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So. do. this. okay one leg down. just we’re almost back yeah we’re almost. done. sorry. it’s okay. come on one leg down. okay. almost. yes. yes. okay. happy birthday to you. happy birthday happy birthday. now how old are you now. how old are you now. i am my team yes. thank you so much. happy birthday my darling it’s your day. it’s your day. my love. the love of my life. my man. my everything. my warmest wish for you today. is that today be the best of the rest of. your life. first of all i want to say. thank you very much and i must say that. i am all not. to be honored. thank you very much i really appreciate. it. i. seriously like always to express how i. feel. i feel so good. i feel so blessed. please go to the cake. i stopped this. do you need a room. happy. thank you ladies thank you. thank you for making this happen. so we’re going to have to spell his name.

Okay. jason okay. thank you so much thank you all i really. appreciate thank you. thank you you’re welcome okay in the. spiritual celebration can we go drink. already. this is my favorite oh man. i’m gonna pop it. oh my gosh. please where’s the celebration. okay so are you ready yes. okay. hey hey eat your breath think go go go. go. okay. come on. okay so. what are we celebrating. so we’re gonna do this like one after. the other and wish him well all right. okay i’ll start. with me. so you have to do this all together. yeah. you can just pass the button okay that’s. fine that’s fine that’s okay. okay um. happy birthday jakes just jason jason. happy birthday jason i wish you the very. best. and i wish this love never ends. happy birthday. and um mr jason i wish you a very happy. birthday i wish you everything beautiful. as your baby there.

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And um. i’m just saying. i don’t have to wish you alone. i wish but a few. thank you so much. oh my god. oh please come on let’s let’s do it. let’s eat let’s eat already okay okay. um please be honest please everybody. just feel free let’s just have fun. oh. can you please have my baby first. okay. no apologies. all right. please. hmm. oh my goodness. everything be jason’s fair way. well done cherry. well done. you’re not believing you. thank. do you want something. i can tell you darling. that’s fine. so can i get the two. oh sure. okay so. i’m sure you all know how we met. i know i read it. it shows you that true love still exists. yes. hmm. okay ladies let’s do this. nice anybody want another drink anything. come on nasty plenty. please. oh. oh. oh my god. who planned this event you did i. see know. what are you doing. marry me. uh.

So darling. how did it go. what’s the smell about. please. she also granted a finger. the truth is it didn’t go as blind. excuse me. what happened and what was his reason of. saying for saying. what. what. what what happened. what happened. tell us what happened. you know i did exactly what we planned. okay. and when i. when he came in. i told him. honey. honestly i must. don’t face. this is beautiful. this is breathtaking. i know you love me. and i love you so much. in fact. you are my life. you are my word. you mean everything to me. there is nothing i wish right now. other than. making you my wife. saying yes. would have been my. utmost desire. but. i am a man. i should be the one proposing to you and. not the other way around. it doesn’t matter. but it doesn’t matter who proposes. what matters is the true love that we. share you know.

Our love is undoubtedly true. as a man i repeat. i should be in charge of my. responsibilities. to avoid seeing myself less man. but it doesn’t matter please don’t say. that. honey. this might mean nothing to you. but. being a man. is a slap on my dignity. but i love you. i want to marry you. i love you from the death of my heart. but i need you to give me some time. please. just give me some time to face myself. financially. can i come see your parents and do the. need for. but seriously he does not make any sense. to me it does not. truthfully nowadays. who proposes or brings money to run the. family doesn’t really matter. what matters is the commitment and. faithfulness in the both parties that’s. it that’s it sweetheart. do you want to hear the truth. the truth remains that not every man is. comfortable when every penny in his.

Pocket comes from his woman but you know. get the money now you know get them babe. but you cut yourself lucky that your man. has a sense of responsibility hello yes. see. babe on the right sense. he should you want to propose to you. your man should be the one to plan your. wedding and touch on a marriage that is. it make a point of correction. babe. check me out amy. did you say count myself lucky i don’t. understand uncle baby. what that. how big a victory. i am coming to revamp. cut yourself lucky that is not those. good degas out there please. avira. see you might be right but i don’t see. anything wrong with him accepting the. proposal. he can still achieve whatever he wants. to achieve right. i mean he should just. accept the damn drink and relax and. enjoy himself. he should just calm down relax and be. taken care of.

You know i am so glad that you’re. beginning to see a future in real estate. like i envisaged. okay i like the strategy i like the idea. you’re bringing to the table. we’ll get that acre of land. and then continue to grow. as much money as we make will buy more. mind you it’s a five to ten years plan. yeah okay yeah um. i am glad you like it. i do. honey. the amount is really huge. 200 million. can you afford such an amount well not. that i have it in cash but. we’ll save it up. everything i make i’ll be giving to you. you’ll be you’ll be the one saving up. the money until we have the complete. cash. impossible is nothing. i know. good. okay. so. one more thing. i’ll be traveling to the village. tomorrow to see my mother. at same time see the doctor was regards. her health. i can come with you no you don’t have to. i am even thinking.

