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Nowadays people are becoming more and. more accepting of different types of. relationships and that includes. polyamory and other forms of. nonmonogamy. and you know what online dating websites. have seen that and. are doing something about it hi welcome. to online for love your number one. resource for dating. by the numbers today we’re going to be. talking about the best dating sites that. are out there for couples and. particularly people who are looking into. polyamory or nonmonogamous situations. hopefully the right website is out there. for you on this list but. the one way you can ensure that you’re. going to find the right website for you. and your significant other. is to jump over onto our website. and take our online. dating website quiz. this quiz will ask you guys some. personal questions about what you’re.

Looking to get out of the online dating. world. whether that be hookups whether that be. a longterm commitment whether it be a. long distance a bunch of different. questions that will help narrow down. your wants and needs and what you need. out of a particular online dating. website once you get those answers then. they’ll be giving you the best online. dating website that is out there for. your wants and needs. if you’d like to take that quiz you can. click on the thing popping up above me. or you could jump down in the. description down below and click on the. link. now once you’ve taken that quiz it is. worth noting too that we do. also have a discounts page that has. discounts for multiple different online. dating websites that are out there so if. you would like to save yourself some. money. who the heck doesn’t check it out in the.

Description down below or. using the notification that’s popping up. above my head so without further ado. let’s jump into number one on this list. which is. flingster linkster has the majority of. its users coming from the united states. at 224. 000 users out of a total of about half a. million users. agewise members are typically between. the ages of 25. and 34 and activity wise there are about. 15 000 users who are active. every week on the website it is worth. noting as well that mail users make up. 70 of the population on this website and. the third remaining 30. is obviously female members so if you. are a couple who. is looking to find a female addition to. your group then this would not be the. best website for you to do that for what. separates flinkster from other online. dating websites is that it’s more of a.

Video chat service than it is an. actual dating website the majority of. people who are coming to this website. are looking to have cybersex. specifically and. are not really looking for longterm or. committed relationships. very rarely there’s a conversation come. off of this website and into the real. world because. most people are just on this website for. strictly sexual reasons and. not for any relationship or connection. reasons. that being said making contact with. users is effortless if you like somebody. you can just keep video chatting with. them. if they don’t like you or you don’t like. them you can just click next onto the. next video chat and you can. keep going on your way and chat to some. fun people on this website with your. significant other so like i just said if. something that you’re looking for.

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Are hookups over the internet and not in. person. and something that you’re looking for. does not include longterm and committed. relationships. then this might be the best website for. you now if you guys are enjoying this. video i would super appreciate a like. and subscribe. it really does help our youtube video be. able to reach out and. tell more people about the online dating. world and helps people be more aware of. what their options are out there that. being said let’s move on to number two. on my list which is adult friend finder. the website has some good experience. being that it is two and a half decades. old with a massive selection of dating. preferences and demands you and your. significant other are going to have. a lot of options to choose from on this. website you can look for people who are. singles who are swingers who are.

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Straight who are gay who are transgender. there are a ton of options that you can. choose from and narrow down on this. website for what you and your. significant other are looking for. what is particularly interesting about. this website too is that you can. actually sign up as an account. as a couple so that you can have. communication with other individuals and. they’ll know that you’re already in an. open nonmonogamous. or polyamorous relationship the website. itself may not have the most attractive. design but you can see from the photos. that you’ll be getting plenty of. explicit. content on this website from other users. there are an impressive collection of. features that are available. for all users on the website but it. should be noted that even though it. is free to sign up you will actually. have to pay for a membership in order to.

Utilize a lot of those features. some of them being very vital including. actually being able to communicate and. send messages to other users. as the page offers a great dose of. freedom for all of those that are out. there looking for it this would be the. best website for you to choose if you. are looking for a casual date or a. hookup with other individuals in real. life. now on our discounts page we do actually. have adult friend finder included so if. you guys do want to see discounts for. not just this website but others as well. be sure to click on the link popping up. above my head. or click on the link in the description. down below to check out our discounts. page this brings me to number three on. my list which is swingles. wanting to offer a huge dose of freedom. to couples looking for their plus one.

This website has a great easy. registration process. to help you find your likeminded. individuals to. mingle with you as a couple as people. have constantly more and more busy. schedules. this website will help you save time by. implementing many search and filter. capabilities to help find the right. person that you’re looking for. as i’m sure you can tell by the name. swingles is an ideal choice for. swingers and people who are looking to. switch partners with. another monogam nonmonogamous couple. now when you do utilize those search and. filter features you can search for. different types of relationships that. you may be looking for other individuals. maybe you’re just looking for hot online. chat you can find that there you can. also find. dom and sub uh relationships you can. also find kinky and casual sex.

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Relationships among others so if you are. looking for people who have the same. sexual fantasies as you as a couple then. this might be a good place for you to go. to. as you can notice too on the user’s. profiles and on the website around you. can see. all the different topics that people. could possibly be into. and they really don’t hold back on the. many different possibilities of what. people’s sexual interest could be. if you guys are enjoying the video so. far i do want to ask you guys to hit. like and subscribe it would really mean. a lot to us we. really do want our videos to be able to. spread out and reach more individuals so. that they can have better knowledge of. what dating websites are out there. and therefore find better matches and. better dates for themselves so moving on. to number four on my list is a website.

