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Sorry some examples of people that I’ve. met alright so I’m at a social in Odessa. several years ago and it’s very nice. girl and then Evelina there she is in. the black the blonde in the black dress. walks up to me at the end of the social. with her interpreter friend she didn’t. speak English and she basically says to. her interpreter nobody talked to me and. I said excuse me what’s wrong she said. nobody talked to me I was here all night. and nobody talked to me and she was very. nice and I get this all the time believe. me at the end of our socials so I said. Evelina I’m sorry you know I couldn’t. imagine but there are many many women. just like her to come to our social. events and nobody talks to them all. night long I thought it was funny she. said I miss bikini Odessa don’t these. men look for beautiful women like men.

And that’s everyone I’m sorry but I said. you can come to the hotel tomorrow we’ll. do a video together I did a video. interview of her I just sat and talked. to her about what kind of man she was. looking for what kind of you know person. she was hoping to meet what are his. qualities etc and we did this video and. you know if you watch the video it’s on. earth it’s on our YouTube channel guys. you can find it if you want to link. right to me and I’ll show you where to. find it but if you watch her video in. the video her profile comes up and her. profile is one four nine nine six two so. go look at her profile on love me calm. right now. there’s her profile so go look at her. profile she’s updated some of her. pictures since then one four nine nine. six two there’s her profile right. there’s a picture of her from the social.

That I showed you just a moment ago and. there’s my video interview with her. she’s lovely and all free there’s no. doubt about it she was very nice person. by the way I think she’s in her it’s. probably in her mid20s by now but. anyway just just a nice girl happened to. come to a social I thought she had a. great personality she laughed and smiled. a lot I couldn’t imagine that somebody. didn’t want to meet her and she’s one of. those profiles that’s just buried on our. website right now but again just an. example of somebody who’s quite real and. quite beautiful who I had the. opportunity to meet alright so here are. two more for you right profile numbers. are up there miss marina and miss Elena. I met them both at my social events as. we’re watching this video and you play. this video there she is there’s marina.

Right profile number one six seven seven. five six. there’s her profile and there she was at. a social in Kiev and you can also see my. video interview of her on our YouTube. channel right lovely girl. so about 15 seconds later as. going through our video of Kiev you’re. gonna see Elena Elena out there she is. right so there’s Elena again beautiful. girl right beautiful in her pictures. beautiful in in the video of our social. event and I did an interview with Elena. and we later did an interview of her. just talking a little bit about what. Ukrainian are looking for Ukrainian. women are looking for so again guys just. two extra opportunities to meet some of. the women on our site who are as. beautiful in person as they are on their. profiles let me go to another for you. this is Oksana can you believe this. woman is 38 years old and there’s her.

Profile number and there’s a picture. from her profile at Mulvey calm right if. you’re watching one of our videos again. at our YouTube channel if you want links. to these videos you can write to me and. I’ll get them for you but in the middle. of this video there she is look at that. woman can you believe she’s 38 years old. you dingdongs are trying to meet 22. year olds you’re crazy if you’re in your. 50s and 60s that’s exactly who you. should be meeting right if you’re in. your 30s or 40s that’s who you should be. meeting there’s Oxana a very lovely girl. 38 years old cute as can be she’s like. whoa is the camera on me and she’s. smiling who doesn’t want to date that. girl guys seriously she’s in Odessa one. of the many women 300plus that come to. our social events in Odessa there she is. right I’m on camera she says hi how are.

You. right very very cute girl and she’s. sitting there by herself nobody talking. to her in the middle of my social what a. great opportunity for you guys right. these are the women who come up to me at. the end of every social and say hey man. where’s my guest hey that’s a fun. example Svetlana profile number one for. eight three seven nine so one four eight. three seven nine she’s 37 can you. believe it I’ve got a great personality. speaks English she’s from Kiev again. there’s a picture from her profile one. four eight three seven nine now you. understand sometimes the women will. change their hairstyle you know they’ll. go from blonde to brunette in the same. month I mean this is what people would. hear do I guess something like that I’m. not jealous I’m just saying. so anyway people will change their. hairstyle woman will do that.