Once she gets better she should pay us a. visit oh that’ll be great. so we can take care of her for a while. yeah. yeah. so how much would you need. so. so. what is all this. what is all this why are his phones. switched off. i don’t oh god. i hope nothing has happened. okay. calm down. sorry don’t think negative. his phones are switched off. batteries are flat. okay. oh god please please. don’t let anything happen to my baby. please. i don’t even know what to do just. oh god. just call me i just need to know that. you’re fine. uh. it’s not going to. okay okay okay. calm down. calm down everything is gonna be okay. you know what. just sit. see i’ll be calm. so. man. hi babe what’s up. i’m fine what’s up now we did. he’s he’s dressing around like he’s in. town. where’s jason. traveled. to where. since when. babe. justin did not travel to anywhere.

I just saw justin with another woman. stepping out of a hotel and from what i. saw. they are dating they were just kissing. yes. what do you mean not your chassis i am. telling you the truth justin did not. travel to anywhere. yes. seriously you need. hello. yes. look look cherry. immediately he gets back home. you need to you need to deal with him. push him out of your life for good that. guy does not deserve you at all. he’s nothing but a cheating. gold digger. here i’m telling you the truth now. all right okay. okay. hello. justin i love you. justin i love you justin i love you. man. so. oh. what. you are so sweet and beautiful. i had the best time of my life. i love you and. i am amazing you’re ready. i’m here for you baby anytime you need. me just call me. are you serious. come. here all right there um right now i have. a business meeting to attend.

So. i’ll give you a call. soon. okay. all right then it’s okay oh don’t worry. your chapter is closed. on to the next goal. man on the move. hold it right there don’t touch me. don’t. what is it where are you coming from. why the question i told you i was. traveling you were traveling. two days. hold on now after all we’ve been through. together. in fact after all i have done for you. this is how you pay me back by cheating. on me. cheating on you. who said i did. i didn’t cheat on you. who told you such a lie and you believed. it so you thought i’ll never find out. now you’re covering up i am not covering. up anything. i am not covering up anything i went to. see my mom and another she insisted i. spend the night i did. then today on my way out two of my tires. went flat. getting a mechanic around the village. was something else.

It took me almost all my day. now someone comes to tell you i was with. another woman and you believed it. listen darling. that person that said this. must come and prove it if not. if not i am leaving you for good because. i can’t be in a relationship with. someone who can’t trust me you have to. trust me. you don’t know what i’ve been through. do you know what i’ve been through. do you know the stress do you know the. sun you’re telling me i i cheated on you. oh my god. bad shot. who is the fool that saw me with jessica. no. i have to look for a way to cover up. this before it ruins my plans here. what do i do now. what do i do. good night. i’m sorry. i shouldn’t have believed the words of. another over you. please forgive me. please. who said this against me. does it matter i’m sorry. tony want to know. my friend judy.

She said she saw you coming out of a. hotel with a girl. me. hold on. listen darling. in as much as i know she is your friend. i also need you to understand that she. doesn’t have good intentions towards you. i’ve always known she doesn’t like me. so. be careful. i will. i’m sorry. i’m sorry now. it’s okay. yeah sure. so. do. sorry can i talk to you for a second. yes. how may i help you. um my name is jason. i couldn’t stop noticing you in there. okay. all right i must. say that you’re looking very beautiful. and uh. unique. can i know you more please. i am ever out. goodbye jason. i am sorry. you were almost. living. can i drop you off if you don’t mind you. don’t even know where i am going to. i am going to drop you off anyway you’re. going to. really yes. oh i see. that must be your favorite speak of life. right. oh mr jason sorry to bust your bubbles.

Not every guy is he falls for such lines. thanks for the offer too. oh. she has a car. i thought that’s much. jason. what’s wrong with me. why have i been thinking about this girl. since the very moment i met her. for goodness sake i don’t know who this. girl is. or where to meet her again. whatever it is. i just have to get out of my mind. and sleep. enough is enough. um. cherry. you can’t. look i know you have a soft spot for. this guy. well you can just allow you walk walk. into your life just like that and other. you around look love is not blind love. is not blind open your eyes shine your. eye listen. i’m not saying that judy is lying. all i’m saying is that it would have. been easier to take actions if i had. seen things for myself. sherry. you know it is very easy for me to lie. when there is no evidence. but believe me if you had pressed harder.

