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If you happen to be a logical stem man. and have trouble connecting with women. because of your perceived social. limitations then this video is for you. I’m about to teach you exactly how to. use that amazing logical stem brain of. yours to have wonderfully fluid. conversations with women that create. attraction while building on in. connection so keep watching the other. day I had this wonderful guest on my. podcast we asked him in podcast which. I’m sure you’ve listened to his name was. Mike and he helped stem professionals. improve their social confidence they can. have great connections both romantically. and personally and he shared an awesome. lesson on the show and I’m about to. share with you with my little twist of. course the lesson was on how to talk to. women in a way that makes your. conversations more interesting and.

Engaging by perfecting the art of. storytelling he shared with me that the. art of storytelling does not come very. naturally to a stem man and in fact many. men have a hard time telling stories to. women because telling a woman a story is. very different than telling a man a. story women need a lot more touchyfeely. parts in order to be engaged and. potentially turned on by your stories. most male brains especially those brains. that are more stem inclined are going to. lean towards linear logic one plus one. equals two. whereas conversation with women is more. like one plus one equals 140 sometimes. conversation that creates connection and. attraction for women is most often not. linear in fact the more linear and. logical it is the more it lowers any. chances of attraction in connection what. mike suggests to the people he works.

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With is for them to get better at. storytelling and in order to do that. that prepare in advance and I know you. know I’m not a huge fan of rehearse. routines and lines but this is different. this is simply mentally preparing. yourself just like you did for those. exams and that you rocked and having a. good conversation is just like writing. an exam he weren’t totally ready for and. prepared for if you’ve ever written an. exam that you didn’t study for been. there by the way you will naturally feel. more nervous and anxious and foggy your. heart’s gonna be fast. empty head syndrome then if you write an. exam they didn’t say for he would be. more confident and excited and relaxed. as I said before it’s the same in. conversation as you know if you feel. unprepared for conversation then you’re. going to react in a similar manner all.

Over the place you won’t know what’s. going on your heart’s gonna be fast and. your head’s gonna go empty it’s high. pressure and then slap on a smile two. breasts and a chance of having sex and. it’s gonna ten times what you’re feeling. that’s why preparing your conversation. so that you can feel more calm present. and relaxed can be so helpful and this. doesn’t mean preparing scripts that you. have to follow and if you go off it and. totally like FS you up it just means. taking a little time to prepare what you. want to say so that a female present. doesn’t totally mess you up so that you. can’t properly be yourself so here are. the steps to help you mentally prepare. nonlogical linear conversation and. stories that attract women and create. connection step 1 identify the top. topics of conversation and for the most.

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Part there are really only five topics. that people talk about write work family. and upbringing travels hobbies and what. you do for fun and then passions and. ambitions so step two is a knowledge. dump for 30 minutes a night I want you. to pick one topic and just start writing. about each topic literally do a. knowledge of your knowledge dump on. Brooke for example write everything down. about work what you do how you got there. how you’ll get to the next level what. you think about your work what you don’t. like about we work what you do for what. you do look everything about work what. you think about people you work with and. so on you can also talk if that’s a. better way for you to express yourself. and record yourself with your phone or. something instead of writing down step. three story structure once you have.

Gotten all of your tidbit thoughts on. topics out I want you to start putting. the stories together one topic at a time. for example the story when I moved to. Canada or from Canada to the United. States the story of when I started my. business so there’s stories you get it. right two to three stories for each. topic that follow the typical. storytelling structure the set up the. content the resolution which. you can Google to get more details on. and I can also help you with that if you. are part of my email coaching program. step four add in sensory work adding in. sensory words is the real meat of this. and the part of this that’s going to. have the most impact on your. conversations with women and the area. that most men especially stem men fail. to do and to add into their. conversations again linear logic bullet.

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Points headlines that’s how you how you. guys talk and women want that layer. beneath the sensory words give a layer. beneath so as you write out your stories. in typical linear way that you do add in. sensory words to lighten it up and make. it more digestible for others especially. women so for example what did you see. what did you think what did you hear how. did it feel which makes your story way. more engaging and easier to connect to. for women because we women always want. to hear the why behind the things you. share and feel the feelings the the real. story behind the basic story the tidbits. that make this story personal to you and. tell who you are highlights and bullet. points are fine but the real juicy part. is when you can dive into the wise the. wise make both you and women you’re. talking to feel something about you and.

For you so these four steps if you do. these it’ll take like a week help you. feel more prepared for any conversation. that she’s gonna throw your way you’ll. have all these in your back pocket ready. to go after you do this you won’t be. able to quickly access conversations. even under times of extreme nervousness. and that emptyheaded feeling will not. exist anymore for you and once you have. a few handfuls of stories in your back. pocket you’ll notice that your. conversations with women will start to. ship because you’re not focusing on all. that front end stuff anymore you’re. actually getting to focus on the. connection women will become more. engaged in what you’re saying and you’ll. also feel more connected to the feelings. behind what you. something I know can be a challenge for. all men becomes very easily to a minute.

Don’t worry I’m not turning you into a. woman by doing this but I’m sure the. next question that I’m sure you have is. how do I use these great stories and. conversations to build attraction with. women and the answer is that a lot of. that will naturally happen once you. start talking this way connection will. just become easier and women will be. more engaged in conversation with you. but if you want to take your. conversation up to that next level which. I’m sure you do. the level that builds amazing sexual. attention and sparks attraction and then. you need to learn how to banter banter. is not something that comes naturally to. a lot of people but lucky for you it can. easily be learned and if you are a true. stem guy then this will be super easy. for you because if there is one thing. you kick butt at its learning here are.

Five facts you should know about banter. and why it’s so important to you into. women fact one I’m sure you know this. but women rate a sense of humor as the. most attractive quality a man can have. banter is humor fact two bantering. demonstrates the kind of wit that makes. women laugh without the common mistake. of going into clown mode fact number. three many men struggle with texting and. dating websites because they don’t know. how to build that vibe that women. respond to but when bantering is added. to digital conversation it quickly. builds attraction and dramatically. increases the chances of landing a first. date fact for women love men who are. playful and bantering gives them the. good feelings of being back in the. schoolyard. which builds that allimportant trust. and connection back five bantering is.

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The foundation of flirting it shows. confidence social intelligence and. increase a fun dynamic that women are. irresistible drawn to all five of these. facts should hammer in just how. essential banter is to your conversation. and that’s what motivated me to create. the ultimate guide on how to banter with. women because knowing just this one. skill can make a dramatic difference to. how women feel. about you so if you’re ready to start. having more exciting and attractive. conversations with women then you need. to check out this five minute video I’ve. made for you on bantering the video. shows you how throwing a little banter. into your conversation can totally. transform your interactions with women. and give you that edge that you’ve. always wanted it’s a quick five minute. video that explains how to have.

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