Taking A Break From Dating Apps

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Did you just see your ex on tinder have. you been going through all these online. dating applications and seeing your ex. everywhere if you can say yes to either. one of those questions then you’re. watching the right video I am coach. Natalie and I’m fortunate enough to be. joined by the amazing and brilliant. coach Alex thank you so much good Steph. hi everyone together we are a part of. love advice TV and with my ex again calm. and we are a couple of relationship. coaches geared toward helping you. overcome whatever struggles you’re. facing so this video in particular is to. help all the people wondering what to do. if you’ve seen your ex on tinder so Alex. what is something that you would. recommend to the people dealing with. that devastating reality that their ex. is online dating I think it’s really. important for you to not panic because I.

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Know that it can help you to see your ex. onto the tinder or whatever can app. website dating website on internet my. opinion seeing your ex on tinder is not. from your bad sign why because it’s. really hard to find someone on this type. of app it’s really hard to find someone. that you love like it’s not that easy so. it’s not a bad sign for you and I will. encourage you to just stick to the. strategy because when it’s kind of when. it comes to get back with the one that. you love you can always be surprised mad. always disturbed by the situation the. only one good thing is to stick to the. strategy to be yourself and to always. apply the good action so I know it’s. hurtful but you need to be confident. with who you are coming now and also. what are the action that you have done. because what Alex said is entirely.

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Correct and the fact of the matter is is. that this running into your ex on tinder. is it test it maybe the first or maybe. not even the first test you’ve. encountered since you’ve committed to. the transformation of who you want to be. now that the breakup is over and now. that you’re in breakup recovery and so. if you fail this test you are showcasing. to your ex that you have not grown and. you’re showcasing to yourself that you. have not grown and both of those are way. more. the stating than seeing your ex on. tinder so it’s about leveraging what. pain you really want to carry and. ultimately what Alex said the likelihood. of finding someone on tinder sifting. through a buffet of options is really. really hard and I’m sure you can. empathize with that if you are on an. online dating application and outside of.

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That it also means he’s not or she’s not. with someone else right maybe they’re on. the hunt but they haven’t actually. committed to someone else so in terms of. what’s the lesser of two evils. I probably rather have my ex on a dating. app then have my ex in a committed new. relationship where he or she is not on a. dating app what are your thoughts on. that that’s really important so because. we are always scared after welcome to. lose someone forever and tinder happened. burn bar whatever up it’s not a big deal. you can trust me about that it’s not a. big deal that doesn’t mean you cannot. get back together and as matt said. apparently it’s really important for you. to consider that is not or she’s not in. a real relationship so that’s a good. point for you and for us as your culture. and I want to give you just an.

Experience with a woman that have. coaching friends she saw ex on tinder. and she asked me Alex what should I do. and I say I think it’s time to be brewed. to connection talk to him as you never. met him before you never been in. relationship try to play a game and it. works I was not really confident when I. give up I was like no it’s time to to to. try something new she made a joke it was. fun she said what is your name and then. it was playing the game River and I. think it’s a good time to just reboot. the confidence and we do the attraction. process so I just want to share this. with you you get to reset the. relationship if you look at it in a more. playful way and not make it such a. harmful or scary experience. now while the information Alex has just. shared is fundamental if you are. committed and no contact don’t use this.

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As an opportunity to break use it as a. way to test your strength and you move. forward and you can reopen the app when. no contact is nearing its end when. you’re feeling a little bit better and. sexier and more confident then you can. try incorporating or initiating this fun. flirtatious game with your ex so if. anything this could really be seen as an. opportunity it’s a perspective game and. it’s really important for you to just be. confident about everything that you have. done before because I know you are. watching our videos I know that you have. been a lot and you are growing with this. breakup and you need to be confident. about everything that you have done and. I think if you have any question just. feel free to ask us just write below in. the comment section because we are here. as the team of reel of advice de to help.

You and to give you the good tips we. fortunately have the pleasure of working. with so many people who have encountered. this exact same issue or have finally. discovered that their ex is back on. tinder or Bumble or match or hinge or. Grindr or whatever it may be we are. experienced in this arena and we are. fortunate enough to help so many people. overcome the hurdles associated with. seeing your ex on a dating application. so we look forward to seeing you in the. comments section below. please reach out to us directly the more. we know about your needs the more we’re. able to deliver the content relevant to. your story to give this a unique and. tailored experience for you now that’s. not to ignore the fact that maybe a. oneon-one is also a good idea to. pending on your situation depending on. whether or not you’ve reached out.

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