He may have said the truth out of the. fear of losing you yes but hell no you. didn’t you started writing me chatting. me typing me what’s happening me. are you sure are you saying the truth. this one do you know how embarrassing. that question was but listen i i can’t. just take actions based on what you said. it’s hearsay. i can’t do anything this accusation is. baseless. did you did you say that. girls come down relax okay let’s take a. chill pill i brought fruit and nobody. has even touched it relax girls relax. now. see. she will see things for herself. pretty soon so we will just relax die. this matter eh there is no proof so calm. down we’ll die this matana. oh yeah you don’t. oh i missed you. wow. oh my goodness. that was the best. ever. nothing. i mean. no one would have been as sweet. as him hey he’s so sweet i can.

Imagine i had fun with him it was. fine. okay traffic this morning. but he gave me something money. something manageable. for you ladies what’s that. fire you you are gonna bring everything. come on bring everything. don’t forget all of us don’t plan these. guys. i have something for you guys i trust. you guys. i feel like i’ve been stumped. i’m telling you. this size. oh. the picture of his penis he sent to me. is different. from the one i saw in your life. why are you laughing no no i’ve never. finished it just still laughing. my sister. why the picture i saw was you like this. my sister uses you. where. oh. he made mistake. he would have used something at least. something to increase. something dead he said. blue. do. excuse me. someone dropped this other front desk. and it’s in your name. and who is it. i’m sorry i wasn’t able to get his name.

Hello beautiful angel. unless him. the more you refuse to respond to me the. more i get attracted to you. but just in case you. change your mind. my name is jason. and here is my number. zero eight zero six zero one two three. four and. eight. six. thank you. hello. jason or whatever you are called. can you not take no fun us and stop. streaming. hey. i see you got my later. you don’t like my tone. don’t worry nice time there will be no. next time. not send me letters next time. how do you even get to know where i walk. listen babe there is no need to be. worked up over this i will answer all. your questions when we go out on a date. dreams. just one date. just one and if you don’t like the. outcome then i won’t bother you again. what you see. are you for real. are you crazy. are you crazy. i give you everything and what do you.

Pay me back with cheating on me. who do you think you are you just stop. talking like a child and hear me out do. not talk to me like that you hear me do. not. i caught you redhanded at the. restaurant talking to another woman now. rather than explain it to me you create. drama just to cover up your tracks do i. look stupid you embarrassed me before my. boss’s wife. and you heard the guts to slap me what. the hell do you know what. what are you doing. what are you doing. it’s not like i don’t trust you you make. it so difficult what are you doing i am. leaving you for good. because i can’t stay under the sunroof. with the woman who doesn’t trust me can. you calm down. you don’t have to go any okay okay can. you just calm down. i’m sorry i’m sorry i didn’t mean to. please oh you dancing can you i. am for god. you don’t have to leave.

Why do you keep believing your friends. instead of me why you just. okay all right i’m sorry. i didn’t mean to i. you don’t love me don’t tell me that. what’s love without trust. you love me you trust me i’m trying. you just make it difficult. every time okay forget it. it i we don’t have to do this do you. sing please. you keep. presenting situations that make one. i believe. you don’t have to go. i love you. emirate. you know you drive me nuts right. everything about you. drives me. crazy and i’m serious. i can’t even think of anything else but. you. yes. you have preoccupied my mind. i think. of. nothing else. but. pretty. emirate. you’re beautiful. you’re sexy. on you. garrett oh. honestly you are everything i want. everything i had dreamed for everything. i wanted and a woman. yes. so. it’s not a bad. idea loving. everyone. i know continue to love you.

I’ll continue to love you. i’ll continue to love you. love you and love you and love you and. love you. do. so. please um wash that car immediately i. went through some muddy waters huh yes. have you eaten yes or no yes. i’m watching right now right now. hey babe. what’s up with you. i’m okay cherry. hope you still remember our advancement. what a point. ah. oh my god. you know i forgot. let. us go. i’ll pass on this one i can’t make this. party i just got back home. i’ve been on the move the whole day you. remember the meeting i told you with. that company. we just had lunch to discuss it we it. was a long one i just got home i managed. to drive myself home. and i have to make dinner. don’t say that it’s our friend’s. occasion and we need to be there to show. our love. you can get jason something to eat from. the restaurant on your way back it’s not.

All about jason. i am tired like i am fatigued i managed. to drive myself home you know that kind. of tiredness eh where they were they. very risky you they drive you they sleep. that’s how bad it was. and i have to make dinner please let me. pass on this one cherry. this does not sound cool. especially when it comes from you. but nevertheless i understand. all you have to do is call avira and. explain things to her okay i will i will. i’m sorry. nevertheless i understand all of you are. and explain things to her i will i. promise. i know i wish i was going to be there. you girls go ahead and have fun without. me okay. okay just try and get some rest okay. baby. hello. my day was stressful. but productive. yes. crazy. i had a lot of clients today. i did a lot of talking trying to. convince them. why they should get this product over.

