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Hi guys five types of men Ukrainian. women want to marry that is our new. topic for our Ukraine live broadcasts. and today were going to discuss what are. the five types of men Ukrainian women. are looking for and maybe if you are if. you can recognize yourself in one of. these types it will help you to improve. you’re looking for a wife skills and. we’ll give you some tips how to act if. you’re looking for a wife in Ukraine hi. my name is Ivana and we’re back to our. new episode for Ukraine life and please. if you’re like our channel if you like. my videos press subscribe button right. there in your right down corner so in. this way YouTube will notify you once. we’re going live again and we’re trying. to do our best for with our contact for. you so don’t forget to subscribe our. channel we’ll be very glad about that.

So 5 types of men Ukrainian women are. looking for to get married with them. first of all usually on streams we got. some questions about how Ukrainian women. what do you hylian women think about. actually appearance and if it’s. important for them if the man is. attractive or not so guys of course. there are different situations there are. different women but if we are getting. back to our nature to what do we feel. what do we think in our instincts you. know of course they will always think. about masculinity and attractiveness. because that are two points that always. are on some level important for women. you know each and every woman is. thinking about being a mother in future. and of course they are thinking on the. air like natural level. you know about good genetics for their. kids and everything so even on the basic.

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Level when you see a man you were first. of all see what you see you know what is. his appearance for and on this very. moment you’re studying for realize what. gonna be his features how what type of. father he can be actually and what his. features your kids can get glad to see. they have brought you inside especially. the weather is getting much colder thank. you very much okay the second is maybe. you’re gonna be surprised by but the. second feature of a man Ukrainian women. are looking for is intelligence and it’s. even much more important important than. being attractive actually so there was a. social experiment about given 20 mate. dolls you know to build your perfect. husband and women are often ly given. doubled price for intelligent men not. for attractive man so they don’t want of. course to meet a genius looking sitting.

In the laboratory and thinking only. about science but intelligence is. something that can always speak the. woman up you know so not if you are. saying something smart all the time but. if she see that you can talk with your. on different topics if you’re. intelligent if you know a lot of teams. for conversation actually it will. definitely influence your opinion about. you and this type of man man Ukrainian. women are always always looking for okay. the third type is I call it superhero. it’s a little bit cliche but sometimes. you know women need cliche a little bit. okay next time may go to your agency. office. we can discuss it a little bit later. okay and please tell me where is the. best restaurant in Summa there are few. restaurants so maybe if I can you can. contact us over the phone we can give. you some advices by the way guys don’t.

Forget about our phone number that is +. 1 0 6 8 or 1 1 3 7 1 and you were. welcome to call it any time of day at. night and we’ll be help you with your. questions and problems so getting back. to our topic. about superheroes every each and every. woman I feel pleased when a man acts as. a superhero you know when he is always. ready to help when he is always. available and he is always able to fix. the situation to solve any problem and. with such type of man women always feel. themselves protected and they feel them. safe safe in safe you know so and that’s. why they often they choose this type of. men and this is definitely the type of. men Ukrainian women will be interested. in because I know that in Western. countries sometimes it’s feminism takes. too much for women and they prefer for. men not to show their like that they are.

A man actually but in Ukraine where we. prefer to see traditional actually. traditional view of a man you know. traditional as he is man as he is so we. prefer our men to be superheroes. sometimes ok the first type is a. provider actually in Ukraine you know. there is pretty difficult economic. situation in Ukraine. and it’s actually as well naturally that. each and every woman is looking to find. man who will be for her a support so not. only in you know not only support in the. difficult situations for example you. need to talk to him or something like. that but a support financially actually. and again coming back to our natural. instincts women will always try to find. a man who can be a good father who can. show that he will help her in any case. and he can provide her with any type of. help she needs a dalliance may be in.

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Ukraine Women Dating Sites situation in Ukraine

Asset however it is always better to. have a dialogue instead of listening to. him ah no actually yes so always if the. woman is intelligent she was to look for. man at least the same level as her so so. she needs to be interested in him each. and every day you know because if you. understood that you will be bored with. the person you won’t want to marry such. person you will want your husband to be. interesting for you each and every day. ok and getting back to your provider. guys don’t forget that it doesn’t. include only financial support in the. like traditional sense of it you it’s. not ok just to give her money and that’s. all it’s not shows that you it’s not. showing that your provider actually but. if you are showing in different. situations that you are always able to. help her or if you are giving you’re.

Just you know in Ukraine there are many. things that women prefer their men to do. for example to share the bill in the. restaurant maybe for some for some. Western countries it will be really. strange but women here prefer their man. to pay for them for a date actually. not in a rude way they always like. keeping their money with them in case. they will need to pay but if the man is. showing them that he cares about them. but he cares about like her position she. will be definitely be pleased and this. is always a type of man Ukrainian women. are looking for and this fix actually. type of man this is my favorite but I. didn’t know actually how to call it this. is the man if you maybe saw our previous. streams we asked girls what is the main. feature for them in man and most of them. like maybe 90 percents tell they told us.

That it’s very important for a guy to. make them laugh so it’s kind of not. laughing guy but the man who can always. make you laugh who can always make you. having fun and everything this is very. important and as to my opinion even more. important that good appearance or being. attractive so you always you know life. in Ukraine is again not really easy and. for Ukrainian women there are a lot of. difficult situations each and every day. at work at home with kids with your. financial situation anything so. sometimes she needs someone who can be. helpful for her soul you know who can. talk to her who can be not just a guy to. cry for him but who can make her love as. well okay I have always found that a. sense of humor is major as it yes of. course. it goes with without saying there will. be a time and a place when joking around.

They had to know you’re a serious person. of course but you know I even all these. files type. man they’re looking very close to that. that we call like a strongman so the man. always needs to be first a real man and. on the second place there are going to. be all those like five times that I just. spoke about so yes and the sense of. humor is very very very important but. you always need maybe you can prepare. some jokes for here but you always need. to find out the correct time for a joke. sometimes once the situation is serious. is better to stay serious and maybe just. to have a talk and women prefer you know. that women are talking a lot so they. will always need someone who can hear. them who can give Akey them a piece of. advice and who can give him them who can. make them laugh actually as well what. about not dressing like a slob ha ha.

Ukrainian women dress very well and I. would think they would want the. government to also dress smartly as me. well girl okay so about dressing up. actually it’s very difficult to say. something because in Ukraine men do not. prove do not pay a lot of attention to. how they do they look like so but of. course if a man is dressed up well you. know it’s not always like smoking and. everything and hat or something like. that but if the man is at least in a. clear clothes it’s already good so if he. pays at least a few minutes for. attention on how does he how did he look. like it will be all ready women will. mention that you know and they will. think that yep that’s good ok I would. like to support her financially a little. is it good to relationships without sex. to support her financially is sometimes. a good idea but it’s easy in Ukraine.

Actually also to offend. woman a little bit by doing her money if. it’s the whole sex is better actually in. this case I mean because you need to. find actually a right way to support her. financially and right place in time you. know so if you’re talking for example. about it like I don’t know about how. close your relationships should be or. something about how serious your. relationships are or maybe you’re. talking about next level or something. like that. moreover if you’re talking about. intimidation chips and then you are. giving her money that would be. definitely not correct time to say that. and to do that okay guys so we already. discussed all five types of men and I. will be glad to see you on our next. streams don’t forget that if you like. our program please subscribe our Channel. right there in the write down bottom.

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