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All right hi everyone how are you all. doing today. today’s video will be kind of. interesting because i’m going to be. discussing something that i’ve never. really ever talked about but was such a. big part of my life. and without wasting anyone’s time let’s. jump right into it i’m going to talk. about how i was once an escort. now this doesn’t get talked about enough. but it is so. common in the trans community you guys. like it is way. too common so being trans you have the. upper hand of being a woman with the. dick. and so a lot of guys fetishize that and. they love that. so so much and you can’t just find that. walking on the street you have to like. go online to look for that and so guys. are willing to like. pay to spend some quality time with that. now. i’m gonna tell you guys what an escort. is the urban dictionary escort is.

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Someone who is paid for their time often. compared to a prostitute. so i knew about this lifestyle going on. i knew that there were so many trans. escorts it was like. very very common actually and at the. time all my friends. were escorts literally i couldn’t think. of a transfer that i had. who wasn’t an escort and i was the. little elena gender being the youtuber. and so i would always be in this world. just watching. but i never really dabbled into it. because i was a youtuber and i was like. uh. i’m fine i think i’m gonna stick to. being a youtuber for now. keyword for now i’ve been around this. industry for about like two. three years until i myself got into it. so i met this girl named bianca and she. me and her aren’t really friends right. now apparently i don’t know but she’s. always telling me like elena don’t.

Forget who made you who don’t. forget who. made you who you are today so i will. give credit where credit is due. bianca literally allegedly. made me who i am today i mean not really. i was elena jamie in the youtube before. i even met her. she made out the escort side in me so. she made the escort elena but. i will not give her credit for making. elena because i was. a name before i even met her so i met. bianca about a year ago. and i saw the lifestyle that she had she. had this glamorous. like upscale life and i was just i met. her and. fell in love with everything she had she. was always like. wearing designer stuff just literally. just being. the girl and i saw that and i was like. oh my god. i love what you have going on i love. what i’m seeing i want this for myself. because. i was a youtuber i had a name but i.

Didn’t have all this lux. and so miss bianca took me under her. wing and taught me her ways. she taught me how to post an ass she. taught me how to do this she taught me. everything i needed to know regarding. escorting she really just paved the way. for me and i just took it from there and. so within a few months of escorting i. was able to move out i got a roommate. though because. i didn’t like the idea of like bringing. being like a brand new escort and just. like. working by myself because that kind of. scared me and so i got a roommate he was. a marine he was in the military. the sergeant and he was like this really. like you know safe guy i felt really. safe living with him because if anything. ever happened. he was there to protect me and so i was. like i live with a man it was like. it was like a guy’s house though so like.

The living room was decorated his way it. looked like a man. cave but my room was like feminine and. girly i. did all that and i worked for a year i. was an escort for a whole year. and then we’ll get back into like that. how escorting works is you basically. post an. ad and you have a number you have to. have a second number because. you don’t want any of the stuff tracing. back to you so you guys are always. asking me like why do i have. two phones at the time one was the. personal phone and one was the work. phone so i had a different prepaid line. number. i never traced anything i never put. anything on my name regarding this one i. never. paid for this phone with under with. anything under my always pay for this. phone in cash because it can’t be traced. back to me. and so i had this is the phone the. number that i would use to like put on.

The ad and like. on the ad you guys make sure you don’t. ever use your real name don’t ever ever. use your real name. always go by a different name so my i’m. gonna say my name because. my name was either katarina or it. was candice or it was. at one point rapunzel so have some fun. with it so i had an. ad i had all that and i had it on the. website where all the ts girls were. and this was so funny because a lot of. like my supporters a lot of my. like subscribers would recognize me and. then they’ll dm me they’ll be like elena. oh my god. this person’s using your photos as like. an ad and i’m just responding back and. i’m like oh my god. how dare they that’s not me i’m not an. escort because at the time i was so like. embarrassed and shameful to be. an escort only because i grew up as like. a social life i was elena jenner being.

