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Hi Psych2Goers and welcome back to another video!   Thank you so much for all the  love and support you’ve given us,   enabling us to make yet another exploration  into everyday psychology! So, let’s begin! Do you ever feel like you cannot seem to get  lucky in love, no matter how hard you try?   You are trying all things; going out to meet  new people, dating apps, trying to   engage in conversations with people and hoping  to find a deeper connection with them, and being   openminded to the possibility of finding love.  Despite all that, do you feel discouraged?   Are you wondering where your right match is?  Dating can be a scary experience. A daunting one. If being vulnerable is not always something that sits  well with you.

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Have your numerous experiences trying to pursue   romantic relationships made throwing the towel in  a tempting prospect? Especially with a lack of social and physical contact. and the obstacles that come with that. It’s definitely hard to pursue romantic relationships. Before we begin, here’s a quick reminder  that this video is for educational   purposes only and not to suggest  that these signs mean that you have   given up on finding love or that you  should if you are feeling like this.   Reaching out to people you trust, to talk  about how you are feeling can be a great help. With that said, here are 6 common signs that  you have unintentionally given up on love.

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One, If a date doesn’t go well  or to plan, you shut down. Before going in, do you have certain expectations  about a date? Only to find it falls miserably   short of them? You may feel that you have a  good connection with a person prior to the date,   but when you meet in person, it just doesn’t  feel right. But instead of being honest with   that person and telling them that you are not  feeling it, you find yourself beating yourself up   about why you can’t find the right person and may  feel like you are starting to mentally give up. Two, You don’t take up opportunities  to meet new people anymore.

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‘I know how it’s going to go’ or ‘I  know it’s not going to work out’,  . do these phrases sound familiar? You shut down  potential opportunities for friends or family  . to set you up with somebody because you are quick  to assume the worst. It is harder now to let your  . guard down and get out of that negative mindset.  If you feel that you’d rather binge Netflix than  . go out and meet people, that may suggest that  mentally, you might be giving up on seeking love.. Three, You feel jealous when you  see or are around other couples.. Ever feel like everybody around you is in a  relationship but you? Do you constantly feel  . like the third wheel? You may notice that your  friends are starting to settle down into longterm  . relationships, cohabitation, and even marriage  and as a result, you find yourself drifting.

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Tired Of Dating that everybody is playing

Further and further away from them. Whether this  is intentional or not, if you’re upset about being   single, being around people who are romantically  involved, might just be too much to handle. Four, You have gotten it into your  head that everybody is playing games. Ever been in a relationship where  you’ve experienced game playing,   gaslighting? Have you been at the receiving end  of ghosting? Did your previous relationship leave   you feeling not knowing where you stood? These  negative experiences can taint your view of   everyone around you. You have built up a fortress  around you to prevent this from happening again.   Sometimes, it can feel easier to label all  people as ‘players’ and give up on the   possibility of love than face the challenge of  finding and making it work with a great person.

Five, You may consider settling for someone you  don’t love or you have unrealistic expectations. There are benefits to having a life partner,   even if the two of you are not passionately  in love. You may be perfectly happy with this,   however, on the flip side, you may feel like  you have to settle rather than wait for the   love of your life. If you feel like you have  settled or are considering settling for Mr or   Mrs. Good Enough. This may suggest that you are  losing faith in the real deal. On the other hand,   you may set unrealistic expectations about who you  want to be with, when in reality, this person may   not exist. Your unticked checklist may result in  you giving up on the prospect of love altogether.

Six, You feel that you are unable  to love another person deeply.. Do you feel as though you have never been in love?  . Do you question your previous relationships  and wonder whether what you were feeling was  . ‘real’ or that you loved that other person? This  questioning may challenge your perception of love,  . if it was real why wasn’t it enough?  You begin to doubt your own self  . because it ended even when you gave it your all.  It unintentionally makes you question whether  . you will ever be able to love somebody else, or  even whether you can be loved by another person.. Feeling down when a relationship does not  work is not something to be ashamed of.  . But that does not mean all hope is lost.  And it certainly does not label you as less.  . It is important to know that these are common  signs but it does not mean that you have given.

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Up on love or that you cannot feel love. Speaking  to people you trust if you have negative thoughts   about relationships or dating can be of great  help. Mental health professionals can help you   remediate these thoughts and start afresh. So stay  strong and never let go of what you believe in. We hope we were able to give you insight  into some of the ways you can tell if you   have begun to give up on love. If you feel  like you can relate to any of these signs,   please feel free to share your  experiences in the comments below. If you find this video helpful, be sure  to hit the like button and share it with   those out there who have given up  on love. Don’t forget to subscribe   to Psych2Go and hit the notification bell  for more new videos! Thanks for watching! Thanks for watching! Video by Psych2go.

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