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Because we smell nice and we’re gorgeous. and we’re dynamite in bed hey all of you. gorgeous people i hope you’re having an. amazing day today. so today we’re going to be talking about. why straight men are attracted to trans. women. to be honest i’m incredibly surprised. that i haven’t done a video. about this already because personally i. find this topic. incredibly interesting from an outside. perspective. somebody who’s not attracted to trans. women or doesn’t know anything about it. will automatically think that guys are. attracted to trans women because of. what’s between their legs. and while sometimes that is the case a. lot of the time. there’s a lot more to it and from what. i’ve found. different guys are attracted to us for. different reasons. so let’s get into it so from a postop. woman’s perspective. guys who are into me usually just see me.

As. a quote normal woman and they don’t. really care about the labels they’re. just attracted to me. and they don’t really see me as any. different to. a cisgendered woman also before i forget. to mention it i leave all of my socials. including my instagram and twitter. still don’t know how to use twitter. properly sorry i’m australian. and my only fans if you want to sign up. or support me. but keep in mind when i’m talking about. this i’m talking strictly from a postop. experience if you watch my videos i. always state that. just because i have very limited. knowledge when it comes to dating preop. i think one of the biggest. misconceptions is that men who are. into trans women as i said before are. strictly. into penises. why do i feel wrong saying penis i can. say penis and yes to be honest there are. a lot of guys who do.

Prefer preop girls and maybe are. considered chasers because they just. want preop. preop now i’m not going to refer to. these guys. as chasers what my definition in my. brain of a chaser is and i have. described this before in a previous. video. is a guy who just wants to. take us to bed just thinks of us as a. sex thing and nothing more. and will not be seen with us out in. public let alone. even think about having a romantic. relationship with us. that’s my definition of a chaser if you. disagree. or have a better definition please leave. it in the comments because i’d really. like to hear it. now in my experience the guys who date. us. generally date us for a variation of. reasons. whether it’s because they like our. features they’re attracted to. certain features of ours or it could. solely be because. we do have a reputation and i can’t deny.

That i know. a lot of trans girls like this for being. hyper. feminine now i just want to make it. clear there is absolutely nothing wrong. with the trans girl acting hyper. feminine or acting any way that she. feels necessary. to express the way she is and what i. mean by hyper feminine. is that we do things like we’re always. getting our hair done we’re always. getting our nails done. we’re always wearing makeup like a smoky. eye shadow. even the way we talk and the way we walk. is everything is just. hyper feminine and there definitely are. some girls that are like that. i mean cisgendered women come in various. shapes and sizes. all of them are incredibly unique in the. way they act so. why wouldn’t trans women be the same and. while we’re talking about the hyper. feminine thing. i want to dissect that even further i.

Think that some. trans girls use it to over. compensate their dysphoria um. which can attract more attention but. then you’ve got other trans girls that i. think just. feel more comfortable and i mean that’s. just. exactly how they are as incredibly. feminine women but while i’m being. honest. i do think that guys that prefer hyper. feminine women are probably severely. disappointed when i rock up on a date. and i’m certainly not bashing my own. like femininity. i just act pretty much the same as what. you see on camera like. maybe i’m even more vulgar in real life. but. i’m pretty much exactly the same as what. you see on camera and i don’t. class myself as being somebody that is. really feminine i’ve come to terms that. i have like. probably both masculine and feminine. traits like every single person does it. doesn’t matter.

Matter whether you’re even a cis woman. or a cis man everybody has like some. feminine and some masculine traits. and that’s something i really accepted. so i’m not bashing myself i’m very. comfortable with my femininity i’m. surprised i got that right. femininity usually that’s a hard one for. me. in fact once a guy saw me eating. and he said he was scared i was going to. bite off one of my fingers. cute so another interesting reason why. men are attracted to trans women. which is the other end of the scale is. that they like the more. masculine properties that a woman has. for example when i was just beginning my. hormones and i was on. tinder didn’t meet any other guys i’ve. said this hundred times. a lot of the guys who messaged me were. like oh like are you a gymnast like i’m. really into. like how you’ve got like quite um not.

Muscular legs but they were very like. shapely. um and a lot of my features were like i. was still seeing. but the estrogen hadn’t really taken. effect and just turned. all of my muscle into fat which i wish. it would have kept some of the muscle. there. and um yeah that’s kind of the sad story. of how. all of my muscle just turned into fat. and i don’t have anywhere else to go. with that. also the other reason why i’ve found. some men are attracted to us. is because they really like anal. i experienced this sort of attraction. again before i. got my srs done a lot of guys would hit. me up and then i’ll tell them i’m trans. and they’d be like no worries i’m an. ass man so i kind of get that right. elicit that sort of response from some. of the guys. and again no shade i’m never gonna kink. shame on this channel everyone.

