Tips For Making An Online Dating Profile

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Hey guys i am angela jean the official. breakup breakup breakout coach teaching. you how to use your breakups as. breakthroughs but today we are talking. about online dating profile mistakes for. men so yes today we are dedicating this. one to the fellas and before we get. started guys i just want you to know i. love you all. but. in your bathroom. what are you doing. what are you doing. and just so you know you guys any time i. see a guy in his bathroom with a topless. selfie do you know what i’m doing i am. zooming in on your decor. so if you guys are watching and if you. are over 40 you guys especially need to. watch this through the end i list my top. six and i have scoured four different. dating sites and they are repeated. consistently. over and over and over again so if you. are doing any of these you need to.

Correct them and i will tell you how and. i will give you some ideas alright guys. let’s go ahead and get started with. number one. what is it with the dead fish i have to. tell you guys that everybody over 40 is. holding a dead fish for me personally as. a woman that resembles a few things. death. killing something and a very unpleasant. smell you know what i mean. yeah so why we would want to be reminded. that i have no idea maybe you’re trying. to express that you fish that you hunt. well nowadays women would like you to. actually be able to buy their dinner so. if you can catch a fish that’s great if. you’re trying to show that you like. boating there are many other ways to do. it so i suggest if you’re someone that. likes to be on a boat and wants to. express that in your profile trying. something like this over that.

The second men’s online dating profile. mistakes this is especially for the. fellas over 40. topless. selfies first of all guys you should. never be taking a topless selfie of. yourself second you should never be. topless unless you are on a beach girls. don’t care we are not men we’re visual. to a point but not to a point where we. want to see a topless selfie of you i. understand if you’re in your 20s and. you’re on tinder and you’re doing that. whole thing but for full grown adults. and adult man to take a topless selfie. in his bathroom i think sebastian says. it best what are you doing. if you are trying to show that you are. in shape if you insist on putting a. picture of yourself on your profile. where your shirt is off do not have it. be a selfie make sure someone took it. make sure it looks candid and not posed.

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For the most part women don’t care we. don’t want to see that to me that’s a. total turn off instant delete and just. so you know you guys anytime i see a guy. in his bathroom with a topless selfie do. you know what i’m doing i am zooming in. on your decor i can see your toothbrush. in the back i can see your ugly towel. rack with a dirty towel on it i’m not. the only girl doing this because i want. to see how you keep your space how you. keep your bathroom so the goal might be. to try to show off your bob but just so. you know a lot of us women are zooming. in on your dirty messy decor behind you. so if you’re going to insist on taking. one you’re going to have some nice towel. racks you better have a very nice. bathroom behind you you better clean up. your toothbrush your toothbrush your. razor all that crap that’s always in the.

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Background is so freaking disgusting if. you’re gonna have towels on the towel. rock you better make sure they’re. symmetrical i noticed everything and i. am not the only one so if i were you i. would just completely stay away from. taking anything in the bathroom and on. that point i’m going to jump right into. number three online dating mistakes that. men make on their profiles oh my men and. online dating i am here to give you guys. advice okay so anytime you are taking a. picture of yourself where there is a. reflection of what is behind you. see how everything is nice and neat i am. telling you guys right now i found this. picture and i understand what the guy’s. trying to do he’s trying to show a. picture of his cute cat his cat is cute. but guess what else i see i zoomed in on. this can you see that. that is a huge mound of sunflower seeds.

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That he has been eating for looks like a. year and still has him sitting next to. his bed where supposedly you’re supposed. to have any type of intimacy along with. beer bottles soda cans everything else. that’s disgusting clearly this guy’s a. slob you have to understand that when. women are dating we are future planning. we are trying to see how we’re going to. live with you how’s the sex going to be. you’re trying to guess all this stuff. and seeing how you guys live and how. your space is is a clear picture of what. it will be like so that person is. probably not getting many dates so if. your place isn’t tidy take it out and. about moving right along my next tip to. men’s online dating profile mistakes is. when you’re trying to be. incognito this might be because you’re. freshly divorced maybe you’re separated.

And you don’t know what you’re doing. maybe you are known in business and you. don’t want people to know who you are. fair enough hopefully that’s the only. reason why you’re trying to be incognito. this does not work all you’re showing me. here is your receding hairline which is. fine i’m not saying that i’m just saying. you’re highlighting a flaw if you’re. going to be incognito i suggest doing. something like this fella this is very. grand this is perfect this is cool. this. is not. okay so this is the least common men’s. online dating profile mistake but i have. noticed it. so there are a handful of fellas that. used to model back in the day the. problem is if you want to showcase these. photos don’t put them as your first. image like the first avatar image. because then you’re just gradually. getting older as they flip through the.

Pictures you’re getting older and balder. and you’re changing and you’re changing. it’s like why would you do that to. yourself you know what i mean put who. you are now to me that could be a cool. talking point on a date i understand. we’re all trying to hold on to our youth. but god don’t al bundy out and keep that. up for me. that’s just a definite nono don’t put. the young photo because then the girls. clicking on and thinking oh my god wow. and then you get older and older and. older and it’s not that you’re getting. more unattractive it’s just age is age. and so why would you lead with your. youth that’s never coming back you know. what i mean. lead with who you are be genuine because. most of you followers are still very. handsome so we don’t need to see how. handsome you used to be. the young and the older look are both.

Very attractive totally totally. different vibes alright and the last. online dating profile mistake that men. do i just want to run through it really. fast because they’re kind of lumped in. the same things just choosy. don’t surround yourself with a ton of. young girls to me all i’m saying is is. that his five daughters it doesn’t make. you look cool it depends what you’re. looking for like i said if you’re on. tinder keep it all over there i am. talking about real dating sites where. you’re looking for women to date this. looks tacky and on that note screen. names oh my god anything that has to do. with daddy or looking for my playmate or. come play and you spell it cu-m like oh. are you serious come on you guys and i. know sometimes it’s hard you don’t want. to spend a lot of time so i just grabbed. a few books that i had laying.

On my coffee table you can come up with. screen names like this even like okay. the besos letters you could that’s kind. of funny the basos letters it just makes. you seem smart sophisticated the big. leap because that could imply oh let’s. take this big leap together um i’m. reading all these the blue ocean. strategy that’d be cute if you’re a. yacht guy remember the guy i talked. about in the beginning that likes to. fish and be on the boat blue ocean. strategy it sounds like you guys are. gonna like hang out on the boat together. and make some life plans you’re gonna. strategize life on the ocean i don’t. know just something like that you know. make women think we are very mentally. stimulated you guys are visually. stimulated we’re mentally stimulated. the one thing that would work the total. sexual happiness not that psycho nothing.

Psycho i was like but the point of. deluxe addition like if you’re a little. curvier you can call yourself the deluxe. edition or if you’re a little bit older. that’s cute that’s cool that’s cheeky. you know what i mean be creative you. guys until you have time to go into your. account and make these changes i would. silence your account you only have one. time to make a first impression and you. guys know more than anything dating. profiles everything happens so fast. decisions are made so fast so once a. woman sees your account and sees that. you’re the douche with the top off or. you’re the douche with the messy. bathroom she’s never gonna forget it you. will never ever register as a yes in her. mind again so until you have time to do. this right if you want your online. dating to be effective you cannot be.

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