The other one how this is better than. that and how. uh and to what it matters i spent three. hours in traffic together. all right. don’t worry. i am going to give you. a soft and smooth massage. uh i would love that. so what are we having for dinner. i had a crazy day i told you yeah i made. two noodles. we’re just gonna manage it for today and. tomorrow i made something better. then you can’t be serious. um. you know i hardly eats noodles not to. talk of having it for dinner. please i was actually waiting for you to. get home so we eat together i added. vegetables. i don’t want noodles please i won’t do. this. i want something good i already had a. long day i need something good. please. i want. white rice and sauce. that’s what i want what. at this time you’re not even listening. to me. i had a long day at work three hours in.

Traffic to get home i am fatigued. it’s just for tonight and tomorrow i. will make you something really nice come. on now i’ll make your favorite hey stop. begging me now stop begging me. honey stop this now stop all this drama. i don’t want notice. don’t make me look inconsiderate i’ve. told you what i want so listen if you’re. not able to give me what i want. simple. i’ll go outside and get it. so. hello darling. how are you. i am sorry i. haven’t called to check on you. i have been kind of busy. trying to face something. hmm. i miss you more. i miss you more. honestly i can’t wait to see you. tomorrow. i can’t wait to see your face. case you. bury my head in your arms. fuel your tender torches. and. you know what comes up next. it’s all right honey i’ll see you. tomorrow okay. a good night. your food is served. so. manager.

Honestly i do not understand what you’re. talking about. i paid the money in exactly the same day. i promised i was going to. the now you claim you’ve heard did not. grow up in an account. listen. i. i really don’t understand what’s going. on this is not funny. can actually anymore this statement. about come to you for confirmation. what are you talking about i said i paid. in the money. well um. do you realize how much we’re talking. about here. well nothing else can explain this. situation but. we actually kept this giving me. elsewhere. are you there mother. hello madam hello. can you hear me. hello. hello mother. hello. take a good look at this. did you like this venue. okay. and. this one. wow. this is really nice. yeah ah it’s beautiful. nah. nah i don’t want this. i. i want a small birthday party. i don’t want something that will be.

Overly crowded or. something that will draw necessary. attention or something that will cost. someone. darling. i’m not tired of lowkey things. don’t you think it would be nice to take. it outside here. somewhere. cool. lines. to make it more sweeter and memorable. um. that sounds fun. so. we have a deal. yes we do. i’ll make that happen. okay okay so. where will that be. that is going to be a surprise. i love surprises. okay. hello. sally why are you calling me. what. what is it. my sister. i’ll be right back. so. is everything all right yeah she’s okay. she’s fine. she needs a lot of rest. and her bp is slightly high. i suggest you bring her in for a proper. checkup when she’s stronger. i’m sound. okay yeah. all right thank you. mr jason i should be on my way now all. right uh. behind you it’s all right. okay. you’ll be fine. okay. um honey.

I. i’ll be right back. hold on. hello darling how are you i’m i’m fine. i’m good. so how is your sister. fine she she had an accident. my goodness. i i hope it’s nothing so serious. oh no no no it’s nothing serious i i’m. on it already but sorry i. i will not come back to be. i’ll see you tomorrow that’s that’s fine. just take good care of her okay. i will. take care of you i miss you. i miss you too. and i love you okay take care of. yourself. honey. what really happened. can you talk to me. i’ve been scammed. how do you mean your peace count. do you remember the business that just. paid me. yes. i decided to invest the money and i used. i used my. property as collateral for the loan. when the loan matured. i paid into the company’s account not. knowing my email was hacked. the hackers had sent their own account. i paid all the money to their account.

Oh god. this is so bad. why didn’t you tell me. what would you do if i told you you. should have told me before making the. payment but i’ve been doing business. with them. i didn’t know my email was hacked. what’s funny is i don’t even know how to. explain it to my friends. i’m finished my money gone. even theirs how do i pay back the loan. the worst part of it is that i got judy. tasha and avira to invest. and now all the moneys are gone. how do i pay back the law. how do i pay back my friends oh god. ah this is just. too much for me too much happening at. the same time do you know how much we’re. talking about here there’s a huge amount. we’re talking. about just wasted it oh please. wait um. sorry fine. it’s okay. it’s okay just um. just pull yourself together okay. everything will be fine. try as much as you can to put yourself.

Together. having a terrible headache it’s okay. remember what the doctor said. you don’t have to stress yourself okay. so that you don’t worsen the whole issue. we’ll talk about this later. right. please please. i don’t have a dirt. honey eat something now eh. you’ve been like this all day. do you want to kill yourself because of. what happened. i don’t feel like having anything i’m. fine. listen the most important thing is. being alive. once there is life. there is hope. you have to eat something please. let’s know. okay if. you don’t want to eat. fine. i. i have to stop too. if that will make you fine oh jason. don’t be like that. he didn’t eat. you have drugs to take please. one spoon. yes. two spoons. don’t you like it. it’s been months after this business and. you’re still giving us one excuse for. the other. i gave you the money because you.