Is entitled to their own thing in fact i. don’t mind animal myself i don’t know. why i’m disclosing that but i’m just. gonna leave it there. this show and you also do get. some men. who are into preop women because they. want to. bottom for the preop woman so she would. be the top. again i don’t have like a lot of. knowledge on this this is more something. that i’ve heard from my friends that a. lot of guys hear. up for that and um it doesn’t. necessarily mean that they’re a chaser. that’s just something. that they like in bed but largely most. of the men that i attract. i don’t attract and i think this is. mainly because i’m postop. i don’t attract the men who want. something. um explicitly sexual from me that they. couldn’t get from a cisgendered woman. and i believe that is why i mostly. attract. men who just don’t see me as any.

Different. as a cisgendered woman so they just see. me from the woman. for the woman that i am i guess you. could say they see me like a little bit. differently but. for the most part they kind of see me as. the same as a cisgendered woman. if that makes any sense at all and i. think for the most part when i initially. actually started. dating men and hooking up with men as a. trans woman. i felt like i was just. an easier hole to put it nicely even. though that doesn’t sound nice at all. but. that’s realistic that’s realistically. how i felt like i was just. something a lot easier than a. cisgendered woman so a guy would just. satisfy his needs with me. and i actually carried that feeling for. years. and that’s what led me into getting into. a terrible relationship was because. i had such a low selfesteem and low. selfworth.

I didn’t realize that in general. straight men even with cisgendered women. will just want to hook up and have sex. and that’s fine these guys weren’t. promising to marry me or anything but. i would you know meet up with a guy i’d. put out. and then i would wait for him to message. me and then he’d only ever message me at. like. 3 a.m for a beauty call and i. started to feel really used but it. wasn’t. like they were necessarily using me i. mean i had a few guys who would. kind of promise me the world and i was. very naive. because when you first transition it’s. like this. entire different world like i wasn’t. hooking up with gay guys anymore i was. hooking up with straight men and gay. guys are very. very upfront they’ll be like i just want. to hook up that’s all i want. or they’ll be like i’m into a. relationship or whatever ends up.

Ts Dating Detroit all of them
Happening. but straight men sometimes can be a. little bit more cryptic. not all of them but sometimes a lot of. them. especially on tinder i mean that’s. obviously the wrong place for me to be. looking but that’s where i primary. primarily good with words. was looking for my soul mate. and every time i met up with a new guy. and all he wanted to do was have sex and. then he wouldn’t message me back until. he was horny or in the mood again every. time that happened. i just felt even lower and lower and. lower about myself. until my selfesteem was non-existent. and that was. an absolute terrible place to be for me. which is why i ended up latching on to. the first guy that. actually wanted to date me the other. reason why a lot of men. are attracted to trans women i believe. anyway. this is just my hypothesis or theory is.

Because there is so much trans. porn on the internet i mean it used to. be. back in the day men would go to like. pawn shops. and buy magazines and that was how they. were exposed to it. but now it’s so readily available that. it’s become sort of this. kink in a way to be with a trans woman. and i’m not saying all of them are. chasers um. but some of them are definitely some of. them just want to fulfill that kink. stay married to their woman have their. two kids and their. white picket fence but some of them. genuinely do want to be with those and. the unfortunate thing. is that society does shame them for. actually being attracted to us which. is kind of an ongoing joint battle for. trans. women and also men who are attracted to. us and i also feel like. talking from the preop perspective when. i was briefly. dating online dating online that’s.

Literally. all that happened was that the guys that. i was attracting. were not interested in the slightest of. what i had between my legs. um the ones that were kind of serious. were firstly blown away that i was trans. i think i was really good at taking. photos because i didn’t pass that well. back then. but for the most part when i experienced. a dating thing. a lot of the men hadn’t had any. knowledge really or much knowledge of. trans women occasionally. i would get a guy that would say i’ve. always wanted to experience a trans. woman. that was incredibly rare most of the. time it was just more of a. interest you know they’ve found a. girl that is preop and has something. different. down there and they’re interested in. that. and i think it has more to do with the. fact that. they’re not really into specific. genitalia at the end of the day they.