Called. couple with a k couple has a pretty. simple philosophy in that they are. trying to find couples to find. other couples that they can match with. and their philosophy goes as. every soul has a mate and every couple. has their match quite contrary to the. first three sites that we have just. looked at this one is not. aiming for couples to end up having. strictly sexual relationships but to. have. real longterm committed relationships. with another couple. and this is where we are really. introducing polyamory though looking at. the page itself. it is not very impressive and honestly. it does look very outdated. but it does have all the ingredients for. it to be a successful dating website you. can browse potential matches by location. and you can even narrow it down even. further with their search and filter.

Features and you can do this by age. their relationship status their hobbies. and even more. as the possible list of leisure and. hobby activities are. extremely long answers website you can. really see that they’re trying to. connect people. via lifestyle rather than via sexual. preferences. they’re really trying to ensure a good. relationship and have a fulfilling. social life with the other couple that. you would be meeting up with for this. website i would say it is a quality one. if you. are looking to get into a polyamory. relationship with another couple and if. you’re looking to have a quality. connections. with that other couple as well this. moves me onto number five on my list. which is. okcupid at okcupid they really do push. the idea that you deserve what dating. deserves. better and okcupid is not strictly.

For people who are couples or even into. nonmonogamy. but they do really love hosting people. of all different types. of dating relationships sexualities. genders and it’s. really a great place for anybody looking. for a really inclusive online dating. experience. now of course this includes couples who. may be looking for other couples people. who are in open relationships just. looking. to hook up with other individuals or. people who are looking to. extend their polyamorous relationship. itself colorful and extrovert the design. really does call for action and it’s. super upto-date and i. love the way that this website is built. now you might be thinking this is. probably a pretty. expensive website considering how good. it looks. but it’s actually not you can use the. website for completely free. with the option of upgrading but you.

Don’t have to with a free account you. can talk to all of the matches that you. make on the website. for completely free so it’s great for. those who really do want to explore. an online dating website as a couple and. actually. try and see how it will go for you a. cool feature they have as well is that. if you do make individual accounts you. can actually. link your partner’s account to yours so. that you can say that hey. i’m actually dating this person and if. you want to check out my. significant other you can do that just. by clicking on their little symbol. the majority of the users on this. website are between the ages of 18 and. 34 so if you are. in that age group then this would be a. perfect place for you to go as well now. unlike any of the others on this list. i’d say that this website is great. no matter what you’re looking for as a.

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Couple if you’re looking for a committed. polyamorous relationship or if you’re. just looking to have nonmahogany’s open. relationship. hookups any and anything in between it’s. really perfect for anybody because. it offers all of that to everybody on. the website so i’m about to move on to. number six. and i’d like to ask you guys to hit like. and subscribe and to let me know in the. comments below uh which. online dating site do you think is the. best one out of the six that i’m about. to say in the list. speaking of number six it is badou so. badou is one of the world’s. largest online dating platforms and the. creators really wanted to just make a. simple experience. with simple features so as to not make. matchmaking this long complicated. process. in order to do this they help to try and. find people that are based off of your.

Location because your matches are going. to be very nearby to your location the. chances of you meeting up and having a. relationship or a hookup. are higher on this website than many of. the others registration is simple. and it’s free to do and it’s very fast. so if you are looking to get on the. website quickly this would be a good one. for you to do too you can use the. website for free however you are going. to be getting a much. better experience if you do pay for a. membership. and one thing you can do whether you are. paying a member or not is actually block. other users they’re bothering. you because they do care a lot about. safety here at padu having so many. members. all around the world and catering the. couples as well i’d say that badou can. be used for. just about any type of relationship that. you might be looking for as a couple but.

One thing to note though that it is. really ideal if you are looking for. somebody who lives nearby. another con too is that features are. mostly available for those who are. paying members and. if you are a free member you can still. browse the website a little bit but it. is really worth getting a paid. membership to use this website to its. full extent. the world is becoming more and more. accepting and it’s pretty clear to see. that more and more people are being. accepting of people in polyamory and. open relationships. and hopefully these online dating. websites can help you explore that as we. respect diversity and hope that people. can be able to enjoy being themselves in. this world. i do want to say that you can really. help yourself explore that by finding. the best online dating website that is. out there which you can find using our.

Online dating and website quiz. and again this quiz will ask you some. personal preference questions onto what. you’re looking to get out of an online. dating website. this can be anything from a longterm. relationship to a longdistance. relationship to a. casual hookup to uh what gender you’re. interested in and all these different. variations so if you answer all these. questions this quiz will give you the. best possible. website that is out there for your wants. and needs and once you do take that quiz. we do also have a discounts page. available for those. who are loving to save money and. actually who doesn’t love to save money. so be sure to check that out. there they are discounts available for. multiple different online dating. websites. thank you guys so much if you want to. see some more videos check out the ones.

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