Occasionally but I can show you how to. find spill on it very very easily you. can do it Kirk or we can go live on my. computer and I’ll show it however you. want to do it but see that little. Russian. women opinion age gap see that little. advertisement we have for this video. right here well that girl on the left is. Svetlana so if you want to listen to her. talk if she’s stopped by our Phoenix. office recently she was visiting a. friend she came in and that’s hurts but. Lana she doesn’t look anywhere near 37. I’ll tell you that she looks like she. should be going to college and she’s got. a great hysterical awesome personality. again just one example of a girl who’s. real and as interesting and lovely and. her profile is she is in person here’s. another great example Oh God man when I. hear the name Olga that’s not what I.

Think I don’t I don’t know I’m thinking. of a German grandma or something like. that but one three two one one four. again a lovely calm left side scroll. down a little bit there’s a fine BIID. look up righty this is a picture of. Olga’s profile on our website I’ll show. you another picture of Olga while she. attended a recent social in Odessa. that’s her at her social in Odessa I. think an argument could be made that. she’s more attractive in person than in. her profile right guys this is one of. those girls who came to a whole bunch of. my socials she still out there she’s. still trying so it’s never too late. right just got to find the right person. I guess here’s another great example. very very nice person that I love to. point out to you guys guys look at this. Elena look at that a very very nice. person she’s been to a number of our.

Ukraine Women Dating Sites to these videos you

Social events she’s 48 years old I won’t. say nobody’s dating her but I can say. they’re probably you know guys are. meeting her at the social event or. they’re just opting for younger women I. keep telling Jon someday we should do. the social you know Desa last we do. Odessa then we go to Nikolai then we go. to Karis own three gate socials so many. women the guys you know the guys meet a. lot of nice women in Odessa but they got. to go on to two more cities and. sometimes I think the women in Odessa I. just kind of get left in the dust. but that’s Elena she’s 48 that is a. picture from her profile let me show you. a picture of Elena attending one of our. recent social events in Odessa. here’s Elena on the Left would anybody. agree that she’s at least as lovely in. person as she is in her profile possibly. more lovely right guys what a great.

Opportunity for you who wouldn’t date. that woman I mean who. do that here’s another profile lady’s. name is stanislav ax 36 years old look. at that lovely girl stanislav o from. kiev 36 years old she certainly doesn’t. look 36 in this picture right. interesting story was stanislav ax which. is that you know she had been writing to. a friend of mine and i owed him a favor. so I promised him that I would deliver. flowers to stanislav it from him when I. went to Ukraine on a recent tour so I. what do you crane it looks Donna Slav up. I said hey I’ve got you know my friend. and where he’s writing to you obviously. he just wanted me to give you some. really good flowers so I went shopping. for a gigantic bunch a big gigantic. roses I’m talking like the threefoot. long massive roses that look like they. were raised in Chernobyl they weren’t.

But they’re really beautiful and I took. them to stanislav and it was a freezing. cold night and i went to her to her. apartment and she met me outside she was. incredibly friendly is-again first. impression guys i don’t know her you. know intimately obviously but very very. nice person I was amazed because this. woman is 36 years old when I met her in. person she barely looked twenty she. looked like a 19 year old college. student I’m not kidding she was so young. and at the time when she her profile was. on our site it’s since been taken down. she took it down but when she was on our. site she was very popular as far as. cliques a lot of guys were clicking her. profile but she was a blonde she didn’t. look anything like she currently does. but still very lovely so I was expecting. blonds Donna’s love oh when I met her I.

