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Today’s topic Ukrainian women to. ultimate dating guide what if you decide. to check out my Ukraine date review in. the description and you meet a beautiful. Ukrainian woman online then you have to. open your eyes to a new world because. you can’t impress her with the same old. lines that work with your American. exgirlfriend but the good news is that. it’s easy to learn how to date a. Ukrainian woman once you survived the. first date and once you truly understand. what these women are looking for and the. first tip I have for you is to show up. in a blazer and closed shoes just. because Kiev is cheaper than London and. Los Angeles doesn’t mean that you should. walk around like a beach tourist and. especially if you go to a desert to meet. beautiful women. it’s a metropolitan city yes the summer. in Kiev is hot yes there’s a beach in.

Odessa but no you shouldn’t wear sandals. and shorts to the first date and no I. don’t care about the fact that other. guys are doing it Ukrainian women place. a high value on how you are dressed and. they are very attracted to men who dress. in an elegant fashionable and. highstatus way and then I want you to. trade the handshake for a hug and a kiss. on the cheek you’re not in the West you. don’t have to worry about written. consent. she also won’t treat me to who when you. kiss her on the cheek don’t worry about. all these things she will however lose. respect if you shake her hand as if she. was a businessman she’s not a man and. she doesn’t want to be a man she’s a. feminine woman who was born and raised. in a very traditional country so if you. don’t kiss her on the cheek when you. greet her or when you say goodbye to her.

She will think is this a real man and I. want you to keep your cool when you’re. hugging a catwalk model in front of. Starbucks. I mean I still remember my first date. with a Ukrainian woman I was speechless. I was completely speechless like her. high heels her long beautiful legs her. long beautiful blonde hair it was just. wow I mean those girls show up on a date. fully dressed up in tight dresses. perfect makeup and not just on the first. date I mean they walk around like that. when they go to the supermarket and not. to mention the fake eyelashes the fake. nails and the pushup bra they use. every weapon in the book to get the man. that they want you’re no longer in the. western country sweatpants sneakers. that’s far far away from Ukraine in. Ukraine the women dress up so keep your. cool Keep Calm and maybe if you want you.

Can try to bring flowers or chocolate on. the first date but it’s just an option. it depends where she’s from if she’s. from a big city I wouldn’t do it because. then she has already been brainwashed by. the Western media and Western society at. oh my god that’s so needy that’s bad but. I never forget my date with the girl I. met in live and I actually showed up. with a flower I made a funny joke about. it like I just went to a park closeby. got a flower and then I said something. like I was looking for this flower for. two hours or some stupid stuff like that. and I said it in the most funny and. weird way because I thought if I mean it. in a serious way then she will react. like every other Western woman who would. be like oh yeah well instead she totally. ignored the fact that I said it in a. funny and weird way she just smelled the.

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Flowers smiled at me and it was amazing. for me it was amazing to see that in. such a country from a girl who doesn’t. come from a metropolitan city these kind. of things work and don’t get me wrong if. you are dating a woman in the western. country I would give you the advice to. never ever ever ever ever bring a flower. or chocolate on the first date but. that’s a different world and the first. five minutes of the date can be cold as. ice it’s not as bad as in Russia but. it’s still bad that’s what I always call. a Russian winter when you first have to. warm up a little bit well let’s say you. have to warm up the girl a little bit on. the date she wants to see how you behave. she wants to see how you react she wants. to test you if you expect a bubbly and. smiley and quickly American girl from. Los Angeles California.

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Forget it won’t happen in the beginning. of the dating process. she will test you she will observe you. and as long as you try your best to get. to know her the ice princess will melt. just don’t freeze and don’t be afraid to. prove that you have brain cells. you don’t have to be a frat boy to. impress single Ukrainian ladies you. would be surprised how much brain beats. long legs can carry and yes I know in. some Western countries with some girls. it’s very hard to talk about topics that. go beyond keeping up with the. kardashians and love island but in. Ukraine when you meet the girls there. you can talk about very deep and. intellectual topics it’s a different. world there and then share your culture. and let her do the same there are two. reasons why you should share your. culture number one she’s curious about.

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The West and about the world and number. two she wants to make sure that you are. not a sex tourist so ask her about the. history of her country. tell her what you want to see tell her. what you want to visit tell her what you. think about Ukraine show her that you. are not just there to hunt girls even if. you might be and don’t drink alcohol on. your first date this is a big one. especially because I used to date the. girl from live who didn’t drink alcohol. I don’t say that every girl in Ukraine. doesn’t drink alcohol a lot of girls. drink but there’s also one thing that. you should know about the local culture. even though a lot of girls drink alcohol. kills more than 100,000 people in. Ukraine every year mostly men and a lot. of women there are facing problems with. guys who are drinking were getting. violent and who addicted to drugs so if.