Don’t really. mind whether it’s a vagina or whatnot. so i’ve already said penis a couple of. times i’m trying to avoid saying it. again even though i just said it again. there are also some men that i’ve. connected with who. never actually wanted to be with a trans. woman in the first place. but they were attracted to me and that’s. what. made them curious about it and made them. interested. in getting hooking up with me or. whatever. sometimes that ends really badly like. i don’t mean like i’m getting bashed up. but you know i have met up with the odd. guy who. they’re not specifically into trans. women they didn’t really know much about. us but. they saw me felt like i passed well. enough. and were happy to hook up and they were. like really sweet but i just. find that those guys are. like almost shocked after they’ve.

Climaxed. and it’s like they can’t get away soon. enough and i feel like i’ve like kind of. violated them. unintentionally even though i’ve been. front and told them i’m trans. but it’s like you can just see them like. questioning their sexuality and. you know i know that they’re not gay i. know that they’re still straight but. you know it goes against everything that. they’ve ever believed or thought to be. real. and um or what society is implanted in. their brains. and that’s a pretty tough thing to kind. of. um what’s the word to kind of get past. that’s why i much prefer a guy who’s. kind of used to being with trans women. and just. my ideal type of guy is one that just. sees. trans women and cisgendered women is the. same. perhaps has a preference for trans women. that’s kind of my. ideal type of man when it comes to.

Dating. even though i haven’t dated for years so. but then when it comes to sex. i really don’t care about what they’re. mainly interested in if they’re. mainly interested in me i don’t really. care to be honest. even if they are fetishizing me if. they’re someone that i want to welcome. into my bed. i don’t really care because i’m getting. what i want at the end of the day. it was just those beginning stages when. i was. like every time i was with a man because. it’s really different when you. transition. and you’re letting somebody inside of. you like i think the hormones. change as well they change you and. what happens is you develop these. feelings for people and it takes. a while to to just cut that off and be. able to see. sexist sex and then you know a. relationship is a relationship. and i would like say to myself at the.

Beginning it’s okay i’m just gonna hook. up this guy i want to fulfill my needs. but something changed in my brain like. this chemical thing. and i found it really difficult to draw. that line and i’d feel really attached. to pretty much. every guy that i slept with and that was. quite toxic but now i’m in that frame of. mind and i have been for years where i. can just hook up with a guy and. i don’t care if he ever messages me. again or if he does. doesn’t now more into. like the kinks side of things where the. men have just attracted us for kinky. reasons. a lot of the time i find that they’re. into me because it feels naughty to them. to be into me um i don’t love that. but again i’m not gonna kick them out of. bed if i’m attracted to them. and you know i’m getting what i want as. well but. yeah it’s not great but you do have.

Those and. i’ll call them chasers who just want to. hook up with us that’s all they want and. that’s because they feel. naughty knowing that they’re being with. someone other than a cisgendered woman i. feel like preop women would be exposed. to this even more so. than what a postop woman would be so. it’s not really my expertise i’ve only. come across. probably two guys since i’ve. transitioned. and had my surgery who have made it. really. known that they’re only into me because. it kind of feels naughty. and that arouses them it’s like people. who want to. have sex i almost said make love i’m not. going to say that or i’ll vomit. people who want to have sex out in. public. and that gets them off because it’s. naughty and that’s kind of what. like some men see trans women as is this. naughty sort of. thing that they get to do and they keep.

A secret. and yeah i don’t i don’t love it. i don’t love her but i mean that’s a. thing and. i think if both parties are okay with. that if the trans woman is aware that. they’re just going to be. pretty much used just for sex then they. can just use the man for sex as well and. everyone’s happy but i do think at the. end of the day if there’s any trans. women watching this. don’t go for guys who just want to. be with you because they feel like it’s. something really taboo and something. really naughty and they’re getting off. on it. unless you’re clear on the fact that. you’re not going to develop feelings for. them and you’re not going to feel like. trash when they leave because. feeling like a naughty dirty little. secret. even when i say it out loud like it. doesn’t make any sense that i would ever. be comfortable with that but i.

I have at least on actually one occasion. i have gone through it gone through with. it and i did feel a little bit crummy at. the end. i think because at the end of the day. that’s quite a toxic. dynamic i think nobody really deserves. to. feel like that and because it’s not even. like roleplaying. like you know how people in bed will do. roleplaying and. you know say someone’s going to be a. servant and the other one’s the master. it’s actually real life like they. actually just think of you as something. naughty and something that they’re not. supposed to play with. and i would advise a lot of trans women. to steer away from guys. like that yeah that’s just my perler. wisdom my one perler wisdom for this. video. anyway that’s enough from me today if. you have enjoyed this video. definitely give it a big thumbs up i’d.

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