her. i have a better idea you boys don’t have. plans tomorrow afternoon do you. great now listen to me carefully. alex i’m going to need you to text her. here her number is in my phone. tell her to meet us near that alley near. market street. ethan you’re gonna ready the car to. bring her to my home. if she resists you know what to do. she’ll suffer the consequences for her. actions. you don’t with me. i want to make this whole thing quick. understand i’ve got plans for tomorrow. night. all right come on let’s get out of here. well well well. look who i have here finally back in my. grasp. did you honestly think you could get.

W4w Dating ll suffer the consequences

Away. thought you could leave for chicago and. escape me. you thought you can make a quick buck. ruin my business. and get away hmm. i don’t think so you don’t mess. with one of the most. powerful crime lords in the city and. think you could get off scotfree. make sure her ropes are nice and tight. boys i don’t want her going anywhere. and that gag. perfect can’t hear a word. no one’s gonna hear your screams for. help. you’re all mine now. listen to her try and beg boys she knows. how. she is get her on her knees. now. i like this stooping down to your level. holding your chin like this because this. is where you belong. on your knees beneath me. like the lying deceiving that you. uh. are wait. that necklace i i’ve seen it before. wait a minute you’re. you’re the girl from the bar . boys what the is she doing here. i told you to bring misty over here you.

Brainless idiots. wrong contact wrong contact. you . i’m calm i’m calm. you idiots kidnapped an innocent girl. do you realize how we are. this whole situation could ruin. my. business do you honestly want that to. happen. your jam well gonna fix it not. in that way. we’re not killing anybody put your. gun away. idiots listen to me. very carefully. i’m gonna take care of the girl alex. you ready my car i’ll deliver her home. myself. when you’re done you’re going to join. ethan. into bringing me the right girl. got it go. well there goes that date. hey hey listen can you hear me. shake your head if you can hear me. yeah good good listen. i need you to breathe in. and out just take deep breaths. over and over again. good good see it’s okay. it’s okay i’m not gonna hurt you. no no no no calm down calm down. it’s okay i promise you i won’t hurt you.

You’re not the one i’m after i mean. well you are but not in this way. my men just brought me the wrong person. it’s a very complicated accident. okay just just hold still let me take. that pillowcase off your head. there we go um. hi again this is no time for . jokes. let’s get that gag out of your mouth. shall we. there we go all right. go ahead scream at me threaten to call. the police. lay it all on me i deserve it. yes i’m the girl from the bar. the one who told that creep to off. and. the one that axed you on our date. not that you’d want to go out with me. after this. why were you brought here well. my men made a very stupid mistake. they kidnapped you instead of a old. employee of mine who. betrayed me. hmm was this what i was planning for our. date no of course not. i would never. nice joke though um. yeah this is my actual business.

I’m a mafia boss the whole thing was. supposed to be a secret but. i guess the cat’s out of the bag. no i can’t really tell people that i’m a. mafia boss. and honestly scares them away or leads. them right to the police and. i’ll have to move out of town again. yeah it’s tough but i chose this job. okay now that you know who i really am. i need you to listen to me if. i let you go you can’t tell anyone about. this. okay i’m not joking. you can’t tell anyone my business would. be ruined and. i’d rot in a jail cell forever. and if you refuse. i have other ideas on what i could do. with you. like kissing you i why i. um. so do you agree with these terms. on one condition which is what. is it money of course it’s money. here let me just go get my. what you don’t want money. then what do you want. that date wait hold on. you still want to go on a date with me.

Why you’re not scared or angry at me for. kidnapping you. it was just business wow. all right then here’s silence. in exchange for your freedom and a nice. date. here turn around let me inside you. there we are here. hold on to me i’m gonna help you out of. the basement. no this isn’t some remote shed in the. middle of nowhere. this is my home i prefer to deal with. traders here. for more messier methods i do have a. shed in the town over. ah here we are i hope you like. it make yourself at home. here let’s set you down on the couch. there i’m gonna go get you some. painkillers and some water. and i’ll also grab some bandages for. your wrists and ankles. you just relax and rest okay. okay i’ll be right back. all right here we go drink up. good good now let me see your wrists. i really do apologize for everything. i never meant for this to happen i.

Really do like you. and i guess i just ruined everything. even if it was just business i i should. have never. no. you don’t mind why is that. because you can consider this our first. date. yeah sure you can consider this a date. if you want minus the whole being. taken here against your welfang. and there all wrapped up. your wrists should heal up all nicely as. long as you’re careful. oh why of course ask me anything you’d. like. can i hold still for a second i’m. sure. hey whoa you’re sitting right on top of. me. and you’re getting awfully close. what are you. well i guess you’re interested in me too. so what do i call you now. my girlfriend yeah. all right then baby. i promise i’ll protect you okay. no one will ever hurt you. and you’re safe here well then. i guess i am. oh my car is ready. do you want me to drop you off back home.

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