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Hey guys it’s blazin barista today I. have a little exciting personal story to. tell you guys I’m really excited to. spill the tea on how I lost my virginity. so let’s just get right into this so I. lost my virginity to a guy in met on. tinder I’ll let that sink in but before. that if you are one of my parents or one. of my brothers. I’m kindly asking you to leave let’s. give you a minute okay. now so yes I lost my virginity to a guy. I met on tinder but it was not like a. onenight stand type thing it was very. heartbreaking to say the least so I’m. not gonna reveal the name of this guy. I’m just gonna refer to him as what name. should I refer to him as John his name. is John so I apologize to any John’s out. there first can we discuss how amazing. this shirt is I love it so this guy I. met on tinder and I thought it was cute.

And sweet and I met up with him I was at. college I met up with him at a sprat. house with a couple of my friends never. go alone and it was right before one of. his parties and we were pregaming. I liked him we got to know each other we. ended up making out that night no big. deal I wouldn’t do anything with him but. we hung out a couple more times I still. wouldn’t do anything with him because. that’s just how I am. and we got to talking more I keep. looking over here cuz I will list just. so I don’t forget so he didn’t treat me. very well. he was always constantly trying to make. me jealous and just not giving me I. don’t want to see the attention I. deserved but just not giving me what I. deserved and so after about a month of. talking one day I just was like no I’m. done like I’m sick of the way you treat. me I don’t deserve to be treated like.

This. I’m sick of this friendship whatever you. want to call it like I’m done so he. actually came over to my dorm and we had. a long talk and in that talk I revealed. to him something I thought was a secret. and that was that I was a virgin and I. was 19 which was actually pretty late. for my friend group so I revealed him. though I was a virgin and he was like oh. why now I could tell and I’m like how. just cuz I wouldn’t have sex with you. yep okay anyway so I’m like then why. would you still like try and he’s like. oh I guess it’s just like wanting. something you can’t have and I’m like. all right so we kind of started we like. had a big it was a very like serious. like hourlong discussion at like 2:00. a.m. and we were talking and we both. said like we couldn’t see relationships. with each other he said it was because I.

Was a freshman and he was a junior in. college um even though he was we were. both 19 okay um and I said I could never. be in a relationship with him because I. could never trust him but for some. stupid reason I still decided to. continue the whatever relationship we. had and I really don’t want to hear in. the comments like oh you’re so stupid. you should have left him sooner like. yeah I know I’m an idiot not new. information but so there would be times. where I would go over to his room his. dorm not his dorm he was a frat house. but like which should have been like red. flag one but so I was there and he had. the composite of a sorority which is. just like the pictures of everyone in a. sorority. he had that behind his bed and one day. he told he looked at it and he was like. Oh which one do you think is the.

Prettiest and I was like what and he was. like oh I think it’s and he like started. to point I just took his hand and like. dragged it towards me I’m like you’re. not gonna do that okay so that’s enough. background information he was an . one night I was sleeping over at his. house which is how. whatever which I had done before and wit. and nothing happened so I slept over and. I made a very stupid decision and. decided to have sex with him where’s two. minutes of my life. so I actually usually I always win for. like and for telling like who has the. worst loss of virginity story so after. two minutes and that’s pushing it um he. like immediately got up and put the. light on and I was like really weirded I. was like what I covered myself because. like I’m very selfconscious um and he. like was looking and he saw that the.

Condom broke so we had to go to CVS at. like midnight and I take the. morningafter pill and he like he paid. for it but like he definitely made me. feel guilty for paying for it I still. spent the night there just like it was. midnight I was gonna go home and he like. we like didn’t talk for a while. and we’re like okay maybe like a week. and then I got my period and I texted. him I’m like yo I got my period and he’s. like oh let with like a bunch of tees. and that was the last time we talked for. maybe a week and a half and so I texted. him cuz I was pissed I was like you. wondered why it took me so long to sleep. with you you don’t talk to me anymore. and you just was like oh like we were so. different blah blah blah like and even. though he said like one of the things he. liked about me was that we were so. similar um we were so different like he.

Was like half drunk when he texted me. this like I you liked me too much he. replied to my snapchats too quickly and. I felt like you were obsessed with me I. wanted to be like I’m on my phone. don’t flatter yourself like I’m on my. phone a lot deal with it like if you. don’t like it don’t try and be with a. teenage girl okay I’m not saying all. teenage girls are like that but you know. what I mean so. I was crying for like weeks mainly. because of the last thing he said which. I’m actually going to put right here and. let’s let’s just read it because I have. it on my computer. why didn’t I prepare this alle stupid ok. here we go so this final text was. honestly I was kind of on edge with you. when we had sex and having to go get. plan B and everything just sort of made. me think about it much more and like why.

Did I even do it with that this girl did. I eat why would I even put myself into. that position to get that risk and I. decided I couldn’t do it anymore so. being a young 19 year old girl from 20. now I don’t know why I say young but. like that that didn’t break my heart. that shattered my heart I just replied. with I cannot believe you just said that. like even if he was thinking that why. would he say that that like because what. I took from that was that like I wasn’t. worth it and like that hurted. so I was very upset for a long time like. my roommates ended up getting really. like annoyed with me because I was just. constantly in my room crying so. fastforward. does anyone else screenshot snapchats. with photo booth on a Mac I know I do. okay not all of them just like if it’s. something like this so I lost my.

Virginity on October 10th 2017 yeah I’m. really good with dates fun fact I found. out my mom lost hers on the same exact. day which is really weird obviously a. different year but yeah so I put on my. snapchat story so like in my dorm our. name tags were like on a like it was. like a pie chart and you could like move. a magnet to like where you were whether. you were like at home studying like or. like Do Not Disturb so one of the. options was in a galaxy far far away and. whenever I would come home stoned. I would always move the magnet to that. and I put it on my story and I’m like. when I come home stoned and so he he. replied to that he’s like when aren’t. you high and I just said lol and then he. invited me to a party and basically he. was like I’m sorry we ended on such bad. terms and I hope you don’t hate me as.

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Much as you do I wanted to apologize I. said whatever like what’s done is done. like I just didn’t want to talk to him. like it’s just a reminder of bad. memories and he’s like I hope we can. talk again sometime and not have it. weird and like just not say anything. anytime we walk by each other I’m. reading it behind my phone that’s why I. keep looking so basically he was like I. just wanted to clear things up because I. hate talking about important things over. text like he wanted to meet with me or. something. and I’m like you me up plain and. simple. like I was not about to take what he was. about to tell me like I didn’t want to. hear any that was gonna come. out of his mouth so basically the rest. of it is just apologizing and him. telling me that like he was sorry like. he couldn’t like he I kept getting mad.

At him for stupid things NAT got him. annoyed and then he like tried turning. it on me like by saying that I kept. getting mad at him. so basically I ended it by saying. because he was like I wanted to clear my. conscience and tell you like things. could have been different ly like I. think there was something that could. have come out of it so I ended it by. saying you really think something could. have come out of it. you told me at the beginning you. couldn’t date me because I’m a freshman. and I told you I couldn’t get you. because I couldn’t trust you whatever. glad you got to clear your conscience. and that was the end of it so moral of. the story just kidding that’s not really. a moral this story just like like I told. him like I I know I should have left him. sooner and I know like I was an idiot. for like staying with him because I.

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