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Which way. is better to meet with a woman to meet. somewhere just outside. in the street in a restaurant maybe in. the store. in a social network or on dating site. my opinion typically date insights you. sure that. this woman want to marry and she’s. serious. today i want to speak with you how which. way is better to meet with a woman. to meet uh somewhere just just outside. in the street i don’t know in a. restaurant maybe in the store. in a social network or on dating site. my opinion for sure it’s bad for sure. you can meet. anywhere and it’s you know you never. know where you can meet your soul mate. and where this will be your future. maybe you know maybe tomorrow you go to. the store you made uh. right on the corner and you meet your. future wife your future soul mate. but actually i think that inside it’s. kind of place where.

You can find people who already have the. same idea. here you know what you want and what. women want from this life. so this means that she don’t want just. just to. date with someone just to maybe she. don’t know what she want. in typically dating sites you sure that. this woman want to marry and. she’s serious and you know sometimes. when people started to follow. just a social um network like facebook. or something they try to add. to to make friendship with you or to try. to. something to text you uh it’s always. yes for sure it can work but i can tell. you about even my experience. you have a lot of friends in facebook or. another social sites. but um you can add these people just. because of your work for example. uh maybe a woman she’s working like um. she work with people a lot maybe she. have kind her internet business.
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Which obviously she had every person. who wanted to be her friend in such. social sites and she had all these. people. but honestly they even never pay. attention who was exactly added. she just make it for more people maybe. this kind of. it help her in her business or in her. work so you never know. what what was reason why she had you and. sometimes when. people started to text something there. and woman don’t answer you. you maybe became mad or sad why she. maybe she don’t. interest but my advice is this is. not really those way which you can. get attention from woman and especially. when. she can watch your picture and you don’t. show nothing about your life and nothing. about you just some pictures. just some common pictures for sure it’s. very important when a woman can. understand your life uh so it’s better.

When you share your family. maybe kind of work which you do what you. do in life or where you like to travel. what you do what your hobbies so. it means that you like real person and. you can understand that yes you’re real. you wants to find your soul mate you. woman. and it’s really very important and even. after you meet woman. it’s also when you started to text her. in what’s up. or viber when you started to communicate. it’s very important to share. your life like little piece of your life. you can. always send photos from your life and. i’m sure that it will be very. interesting for your woman. and it will make your uh more connected. she will understand your life and she. will feel maybe more comfortable when. i hope when she will arrive to you and. she became part of your life. it will be more comfortable for her that.

She will understand a little bit where. you live. how you live she will see your friends. your family your children your work if. you have children already. maybe you have kind of garden and you. will show here. how you like to take care about plants. which you grow up maybe. you will show your favorite motorcycle. or something. or maybe like you go on barbecue with. your friends or maybe how you do. uh fishing or maybe you have kind of um. your hobby you like to paint something. you know make painting on the walls and. you also will. show it and it’s very interesting and. it’s some things. which make them your connection more. it’s some like special things. or maybe food maybe you like prepare. food maybe you like to cook so you can. make photo always and send to her and. she will be happy to see this and those. things which.

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