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Hello everybody and welcome back to the. channel I know it has been uh. to be honest with you I don’t even know. how long it’s been but it has been a. while since we have all caught up and. A lot’s been going on today we’re going. to be talking about what having sex with. a transgender person is like and I have. talked about this in the past but one. thing that I forgot to mention is that. just like having sex with anybody having. sex with each trans person is going to. be different whether they are a trans. man or a trans woman it’s going to. change and one thing that I think I. neglected to mention is I am a post no. I’m not I am a preoperative trans woman. and what this means is that I have a. dick and because I have a dick my. experiences are different to trans women. who have had surgery but one thing that.

I want to make very clear to everybody. because a lot of people are going to. comment this and say it’s just like. having sex with a gay man. no hormones do a lot to your body and. that’s what we’re going to talk about. today so let’s get straight into it. I think that the reason I initially made. this video was flaws just being funny. because a lot of people kind of. they ask what sex is like for me as a. trans person when they’re getting to. know me obviously in a romantic setting. and for me it’s kind of a weird. discussion because I don’t like I’m not. a very sexual person but one thing that. I can comment on is the effects that. hormone replacement therapy have had on. my libido my bodily functions my body in. general and I’ve think that that’s. something super important to understand. before we go any further please keep in.

Mind that this is my experience and I’m. sharing it with you because I just think. that um. it’s cool it’s interesting no one really. explained the situation to me before I. transition so I just want to get this. out in the open so let’s start off with. hormone replacement therapy so hormone. replacement therapy for me includes an. antiandrogen which stops testosterone. or reduces testosterone production I. take estrogen and I also take. progesterone but it’s. medroxyprodesterone there is a a. naturally occurring progesterone and. then there is a manmade progesterone. which is the medroxy it’s not that great. but I’m on three medications for hormone. replacement therapy what I have. personally noticed since uh having begun. hormone replacement therapy is that. my sex drive. it wasn’t really that crazy to begin. with but my sex drive has definitely.

Decreased it does impact erectile. function prior to HRT I wasn’t someone. who had a lot of like erections. sporadically it happened. sometimes but since being on hormones. absolutely not it is not the case it. does not happen. um and I found that in order to get an. erection I have to be very very. interested in what’s going on I have. also noticed that this is something that. kind of confuses people some people say. it does happen some people say it. doesn’t but like shrinkage I don’t know. if it’s really shrinkage but what. essentially happens and what I’ve. noticed is that when you’re on HRT it. could be the fact that it doesn’t get as. erect or like it doesn’t get as much. blood to the area resulting in not being. as large but I have noticed when I’ve. come off of my pills for a while that it. will get harder I suppose so I guess.

That hr2 also impacts blood flow to your. genitals and that is something that I. guess. is worth considering because I think. that the biggest thing is if your. partner’s not fully hard and they’re. trans you may think that it’s because of. you but it’s not necessarily the case. it’s just like hormones do they do. things too as for uh semen production. and uh. sperm sperm count at my experience is. there is nothing left at all so for me. personally and I know for a fact that. this is not the case for everyone. because I have been a trans person who. it does not experience the same. situation but when I climax there is. absolutely no discharge it’s just not. something that I experience I think in. the beginning it used to be kind of. weird because it was kind of like I. guess. it was the goal like the goal was to. come so if you’re climaxing and not.

Having anything coming out are you. really coming and that was kind of the. big thing for me but then I realized. like it doesn’t really matter like it’s. less mess to clean up and even though it. may be hot or whatever it’s it’s easier. this is something that comes up a lot. when people ask about like having sex. with a trans person with a penis and. porn because the fact of the matter is. something that I think people need to. take into account is. women in transporn especially when it is. higher budget uh they are given pills. that can help them to produce larger. amounts of semen and discharge they stop. their medications for like an extended. period of time in order to help them. maintain erections they take pills to. help them with erections they use dick. pumps what you’re seeing in porn is not. an accurate depiction I think that the.

Problem is that people seem to forget. what you see in heterosexual porn is not. it’s not indicative of what happens in. normal cisgender heterosexual sex gay. porn is not indicative of what it means. to have sex as a gay person lesbian porn. is not accurate so I don’t know why. people think that because they see in. porn. that the trans women behave in one kind. of way or X Y and Z happen so it’s going. to happen in reality because it’s not. the same thing happens in heterosis porn. where there’s just large amounts of. semen if you’re having sex for that long. and coming that many times you couldn’t. do it without some sort of intervention. so I think that that’s something worth. noting is that. if you’re wanting to sleep with a trans. person don’t base your expectations on. porn if you’re planning on sleeping with.

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Any person do not base your expectations. on porn when it comes to climaxing I. have noticed that since being on. hormones. it is a lot more intense but it is not. always guaranteed it’s kind of like you. never know if it’s gonna happen and I. think that the biggest impact that that. has is that instead of focusing on. climaxing you focus on enjoying yourself. and for me personally that means. choosing who I sleep with very carefully. because. I don’t want to waste my time it’s like. if I’m gonna go shopping. and I know that the store I’m going to. has what I want. I’m gonna go whereas if I kind of have. an idea of something that I might like. and then I don’t know which store to get. it from and I I don’t even know if the. store has stock I’m probably not going. to go in such a rush so sex is exactly. the same as shopping I think that the.

Main takeaway from this is that hormones. do wonders do not expect that your. experiences with trans people are going. to reflect what you have seen in porn. I think as well time to get a little bit. serious eventually there’s going to be a. time in your life where you kind of want. to settle down with someone. and if you cannot see that someone being. a trans person please don’t waste our. time because. we are human beings we are more than sex. we are more than bodies we have feelings. we have thoughts we have histories we. have Futures and we matter so if it is. too intimidating or concerning or. offputting for you. to be with a trans person as a committed. partner then it is not something that. you should pursue for sexual reasons I. want to remind other trans people that. we are worth more than sex that we are.

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