Actually she looks just just just like. this let me show you two pictures of. Stanislav right same girl very beautiful. in both pictures entirely different look. in both pictures right nobody nobody. watching this webcast would not date. either one of these girls they’re the. same girl and it’s just an example of. how different somebody can look from. their profile picture especially their. profile picture has been around for a. while you know the women don’t. necessarily update their profile. pictures every month or every six months. not even every year sometimes but. they’re still lovely they don’t change. that much honestly and I have guys that. put on a plaid shirt haven’t shaved in. three weeks you know barely brush their. teeth putting their profile pictures. and they complain about things like this. makes no sense this girl is lovely but.

She can be and look on their rights the. same girl this woman’s 36 years old. right that’s crazy it’s crazy the women. in their 30s easily look ten years. younger than they are they’ve been. around they’ve you know they know why. they’re here they’ve they’ve had a few. relationship experiences that didn’t. work out well just like you and they. have no doubt that they want to meet. somebody from outside of their culture. you need women who have that experience. because if they don’t have that. experience. women aren’t born with the idea that. they should marry a foreigner and move. far away they’re just not born with that. that comes as a result that desire comes. as a result of dating on a local level. or not dating on a local level because. there are no local options but you need. them to have a little bit of time to.

Know why they’re here that means you are. going to have more predictable behavior. on your dates so those are some great. examples guys right and Kirk can show us. the rest of that video whenever he’s. comfortable doing that of some other. women showing us their profiles. I’m the edge of Cuba and I live in here. yeah as you latest revolution oh I want. to find my man mucho attitude maybe it’s. you. yeah progression it’s about persisted. Kinski so shall i invite you to visit. give social with emotions credit. recovery teach them where we can meet. and talk personally the proper jolivet. welcome. hello there my name is Ludmila I’m. certain and I live in Cape I sicken up. on the side love Macomb to find my. future husband I wanna be loved I invite. you to keep social where we can meet and. talk personally I’m waiting for me a.

Draft way we never said one immediate. not yet yes your garage Hakeem hi my. name is Svetlana I’m 19 years old and I. live in Kyiv epigenetically mustache in. a both vital is this I want to find my. true love that’s why I’m here. Masha today maybe it’s you murdered. most modern society getting started in. himself he petitions digesting will seem. you missed it so maybe you could become. a single hole and build a happy family. in the future yep ligase to be a. positive case case also dream emotion. pitaka meet Alicia she been right at. Acadia. I invite you to visit key of social. where we can get to know each other. personally having good sound the proper. college came welcome to key entrusted. minutes ago today the edge of the grass. some karate yoga change it is so good. Chicago Joe Burton Wednesdays. was much negative you’re not smoking for.

Sure Akshay Buddha chef hi my name is. Daria I live in a beautiful city qiyam I. wanna find my future husband that’s why. I’m here. maybe it’s you and we can have a great. future together an application to the PI. statistic a social pero abraham the. emotion straight it’s a typical. attention effective attack idea i. invited to visit PF social on the 1st of. february where we can meet and talk in. person how does it sound. developers are lowest welcome to tu. hello my name is Ileana I live in the. prone I am a 35 I won’t meet my laugh. please come to my seat in the prom. I heard I might meet you. how about it guys seriously wasn’t that. great nice collection Kirk thank you for. putting that together on short notice. today that’s a lot of girls that we’ve. just shown you guys and I know I’m only. talking about Ukraine.

I get those same questions about the. women in Colombia or the women in Costa. Rica Peru Philippines and other places. right you see all the time in our video. from the Philippines you see it all the. time I mean there’s there’s so many. examples you know how many of these. women did you think looked more. attractive and more interesting in. person in a short video than they were. in their photos photos or. onedimensional photos don’t move photos. have no personality for the most part. very beautiful and exciting women for. you right the women are quite real look. guys we verify every profile on our site. I mean we do we verify the profiles on. our site and what happens between you. and the woman once you meet each other. is between the two of you but you know. we definitely make sure that the women. are legit when they join our website.

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