Like i was elena genevieve and every. trans girl knew me because. during that time like i had a prime. moment honey i was like. i was the and so i was like oh my. god i cannot be. alina geneva in the youtuber down down. to an escort so i was like i know i. needed a nine to nine did i deny. but i mean at this point i literally. don’t care anymore because like what’s. whoopsie do. and so i would always deny and i wasn’t. i’d be like that’s not me that’s not me. but. it was me the whole time and there. are so many times where like my. my supporters would be like oh my god. girl it’s not you i’ll report them i’ll. report them i’m gonna get this page. taken down and i’m like wait. don’t do that because whoever’s using my. photos what do they really need to use. it to work don’t do that don’t go. against their finances or just.

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Let them use my photos it was actually. me the whole entire time and i was like. don’t. ban my account please because i’m. working to pay red. anyway so that being said i was one of. the most laziest escorts. ever because i was always so picky with. who my clients were i would always. pick about who i wanted to see so a lot. of the clients and a lot of people that. called me were like. really really old not attractive looking. men. and i was kind of just like uh i’m not. really about this like they’re not that. cute i don’t want to see them. and so i was very very picky i would. only pick. the really really hot ones because. believe it or not there are a lot of hot. guys. and so i would look at them and i’d be. like would i entertain this guy for free. and if the answer is yes then i take. them and get their coin anyways you know.

So yeah i was an escort but i never. really hustled because i was always so. picky with who i wanted to see and who i. didn’t want to see. rather than seeing them all just looking. at it as like money i kind of saw i was. like i want to get. something out of this too i wanted to be. enjoyable for me too and so. i would always pick the guys that were. like six foot and above you know just. the really really hot guys because. i wanted to like enjoy at least and like. get some coin out of it why not. but i will say you have to be careful. with who you see because there are a lot. of sketch guys on there and so that goes. down to the second thing which is this. app called mr number. and basically a lot of the girls use. this and they will put. it’s like a background check so you put. in the number that they’re contacting.

You. from and it leaves reviews so for. example. um let’s say if a guy message me and. i’ll put in his number and if. he has contact other girls and let’s say. he was like sketch with them. those girls will leave a reveal saying. oh this guy’s sketch he did this. to me or sometimes i’d be like oh yeah. this guy’s super easy. and so that’s how you know whether or. not to see the guy or not. a lot of the times we’ll be like oh this. guy’s a cop do not see him. you know it just it it’s a little small. community that helps each other and it’s. so cute. so i always made sure to do a background. check on the guys that i would see. just to make sure i’m not bringing any. sus guys in. another thing is you need to always to. make sure you know you don’t ever touch. the money you don’t ever touch well we. don’t call it like. we call it donation and it’s kind of.

Just like because. you know like do you have my donation. but i never liked that that to me sounds. very like. like not it so i would always say my. gift so i would always be like. oh my gift is this much and if they were. down fourth i’d be like perfect and as. soon as they walk in i’d be like oh. do you have my gift and if you do. instead it over there on the. you know counter or something on the. dresser and then they would and i would. never ever touch my gifts until. they were gone sometimes though i would. tell them like so this is what. this is what i would do at one point i. would tell them oh do you have my gift. and they’ll be like oh yeah your gift is. right here and i’ll be like perfect put. it over there and then they’ll do it and. once they set it down i’ll tell them oh. can you go wash your hands i’m like.

Really like germaphobic and they’ll be. like yeah of course. and in the time where they’re washing. their hands i’ll take the gift i’ll. count it and i’ll. toss it and hide it away just so they. can’t get it back because a lot of the. times they will do some [ __ ] and. they will try to get it back. you just never know who you’re inviting. into your home it was a very very. dangerous life and a lot of these girls. they will like. work out of hotel rooms but i never. liked the idea of that because you never. know when it’s going to be popping. and when it’s not going to be popping so. i didn’t like the idea of like getting a. hotel room just waiting around for calls. and so i worked out of my apartment that. was kind of like if i. did get a call i’m ready and you. guys need to understand that this is. such. a common thing in the trans community.

