My Husband Is Addicted To Dating Websites

All right what’s happening y’all. dayto-day logic here so i saw a post. that talked about. this girl’s boyfriend she found that he. was on. an online dating website for people that. have affairs. and she’s questioning on what she should. do. how she should feel and the background. is that. you know he messaged … Read more

Dating For Married People

How do we choose the people we fall in love with? In the modern world, under the ideology of ‘Romanticism’ you’re meant above all, to Trust Your Feelings! Love is a mutual ecstasy at finding a beautiful person, inside and out, with the rare capacity, to make us happy. The romantic attitude sounds warm and … Read more

Signs The Man You’ re Dating Is A Keeper

So you’ve gone out on several dates he’s. been very romantic sending you flowers. taking you to wonderful restaurants and. generally sweeping you off your feet. you’re starting to think that you’d like. to take the relationship to the next. level but how do you know that he’s not. just an experienced player how do … Read more