Promised any return on investment. cherry my business is suffering and i. need my money. listen if this money if this business is. not working you return back my money i. will manage my business the one i’m. doing okay tasha please calm down i. should calm down i should calm down is. that what you’re telling me. you told me that this business will take. two weeks two weeks and now it is now. months months cherry listen listen you. know what you know what you are taking. my friendship you’re testing my patience. and i do not like it return my money. cherry if you do not return my money if. i come back here. i tell him you’re not like what you look. like what you see. cherry return my money tasha west. tasha just gave me the shock of my life. tasha because of money. oh god. because i owe her money. she could talk to me like that.

Why does this have to happen to me. come on don’t let this bother you all. right. don’t let it. everything will be fine. i don’t even know how to believe that i. wish i could believe that. i was there for my friends i was there. for each and every one of them. and now they can’t trust me i know. please stop complaining all right just. come. believe me everything will be fine. i trust you. i know you were there for them. honey please um i need to beg you a. favor. what is it. there’s no food stuff in the house we’re. very very low on food stuff i was. wondering if you could give me 20 000 to. just. just buy a few things. honey. only you of all people should know that. the only money i have is for my business. why don’t you just. take money from your business. there’s nothing left. i sold everything. well tasha has been embarrassing me all.

Over town i had to sell of the things in. the shop to pay her off. and the minute avira and judy heard that. i paid tasha they both started coming. for their monies too. i didn’t want to tell you because i’ve. been bothering you lately with. everything that has been happening. it’s already already it’s all right. it’s okay i yeah. i’ll manage the 20 000 bots two and. super don’t worry i don’t even have up. to twenty thousand nine. i don’t have up to twenty thousand. i i can only afford 2k. will you manage it. and you just have to manage okay. even if there is no need for food that. will manage it 2k as in 2000 yes 2009. that’s actually money for a carton of. noodles honey i just said. let us manage. we have to learn to manage. things are very difficult for me and. how should i bring it. okay. honestly bringing the 2007.

I. i know i still have to do some some some. of these things now to replace it. okay. i can’t wait for you to fall back to. your face so. everything will. fall back to normal. uh. so. ten times would be enough for the food. items. okay. ten 000.. come on. are you sure. of course. listen i i don’t want you to manage. i want something good i want a good. meal it’s some smell. with enough meat and all of that wishes. if you understand what i mean i do. so. you know what what. i’m giving you 20k. oh baby. you’re the best. don’t worry. trust me. i’ll prepare something more than some. choice for you. blew your mind. in fact. we draw 50k. yes. my what is my body. thank you so much thank you. thank you you’re the best. do too anything for you. okay so. i’ll be on my way. and. the card oh important thank you. one more thing. what is it. as usual.

Thank you. i can’t just imagine living without you. boy i’m so into you i hope i’m not a. fool. because you know it will break my heart. to finally realize you’re just playing. games. i can’t just wait to marry. you. you give me reasons to love you forever. so tell me what. please tell me do you care about me. so tell me what you feel from me. please don’t let me. love you please don’t let me. i can’t just imagine living without you. boy i’m saying to you i hope i’m not a. fool. because you know it will break my heart. to finally realize you’re just playing. this. i can’t just wait to marry you. you give me reasons to love you forever. so tell me what you. please tell me do you care about me. so tell me what you feel from me. please love you please don’t let me bury. love you please don’t let me. i can’t just imagine living without you.

Boy i’m saying to you i hope i’m not a. fool. because you know it will break my heart. to finally realize you’re just playing. games. i can’t just wait to marry. you. you give me reasons to love you forever. so tell me what you feel from. please tell me do you care about me. so tell me what you feel for me. please don’t let me bury. please tell me do you care about me. really love you please. ah. how are you. what happened you stayed out so long. and i’ve been calling you online you. wouldn’t pick your calls. honey. the kind of traffic i met on my way back. honestly i’ve never seen it since i came. to this town. could you believe i was in traffic for. more than six hours. you could have at least picked my calls. oh you know i went for a business. meeting i was worried about you i know. my phone was on silent mode outro.

And when the meeting was over. i forgot to turn it on. i. oh i’m sorry okay. it’s fine at least you’re home safe yeah. i can microwave your food while you’re. professional. and you don’t have to okay. i am fine i just need to. rest. okay. don’t bother yourself. okay. i’ll see you inside i’ll be waiting. feels good. i know. you should be my personal master’s. that’s what i am. anytime though. thank you. i have a cool. okay. okay. hello. yes this is cherry johnson who am i on. to. okay. what. okay okay um sir please can you just can. i say something to you can you please. listen to me. hello hello sir hello hello. can you hello. what’s the problem. can you talk to me what is it. the book. they were taking everything. the hops the cars. everything. everything. you have to pull yourself together okay. let’s do this. please. big. me. do. marry me.

