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It is one of the sexiest qualities of. men that ukrainian women will tell you. welcome back to part three of wartime. dating in ukraine hello guys next let’s. dive into. character qualities that promote success. so if you have these i think it’s five. or six. character qualities the more of them you. have the easier success during wartime. dating is going to be for you and if you. don’t have them the more difficult it’s. going to be number one it’s men being. financially secure it’s number one top. need of slavic woman and it doesn’t mean. that men have to be rich but it means. that he have to be. stable you know and it means that he. shouldn’t be a tight one let’s call this. beta spade you guys that have been. scammed you guys are tight wads because. you’re super scam hypersensitive so. that’s not gonna help you but yeah you.

Need to be financially secure for those. guys out there that are not really set. yourself yet i don’t recommend dating in. ukraine during wartime i simply don’t. because that. you need to be able to step up and not. break your bank as you’re helping her. during the hardest financial time the. hardest time period in her life does. that make sense. the second most important character. quality for you to be successful is to. be a man of your word and we already. mentioned that is in fact a deal breaker. that if you’re not your chance of. success are are minimal are really. diminished let’s face it the game has. changed the process has changed she’s. fragile. so she needs you to be. a real man and that means. honoring your word so that’s why i say. if. if you have a tendency. to and not be a man of your. word just be aware of your weakness and.

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I don’t suggest you you date in ukraine. right now let’s face it this. relationship. it needs more nurturing than usual. because. if she’s a refugee and this is the. hardest time of her life so you need to. be. be that man okay that’s the core of a. man is being your word so quality number. three of your success if it’s being man. of action yeah as we talked before from. the very beginning. make you’re sure that you’re going to. come soon i don’t know when you will be. ready to buy tickets to show that you. buy. be present in her life with your action. uh i don’t know buy her flowers you know. it’s a word time but she’s still woman. she starts with your romantic. relationship it’s this action it’s what. you know support this romantic in. relationship and they go together right. so be be a man of action but then be.

Your word right you have to follow. through so the they really go hand in. hand be a man of your word and be a man. of action and they’re fundamental to. success during wartime dating now the. fourth character or personality quality. that’s really going to help you be. successful is being supportive okay. be her rock. she’s a refugee i keep saying that. because oh my god can you guys fathom. this word refugee she needs your. emotional support. what she doesn’t need is you coming to. her with your problems your i have money. problems with this i have this problem. she doesn’t want to hear about it you. should not talk about it you should be a. great listener now and be. supportive to her emotional needs very. important hey babe yeah very important. they they need this emotional support. like never before. basically yeah and it’s actually.

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Treatment for her when she released her. you know emotion her pain. and. and why you need relationship if you. cannot be for each other at these. difficult times you know yeah they say. what women need to speak uh what is it. seven thousand words every day and men. are about wow. and we come to the fifth character. quality that leads you to success it’s. to be a good listener it’s not time guys. to. be over talkative uh you need to. give your ears and be very attentive and. let women talk yeah guys. having verbal diarrhea. you gotta understand it’s a. feminine quality it’s not masculine so. they perceive you now as more feminine. and that’s not a good thing right. because ukrainian men are. highly masculine alpha and that’s what. they’re used to so you need to be. as alpha as possible and and that’s kind. of what we’re talking about here too you.

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Know. alpha males are going to be much more. successful during wartime dating okay. than. beta males okay so that’s the other. balance for something i mean you can. still be successful but. but. think of your. personality and which of these qualities. you have and don’t have okay when you’re. evaluating whether this is for you or. not right now but. just you know over talking too much i. can’t overemphasize it you know it. really is something that turns off. slavic women okay. so you really have to just tone that. down now we’ve had clients that are. really. super over talkers and. well they’re still on the journey okay. that are really super talkers okay. um. be aware of this quality of yourself and. just. you know. drop it for now listen once she’s in. love with you i mean i’m a talker i’m i. can be an overtalker but i also i’m.

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Aware of it and i can you know keep it. keep it in check right especially in the. early dating stages you want to suppress. it and keep it in check listen later. when she loves you she’s going to love. you for who you are it’s just a turn off. at the beginning i understand. and the sixth point which is a super. important point as well a quality of. your character your personality that’s. going to help you be successful now. is exuding confidence. it is one of the sexiest qualities of. men that ukrainian women will tell you. hey. tell me honey why is confidence so. important in a man um it’s it’s a mix of. being confident and being charismatic. and it’s a very masculine feature you. know and um it’s what the slavic. traditional woman wants to see in the. man when he do. one step towards her and then second. step you know and not doing like one.

Step to her and then two back you know. like he don’t know what he wants you. know again you know she’s not desperate. now she won’t steal men behave like he’s. want to conquer her heart you know and. that’s what she expects from him but. being cool at the same time being. confident think of it like a bull a bull. puts down his horns and he charges right. he doesn’t halfway through the charge. lift his horns and go oh should i. continue no that’s what she wants she. wants a confident pursuer does that make. sense yeah and and you know. we always hear the the slogan you know. good guys finish last. girls why do they always want bad boys. this is the quality of bad boys that. girls like it’s the confidence even the. overconfidence even the cockiness to a. degree they like that they like. being. gonna be slapped around a little bit but.

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I mean they they like the. unpredictability of a bad boy he’s when. you’re confident you’re charismatic. you don’t give a flying. leap you know you just so. this quality is going to help you during. wartime days can i help you all the time. but especially now yeah the opposite of. continent is when my main behavior like. his need you know he all time warns. something from woman and it’s opposite. and it’s what would turn off actually. women yeah especially now see you back. soon for part four of wartime dating in. ukraine. bye bye for now. if you. hadn’t gone through the process during. covet and you imagine you you met her. you fell in love now you’re. communicating every day long distance. but your heart is yearning to be with. her and she yearning to be with you and. you have to wait two plus years for the. k1 process if you’re american um.

To bring her to the states and then you. have three months no pressure to get. married okay if you went through that. process. you would appreciate the silver lining. that’s on the table right now for anyone. dating in ukraine right now during war. time. have you been searching for a beautiful. wife. do you dream of meeting the perfect. woman. but haven’t found her. well imagine if there was a simple way. this could all change for you. imagine if there was a canadian marriage. agency that would introduce you to as. many beautiful women as it takes until. you find the one. ukraine a lost world of beautiful. traditional women at last a place where. you can find the beautiful wife you have. always dreamed of. every ukrainian woman dreams of having a. happy family now you can have a. traditional beautiful wife from ukraine.

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