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Like half the transfer that you guys. follow. most likely aren’t escort i mean if you. think about it they’re always in a hotel. room. they’re always having this luck . they’re never really clocked into. anywhere they’re always just chilling at. home. it’s because they’re an escort you guys. get it like you guys need to know this. is so. normal in the trans industry like that. one vlog where i won the airplane for. the first time going to dallas. it definitely wasn’t like a fun vacation. it was for work. i went out there to escort and so. i’m making this video because like i. want to talk about it because it’s just. something that’s like i’ve always been. ashamed of but like i feel like it needs. to be talked about more because a lot of. these people are always so curious like. elena what do you do for work. what do you do for this and like i’m.

Always not talking about it and like i. want to be honest with you guys. like i wasn’t escrow at one point. keyword was we’ll get back into that. so after i did the whole escorting gig i. would like i get like again. i was the laziest escort ever you know i. just made enough. i made enough to pay rent and i would. stop because i didn’t like it i didn’t. like it at all i mean it was fun it was. easy money and like in the time i was in. love i was like oh my god. i just spent like an hour with this guy. and look at how much money i got oh my. god. but like once i made enough for the day. i would clock out and just like all. right let’s go eat to celebrate so i. would work make money and then. eat like at the end of the night and. just like oh my god i worked so good ah. but yeah and so after doing that for a. whole year.

Um my lease was ending with my roommate. and i was kind of like i can either. renew the lease. or move out on my own and so. again i didn’t like escorting that much. it just wasn’t for me. i never like hustled like crazy on there. i never. saw like a bunch of guys i kind of just. like saw the guys that i thought were. attractive so i wasn’t making bank. at all but i was making enough to like. pay my bills and survive. and so lisa’s ending my room is kind of. like you want to renew the lease or what. do you want to do and i decided well i. have enough money here i might try to. move out on my own. and just you know be on my own and so. that’s why i moved into this apartment. i have this whole apartment to myself. when i moved in here. what was left of my escorting money. because when you escort you get paid in. cash and so.

I had all my cash and i just. use all that cash to move into this. apartment so when i moved in here. i was left with zero money i had because. again i told you i never work to hustle. i work to pay bills and just have enough. to survive and so when i moved into this. apartment. i used whatever leftover money that i. had from escorting that was on cash. i put it in my bank made a deposit to. move in here so i. my first month living in here i had zero. money to my name. no cash no nothing i don’t know what i. was thinking but i did it just because i. was kind of like. i’m not going to do the lease with this. guy i need to move on my own i’ll figure. it out by then i’ll cross that bridge. when i get there. and so when i moved into this apartment. i decided why not start and only fans. because. my mother my eat my trans mother eden.

The doll always told me elena. don’t be an escort like use your. following to like make money like. you have a good following use it like. you did to your advantage and so i. decided. why not and so i made it only fans and. i use i promoted my only fans all over. my. my escorting ad my instagram my youtube. and i just put it out there that hey. elena got it only fans and so everyone. is like signing up at this point because. they’re like wait a minute. i grew up watching elena transition i. want to see this naked i want to. see how hung she is i want to see. everything and so everyone subscribed to. see my and. that made me so much money and that was. the start of like. my life in this apartment so when i. moved in here i had zero cash. i used whatever i had to get into and. then everything in this apartment. was made from only fans these curtains.

From only fans this bed sheet. only fans everything in my apartment is. from only fans because. when i moved in here i got my whole. entire apartment furnished everything in. here came from only fans so you guys. want to know what my work is. my work is only fans that’s what it is. and i’ve been throwing it back. like crazy on there so of course this is. what’s the outcome. so ever since i moved into this. apartment i stopped escorting. i just didn’t like the idea before i had. my roommate i felt safe if anything. happened he was there to help me out. but because i live completely alone now. i didn’t want to escort i was like . that. like i didn’t really enjoy it back then. it was something that i did for like a. year and like i didn’t like it i’m over. it but now i’m making a new source of. income to where i can enjoy.