Emma road. please. yes. foreign. ah. um. jason. um. hey. please tell me do you care about me. really love you please don’t let me. perish in last. so tell me what you feel for me really. love you please don’t let me. bury shalia. please leave me alone let me know. what you want to do. you have. yourself for what. darling. honey i understand what you’re going. through but. you shouldn’t have attempted to take. your life. that would have any other choice. do you know how difficult it is you. don’t understand how this feels. to work so hard. to get to this level and all of a sudden. you go down to zero. to nothing because of someone’s. selfishness out there do you know how. that feels i know that suicide is not. the best thing but. i’m sure that i have nothing. it’s okay. our hope is not lost okay. do you think so yes. there must be a way out.

Believe me. actually there is a way. that money that you have been saving. can you please bring it so that we start. all over again i will give it to you. once i get back on my feet i’ll give you. everything please. you don’t say that. she know i have been saving this money. for the real estate business i know i. know. and i promise you. i will give it back to you once i get. back on my feet listen to me in a few. days we would have no roof over our eggs. we would have nothing and no one to go. to. please. save us this embarrassment. i promise you once everything goes back. to normal i’ll give you a double. chasing. life is easier when you know that there. is hope for survival. and this money that you have been saving. that’s the only hope we have right now. please. i promise you once i get back on my feet. i would give it back to you please.

Oh hi. why are you packing your drawings. i need to sell off some of my jewelries. to raise some reasonable amount to have. set these bills. my friends are giving me help. i really do not want you to bother. yourself too much with yourself. what is happening right now. okay. i strongly believe. that the special grace of god. everything will be fine. we’ll bounce back again. okay. so. i called my man on the cell’s. goat he says i can bring this one so he. will then. he’s going to buy them from me. all right. well you don’t have to sell this one you. don’t wear it sometimes i know but it’s. expensive i know i can raise some money. don’t worry these ones are enough now. that one alone can raise some very good. money tell them please this one’s enough. okay don’t just leave this one for me. just. just just leave it for me. all right.

Ah. i no don’t do it please. it’s fine i can do it. myself them up like that it’s okay. i hope i’m not a fool. because you know it will break my heart. to finally realize you’re just playing. games. i can’t just wait to marry. you. you give me reasons to love you forever. thank you for everything you’ve done for. me. the money. the love. on other things. but things. are not. meant to be. i like you no doubt. but were you really expecting me to. marry you. of course you know. that’s not possible. a fresh cute young like me. ending up. with an old woman like you come on. i deserve something better. well i was only playing along because of. your money. and now. the money is. finished. i am too good. to suffer with you. i have taken a walk. out of your life. i just move on. i wish you good luck. you have to move on to. yes. faithfully.

Jason. i can’t just imagine living without you. boy i’m so into you i hope i’m not a. fool. because you know it will break my heart. to finally realize you’re just playing. games. oh are you okay yes i’m fine. darling remember the contract i told you. i was. processing in abuja. yes. guess what. i just got the contract. i just got it. are you serious i am serious. i am so happy for you yes. so right about now. i need you to go in there park your. things where we locate into abuja. um. beep. is this not too certain sodium. only we talked about it we discussed. about it and i told you once i get the. contract we’ll travel to abuja together. so. why. why the code fit. look. babe don’t get me wrong. i really want to travel with you. i just feel like everything is happening. so quickly. so what’s the problem. the house. the shop. all these things are nothing to compare.

To the beautiful life that you and i are. going to have over there. okay. fine. or can you at least give me two days to. get my things ready. and don’t forget. it’s a contract. so. i. i’ll give you one day. okay. that’s fine. well i am really happy for you. wait um. that means we won’t be seeing my parents. this weekend oh. yes yes we. we have to travel first. let’s get settled then we’ll come back. for that probably. month end. is that okay by you. sure. so. don’t i deserve a case. your. box ugh. dude. hey. you know this is. just like a dream to me. you got to wake up. wake up baby. this is a bitter reality. that is what it is. was i. was i stupid. blindfolded. or hypnotized that i didn’t see this. coming. well i think. you only allowed your emotions to cloud. your reasoning. you were once blind. but now you can see. jerry do you know you are busy spending.

Your hard end money on justin. while he is californian the whole. streets with all these useless girls. and we will see him and tell you to. question him. i mean he’ll get home and brainwash. you. sometimes i i don’t know it’s. unimaginable how you have chosen to. believe a total stranger over your. friends. point of correction. jason is not a total stranger he is my. friend. jerry. what did i hear you say fiona say. hey goodness. a guy who has refused to place a common. ring on your finger. you call him fiance. oh goodness i can’t believe this. make i ask. waiting this guy take wash you i don’t. understand because me i won’t find them. cherry can’t you see. this it’s glaring even the blind can see. that this guy doesn’t love you come on. now. open your eyes. do i smell jealousy here wow. that’s a slap on the face whoa. i wouldn’t be surprised.

