Ukraine Dating Scam

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I took a lot of your.

Ukraine Dating Scam good and bad no

advice you know if you go. and look for trouble you’re going to. find it. if if you go by. certain guidelines uh you can be. extremely safe here you know i i’ve had. some bad. experiences but it’s because i went. outside. the line you have to watch. for women that that will scam you but. it’s not. women that you recommended there are. people here that are. uh looking for a tourist. if you say no it’s very easy to stay. away from. them uh it’s like any major city in in. united states. uh there are people that are you know. out to make money. and you know they see tourists and. they try to use them at afa office here. they have a list of. restaurants that are will scam you. and you can tell if your date takes you. to one of them. if she’s a scammer so it’s interesting.

Ukraine Dating Scam mean we knew each

that. you know even though you she may seem.

Really nice and everything. if she suggests you go to one of those. restaurants you know. she’s using you so you can say net. they can uh take you to a couple. restaurants that. aren’t and then when they take you to. one that is. then you know she was just plain uh. you know playing you along and. it empowered me because i knew. that uh she was a scam no matter how. long. i mean we knew each other for a month. and she was real nice to me. and then after that night she didn’t. want to talk to me so i mean. it’s good so it you know dating is. dating. and you you have good and bad no matter. what country you’re in. if a a woman wants you to buy her things. right away you know it’s it’s not a good. thing you know if if you have a couple. dates and you’re like. really excited and you know. either you see a connection there’s no.

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