The Dating Worksheet Answer Key

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Hello everyone hope you’re all doing. well don’t forget if you like the video. click on like and subscribe and talk. about it on chat lines wherever it is. your social media activities and help us. to grow and help more people i’ll talk. to you soon. since i feel like i need someone at the. moment but because i’m working on. so many projects i also don’t feel like. being with someone any thoughts. and advice. at some point i would love to meet. someone well you know look. this is something. we all say about many things. it’s not just about relationship that. sometimes some of us would say well i’m. not ready yet i’m working on some things. and. i’m busy. fine. if you’re really that busy and you’re. really happy. you don’t feel the need for a companion. or find the companion. in your way. to achieve and accomplish what you set.

Out to accomplish i understand that. sometimes you’re busy we have all other. priorities. personal priorities financial priorities. project priorities family practice. things that it just doesn’t make you. available. and you’re of course. concerned about. being in a relationship not be not. having enough time to attend and focus. and then of course. mess up the relationship that’s another. concern it’s a legitimate concern. and if you are not ready for it or you. think you’re busy you can’t allocate the. time that you wish to allocate and yeah. you may find something good and you may. not make it work and she may not be. understanding or appreciating a. hardworking man or a busy man at a time. and she might not be busy herself and if. she has a career and busy herself that. would work perfectly fine. but having said all that.

Life is short sid. before you know it. uh you have attended to all kind of. projects. you’ve gone through all kinds of. challenges. you have made accomplishments. but you’ve always through all that you. accomplished and the challenges that you. participated in. something was missing. you still felt. perhaps. you would have welcomed a little bit of. a problem in a relationship but being in. a relationship as it is a component. to complete the picture of life. we are sociable beings. we need to exchange love. we need to give. love more than receiving love. part of the reasons for people want to. be in a relationship is not because they. want to be loved. they want to give love because that’s. the nature of human soul. we are all made out of love if you look. at it. there is no one in this world. who hasn’t. been conceived or.

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Given birth. without love. it was love that started the whole thing. your whole conception. your whole. start of. intention. of starting your life. was based on love. so the foundation. and the mud that made you. to be. the clay that made every one of us to be. was with the ingredient. of love as its. motivator. if that wasn’t there that attraction. that love wasn’t there. no hankypanky with mom and dad would. happen. so. love is the basis of our soul. and basis of our connection with the. universe why because it’s a universal. nature’s love that flows through in the. form of ki in the form of energy from. one end of the universe to the other end. of the universe and passes through all. of us. so in order to resonate with universe. and with life with nature. love is a necessary frequency. love is a frequency. it’s not a thing.

So you need to have the receptor the. receiving end in order to send this. frequency which generates harmony with. the frequency that the universe is. extending in all throughout the universe. so you being able to send love it’s like. you have resonated on the same frequency. as the universal energy that helps. everything grow and prosper. and then you become harmonized so love. is not necessarily just a necessity. is also a way to be harmonized with. nature with life because then you were. sending something extending something in. the same frequency as what has made you. and is flowing throughout the universe. and you become compatible you become in. harmony with the existence of nature and. the frequency of life. itself. well i couldn’t have said it better. myself so. on that note. i suggest to you don’t wait. uh until you finish your projects to.

Find a relationship. i did that. um. i had certain. points valid points for my life at that. time. but. in a way it was a mistake. um so i recommend to have a relationship. as often as you can if one didn’t work. next one. don’t go through this life. thinking. that the relationship should be perfect. therefore i’m not going to have one. until i am perfectly ready so then i. will find the perfect relationship. because that is you will be perfectly. disappointed. nothing in this world is perfect. so. negotiate with it. manage it. just like walking and chewing gum at the. same time you can’t say well i i when i. get to the destination then i’ll start. sitting down and chewing gum no chew. your gum enjoy that sweetness. while you walk while you run. well if you’re running fast spit it out. so it won’t jump to your throat. but what i’m saying is don’t run too.

Much too far too hard too fast in life. so you can have time to chew gum in. other words. accomplish what you want to accomplish. focus on it but have your girlfriend too. have your relationship too. and if it’s not working out then you can. stay away until you finish something and. then start something new with someone. else but you never know. if she’s also having her own career and. her own business which is the criteria. for you. to find the proper girlfriend for you is. that a girlfriend who has her own career. is busy. not hanging around for you to entertain. her. but if she is busy and is of a higher. echelon of resonance in mind in in brain. and she’s an active. innovator or. trying to build something out of herself. educate herself. then she’s busy and therefore she’s busy. you’re busy and there will be enough.

Time for you guys to finish your. projects and attend to what you need to. attend and at the same time enough. moments. to enjoy. a cup of tea. a dinner. a cinema a walk on the park. these are what this whole life is all. about. it’s not about you finish everything and. when you’re old. then you want to just find somebody oh. you know get old you get blood pressure. you get this and that and cholesterol. all that and all the things that. you wanted to do and wait for it to be. done at the end of the time. it’ll be too late. so. look at me i’m very young. and i’m. not waiting for anything. all right all right having said that. hope that was an answer for you. subscribe on my channel visit my channel. and go through the videos that you might. be interested in mind that is making it one step away to talk to me.

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