Because. what do you expect from ladies like you. who have no man to call their own ouch. listen i love you girls i love you so. very much but. anything that has to do with jason and i. i need you to stay away. fine. right. fine. but. if this guy really loves you. then let’s put him to a test exactly. excuse you. what is the meaning of that. what makes you think i doubt what we. share because you are blind to see it. i’m sorry. yes i mean this test is to find out if. we’re right or wrong right. i’ll put in 500k. to prove his. he sorry ass. and i’m in. 500k from me hello. my relationship is not up for bet. sorry. cherie. let’s just bet on that. yes and afterwards you will have 1.5. million all to yourself. i have always wait wait watch i. what are you afraid of i wonder. find out the truth. you have nothing to lose. nothing. if jesse pulls through.

You have 1.5 million to yourself full. cash. and the faith is the other way around. then. you will find out the true. nature of this guy you’re dealing with. and know your stand like i said before. my relationship is not up for bed okay. this has nothing to do with the money. but if i have to go along with this. madness. how do you intend to go about it yeah. cherry. listen to us ego fever you i mean we’re. your friends we can never deceive you. so what do we do. don’t worry. i’ve got it all figured out. okay. i do. yeah but are you girls jealous yes you. are ow. so tell me. am i not a master planner. thank you girls. thank you for having my back. i won’t deny it i’m hurt. deeply hurt. but at least i know the truth. i just wish i could see the face of that. pathetic egot. i will show him the pain of a woman’s. god. what’s the way forward.

Leave it to me. i have it all figured out. tasha. calm down. i got you. 100. okay. calm down it’s okay. relax. me. baby. baby look at your body. me. the way i. baby. foreign. give me life. yet. another time. i have fallen victim of love. in this time. in a more devastating manner. so i’m thinking i’ll do. uh. maybe just a salad. okay can i do salad what kind of. dressing do you have. yes that’s fine and then what you have. for protein. we have chicken we have fish fish. cooker fish yes. okay i’ll just have fried rice and fish. thank you you’re welcome. how long is this going to take. 10 minutes. 10 minutes yes. thank you. what he’s a waiter he’s human. now that is law. that’s what you’re talking about he’s. just a waiter here story jerry the money. be flying bubble you see that guy. if i touch him give him two months you. won’t recognize him.

I’m telling you hey i kind of like his. smile stupid already. to us. gonna be. hey. two ladies just came out now where where. are they which which way did they take. ah they drove for my mouth. oh these guys when they come here you. know collect their number for now my. won’t fall off i beg you go away from. home what’s he gonna be home now go back. go back hide your frustration come on. here when i don’t get small when you. wanna do the volume up and down they go. hello. yes who is this. where are you calling from and how did. you get my number. okay i am calling from the restaurant. what can i do for you. oh my god that’s where i forgot it. and i thought i left it at my shop. are you the young guy that served us. oh um. well thank you very much can you do me a. favor uh what’s your name again. jason can you bring the purse to my.

House i’ll pay for your transport. i’ll send you my address. and what time will that be. that’s fine by me that’s fine when you. get here i reimburse you okay. all right looking forward to seeing you. thank you very much. um my name is jason. uh jason who you they look for for you. yo madam. she actually left this post at my. workplace so she asked me to bring it. here. my madam. who you said you’d be again jackson. jackson. jason jackson. all right wait here no go anywhere. no move an inch. just that inch huh. how’d it come. yes what is it. hey madam. he gets somebody did you forget say want. to see you. hey would i name. johnson. jackson hey jason yes jason let him in. okay. what is wrong with you let him in okay. hi. good day ma good day thank you so much. for coming. you’re welcome. thank you. well men like you are in short supply.

You know some other person would have. kept the spurs for themselves knowing. that the owner might not come back for. it so thank you okay you’re welcome you. say i. i won’t say i’m a scent but. i don’t think what does not belong to me. wow and considering that there’s money. inside it you didn’t even touch it thank. you please sit down. so. well thank you very much once again i. really appreciate this. so tell me. it’s a young man like you doing waiting. at a restaurant. my you. you know how the country is. yeah. do you have any qualifications. yes i have a degree in business. administration. i see. don’t you think of starting up a. business for yourself. yeah. i have actually got a feedback. i’m saving up i’m setting up. oh forgive my manners um. what do i offer you something to drink. anything i am i am fine. anything.