You tell her that you don’t drink that. you don’t take drugs that you’re. basically completely clean. she will admire that she will respect. that you will see a big smile on her. face especially when she wants you as a. boyfriend but she expects you to pay for. the first drink I have this rule that I. never pay for a girl’s stuff on the. first date but it’s too bad that the. Ukraine dating culture has different. rules the man pays for everything but I. also broke this rule with the girl in. live I paid for her first drink and then. when I told her that she has to pay for. a second drink she looked at me as if I. told her that I am a reincarnated trex. but in the longterm it worked. she respected my point of view and my. culture so you can pull it off but she. doesn’t want a guy who tries to buy her. here is the worst way to pick up Ukraine.

Girls use every occasion to shop your. designer watch in her face tell. over and over again how cheap everything. is for you treat her like the poor girl. who wants a savior from the West don’t. do that I mean yes you will be able to. attract a certain type of Ukrainian girl. with that you will attract the. golddiggers and the women who want to. take you to the cleaners if you want. that then do it of course you always. attract women with the same energy that. you put out so if you do that then yeah. congratulations you attracted a woman. who wants your money but if you want to. attract a good Ukrainian girlfriend then. I would highly recommend that you don’t. try to buy her and she wants to know why. you are in Ukraine yep I told you that. the girls are curious and they want to. avoid sex tourists she will ask you what.

You do here help me make money what you. do for a living if you have a business. she will ask you if you have relatives. friends or a hamster in Ukraine she will. ask you everything you will feel like in. the Stasi interrogation but don’t be mad. at her she just does it to protect. yourself and yep I can use the I’m on a. business trip to meet a client excuse. because I’m usually in the country when. I have a oneon-one coaching so for you. it’s time to get creative and if you. want to meet beautiful Ukrainian women. if you want to chat with them if you. want to meet them and if you want to get. the chance to have a beautiful Ukrainian. girlfriend then you can check out the. link in the description and find out. everything about Ukraine date in the. description you find my Ukraine date. review in which I share all the features.

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That this dating site has to offer and I. also share the messages that I received. from beautiful Ukrainian women and you. will also find detailed instructions on. how you can get my best openers for free. that you can then use on Ukraine date to. chat with beautiful girls and now I want. to share something very important with. you she will block your first attempt to. share your salary with her your first. attempt to kiss her will fail your. second attempt well I’m sorry to say it. it will probably also fail oh and did I. tell you that she will also block your. third and fourth attempt that’s what her. polish cat told her her babushka told. her that men want women who are not easy. and this wise old woman also told her. that boys give up and men continue to. call a woman she’s a woman from a. traditional country she wants to be.

Pursued she. once a man who makes an effort she wants. a man a real man who doesn’t give up so. she’s still smiling she’s still giggling. she’s still snuggling up to you she’s. still coming closer even though she. rejects your kissing attempts this means. that she wants to be the good girl for. you she wants you as a boyfriend. so play the game and continue to try but. sex on the first date is not that common. in Ukraine it’s very hard to overcome. the typical three day process and it’s. even harder if she’s a good girl and if. she wants you as a boyfriend like I just. said then she will play hardto-get and. I’m actually I have to be honest I’m. really good at getting sameday lays but. not in this country if you want to hook. up your chances in the USA are way. higher but if you want an amazing. supportive and loyal girlfriend then you.

Should definitely chat with beautiful. Ukrainian women on Ukraine date and. here’s how you can get her back to your. place that’s actually a funny story. I just thought I’d share this with you I. figured this out during a 3day coaching. in Kiev my coaching client had a date. with a stunning blonde local girl and he. had already bought the flowers like two. small flowers something like that and. then he forgot them in his apartment and. then I had an idea I told him to use the. flowers in his living room as an excuse. to get her back to his apartment and it. worked he told her that he bought. flowers for her but that he forgot them. and oh my god that’s so bad he really. wanted to give her the flowers and he. then invited her to pick them up she. followed him and the rest is history. so now if you decide hey I want to meet.

Beautiful Ukrainian women then you can. check out the link in the description. and find out everything about Ukraine. date which is in my opinion the best. dating site to meet Ukrainian women and. if you also want to have the skill to. set up dates and to make the most. beautiful girl that you go on a date. with in Ukraine to make her your. girlfriend then you need the skills to. make her your girlfriend to get her. attracted to keep her and to make her. addicted to you if you want that you can. check out the second link in the. description and find out everything. about my audio book and ebook course. rise of the Phoenix and if you enjoyed. watching this video please give it a big. big thumbs up and let me know in the. comments below what you think about it. share your opinions share your thoughts. I would love to.

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