And have fun before i was dreading being. an escort i was kind of like oh i don’t. want to see this guy oh i don’t want to. have a client oh my god i don’t want to. do this. but now because i’m a whole ass only. fans girl i literally wake up. post and you know take some nudes get. on camera once in a while and. boom rent’s made and so when i moved in. here i stopped escorting i didn’t like. bringing strange guys into here because. if anything were to happen i’m. completely alone in here. but i will say my escorting ad is still. up i still pay for it i still pay to. keep it up and running so my ad. is up there and the reason why i have it. up so is because. in the caption or in the description i. promote my only fan so i have the ad. up to promote my only fan so they can’t. make it to see me which they never do. because i don’t see anyone.

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Um they’ll subscribe my only fans. instead so this is my work phone this is. the number that is linked to my. escorting ad and. i have 1 860. miss text messages that are unopened. because i’m telling you i don’t. like people still contact me like. clients still want to see me they still. call me these they’ll do everything but. i just. i don’t pick up i don’t see anyone. because i don’t want to work i don’t. want to be an escort i didn’t like it it. wasn’t for me. and so added some up they’re still able. to contact me i. like i still see messages like like. there are so many unopened messages in. here but i just don’t. i don’t ever check it because i don’t. like escorting i’m not gonna see any. clients i’m i’m not gonna see you stop. texting me so if you guys are lucky. you’ll find my ad it’s up there. somewhere um.

Ts names katarina so knock yourself out. so anyways after i put my s word in life. behind me i’m now a whole ass porn star. i’m no longer an escort i don’t work i’m. not an escort anymore you guys. and i have moved on from being an escort. to an only fans porn star which is so. funny to me so before i would see guys. that i didn’t really like but i would do. it anyways because the coin was cute but. now it’s like i get to literally hook up. with so many hot guys i’ll record it. and i’ll just post it on my only fans. and there you go. rents made so now it’s kind of. just like i’ll like. i’ll go on a date with the guy and you. know if he’s really really cute. and hot you know and like we’re going. back to my place we’re gonna hook up. i’ll be like wait. kinda like record this like can i like. whoop the camera out and they’ll be like.

Yeah go for it i’m like hell. yeah so now i’m enjoying getting . by this guy all while like. making money on only fans so it’s a. winwin for me honestly and like i. love it i love love love it my. occupation literally right now is being. paid for just being hot like i go on. only fans and i just flex my hotness and. then i get paid for it so like. you have the guys in the ads who are. kind of like wanting to see me but they. can’t but oh my god wait. she hasn’t only fans i’ll go subscribe. to that so you have those horny little. old men. that want to see me but they can’t so. they’ll subscribe my only fans boom. rents made. you have my following who are curious. about what i’m posting on there boom. rent’s made. at this point it’s kind of just like i’m. rolling around in money. i am so happy with my life honestly i.

Can’t i i don’t care what anyone has to. say about me anymore because like i. think. they’re not paying my bills their. opinions aren’t paying my bills and. they they can talk authorship but guess. what they’re still gonna subscribe so at. this point like. who cares like at this point who really. cares like. like why are you hiding it at this point. and like. i wish i had centality back then but it. took me so long to realize like. yeah i was in the adult industry i still. am and like. it’s okay it’s so normal like it’s so. normal to just be in the door industry. at this point so it’s like. it like honestly who cares i went. from being. a hairdresser to an escort and now porn. star only fans and you know what. i can honestly i’m like the happiest. i’ve ever been in life because i’m. literally getting paid to just like.

Whoever i want and like i love that. like i’m. it’s it’s a winwin for me honestly so. for those who. want to know my only fans is elena. genevine so go subscribe to that and see. all my little sex tastes all my porn. star tapes like. elena jenny mean is a whole ass porn. star now. but the reason why i want to talk about. this is because it’s just like. there are so many trans girls out there. who are hiding their career and like. there are so many younger trans girls. who are wondering like what we’re doing. and like. i’m gonna let them know like a lot of. them are. in the adult industry so that are mine. guys so just don’t think that we’re. living this glamorous lifestyle and like. all this wonder it’s like we’re not. the one thing though was like i never. had a sugar daddy i never ever had a. sugar daddy and i never.

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