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You are what you eat so. i thought that up just now there are. plenty of tribes in the gay male. community. bears otters and daddies oh my but we’re. here to dive into the wonderful world of. twinks so what is. a twink and where did it come from. let’s take a stroll back through time to. figure out just where the concept. originated. these days we’re all pretty much in. agreement. of what the word twink means it’s a. pretty exclusionary term tightly focused. on young men who are hairless. slender usually blonde and usually white. webster’s third new international. dictionary defines twink. as a noun a wink or twinkling. and as a verb meaning to punish or to. thrash. oh webster you dirty bird. go back 100 years and you’re unlikely to. hear twink in queer circles. but in england you might hear the word. twank referring to what we call today.

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Sugar daddies of course young hairless. fair featured men. still existed but they had different. monikers back then. they went by mali’s in england or kanabe. and germany. a problematic term since it translates. to boy which raises questions about age. of consent. sadly there isn’t much gay porn that. survives from the 1800s so. if there was a victorian version of. bellamy it’s lost to the ages. twink might have evolved as a shorthand. for the term twinkle toes. in a 1919 novel called twinkle toes a. tale of limehouse. a girl is first named twinkle toes which. is then just shortened to twink. in the book one observer comments ain’t. she just a damn queer kid. twinka’s gay slang might have come from. straight culture which simply wasn’t. using the word to its full potential. in the early to mid 20th century the. word was widely accepted referred to.

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Twinkling. as something sparkly or shiny and new. there was a home perm kit called. twink and a baseball team in los angeles. called the hollywood twinks. i know a few hollywood twinks myself. a lot of people assume that the word. twink derives from the fluffy. insubstantial creamfilled snack. tasty to eat but no nutritional value. linguists are skeptical about that. though. it’s a cute story but there’s no. evidence that queers were particularly. invested in twinkies as a basis of slang. just the opposite in fact in the late. 1970s twinkies developed an intensely. negative association. after they were implicated in the murder. of harvey milk it sounds unbelievable. but it’s true harvey milk’s killer dan. white claimed that he had been suffering. from depression. and pointed to his binge eating of. twinkies as proof it was a super weird.

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Argument to make in court. and gave rise to the term twinkie. defense meaning an outlandish excuse for. committing a crime. if any slaying is derived from twinkies. it’s that. prior to internet porn there was a lot. of confusion about exactly what a twink. really was the book homolexus defines it. as an attractive youth in 1985. which is pretty close to what we’d say. today but if you go back to the 70s. there’s a lot of variety the 1972 book. the queen’s vernacular defined twinkle. toes as effeminate. in 1975 the leather culture resource. drummer magazine defined twink as a. masochist. or a slave in a relationship and added. that twinkie. was an unrelated term referring to young. men and in 1978. a language survey called meledicta. stated that a youthful effeminate young. man. should be called twinkle toes. the term seems to have become common and.

Accepted by the 90s when a 1995 article. in the advocate casually uses the word. twink. to describe the band take that fair. enough. the spread of twink in queer communities. might have been related to the internet. making twink related. pornography readily available for a time. twinks were a bit of a novelty it was. impossible to troll the 90s porn sites. without being bombarded by images of. slender young men. by the early 2000s the word was broadly. used in gay media. you can hear twinks jokingly referenced. in the movie but i’m a cheerleader. and hissed like an epithet in the first. season of queers folk. the late 90s and early 2000s were. basically the time of. peak twink when young thin pale bodies. were often prized over larger furrier. bodies. despite the growing popularity of dad. bods twinks are all around us.

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The word popped up on recent episodes of. mainstream shows like. veep and it’s always sunny in. philadelphia yeah he’s a bear you see. some gay guys are twinks and others are. bears. this gay guy’s a bear and when andy. cohen recently referred to one direction. as a bunch of twinks the pr rep shrugged. it off as a compliment. it seems like it should be easy to refer. to young skinny men but. it took a hundred years of shifting. words and meanings to land the. definition of twink. as we know it today twinks are an. enduring part of queer life. but as gay clones fall out of fashion. and the community welcomes more diverse. body types. twink has earned a bit of a bad. reputation. being skinny and pale is fine but it’s. no longer seen as the height of. desirability. and thank god for that these days. there’s room for all types.

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