Anything i do not have but i have wine i. have brandy. and i have so what would it be. a glass of water. no we’re not doing water i’ll do a. bottle of wine with you. now nice. blue. good day good day jason how are you i’m. fine welcome thank you thank you for. coming. um i got you this. a phone a phone. i hope you like it yes i love it. for me. yes for you. thank you so much i. i really appreciate it. it looks expensive oh well the fitting. for a guy like you don’t you think so. the freaking isn’t it. my name is cherry. okay. thank you very much. thank you i. i appreciate it. you should. so tell me you mentioned to me the last. time that you were saving up for. business what kind of business is it. well i am. i am considering fashion. like. shoes bags. wears. yeah. i see that’s good. and you’re still saving up for it. it’s okay.

It’s good to know that you have plans. we’ll see how we can support you. thank you. thank you. um. so would you. have time to go out for a drink. at your confidence. sure. i hope no one will break my head i don’t. like. trouble. i’m not at home i’m not that i am. single. very much single see. okay. so i’ll let you know when. and then we would have to get you some. nice shoes. too. uh this one is nice oh yes yes they are. we could just get something nicer i just. need to apply a little black polish now. under the beautiful commercial will be. better. um i made lunch. ah. good afternoon i’m sorry sherry. good episode and handsome. how’s your day been. he’s been. wow it’s been five it’s been fine. and yes. good even better now that you’re here. so. i spoke to a friend of mine. who imports clothing. he does wholesale. um. i know you really want to do fashion but.

I was wondering for someone who has a. degree in business administration why. don’t you do something. a little more serious. real estate. it’s fine fine but but um i know the. funds. we’ll get to that let’s walk at it in. the time being we’ll do it your way so i. spoke to my friend and he is willing to. supply. 100 pairs of shoes. 100 suits. 100 ties. sneakers you name it i’ll pay the. advance. so when you pick those things up you. start and then as you sell you pay back. the difference. that is until we start real estate ah. thank you so much thank you so much. i really appreciate it. in fact you are. you’re a ninja i know. god bless you bless you too darling so. um where’s your shop going to be. for now. there’s no shop. so i intend. taking the ghost to. higher. institutions. and also get a . nearby. busy serious. okay you know what.

Go get a shop. choice location. look for somewhere that you know. business will be good let me know. are you. i mean do you want to rent a shop for me. would you want me to. that’s all right. okay you know what fix us something to. drink. sure i will i i. i have to. it’s good to see you this excited thanks. uh. so. what should i get. cherry what. cher you know say you’d be crook. what did i do you’re a big crook. so you finally walked your way into that. guy’s heart. hi my friend. hey but happy telling you to do that i. don’t lie i don’t hide myself i tell you. i like you boy but not that i went after. him i didn’t go chasing after him it’s. just that nature had a way of bringing. us closer. that’s so. look i’m happy for you okay but i just. don’t want this guy to hurt you okay. i just pray he’s not a good digger i. hope so too.

I hope so but you know what what i don’t. want to think about tomorrow. i just want to survive the moment. so give me details. what’s that over here. how funny guy. the boy is good oh he’s good. i lack words. to. express how blessed i am. to have in my life. you met me when i was in the dark place. and you brought light into my life. just when i thought. it had ended for me. you changed everything. jerry you’ve given me love. you’ve given me joy. you’ve given me future. hope. fulfilling my dream. i just came to say. thank you. thank you so much. i appreciate. you know. oftentimes. when you love someone and you don’t have. the courage to tell them. the person that they love. how they feel. you just keep hoping that they would. hear through the silence and hear your. unspoken poems. and. feel. the passion from within the heart. i gave you my love.

My body. my. everything but you stabbed me in the. back without a second thought. leaving my life shattered. and my heart in inexplicable pain. chasing. what did i ever do to you. how could i have known that all the. promises of love you made to me. was all alive just to get my money. god. this hurts. hmm. darling. darling. i didn’t know you’re dead. so. where could you have gone. darling. honey. you there. darling. where. could she have gone to this early. morning. without a ward. sessions. dear jason. thank you for being such a beautiful. mugu. it was a pleasure doing business with. you. i loved you but i can never marry you. because i now know you are a heartless. senseless cheat. i am gone for good so don’t bother. looking for me because you will never. find me. by the way i left with your phones. and for your information. i also moved the millions in your.

Account into mine. i left with your car too. well i left you the apartment so that. you can have a place to cry and think. about your life and the people you’ve. hurt. i’m keeping the engagement ring it’s. beautiful and i love it. goodbye jason. and i do hope and pray you have a. miserable life. yours unfaithfully. emerald. oh it’d be round why. no you can’t do this to me you. can’t just. don’t. oh. he. oh my god. oh my god please no eh. why do you want to do this to me not. after everything. we’ve been through. jason please let me be eh let’s go up my. leg now jason. what do you want me to do stay with you. no now okay. honey. why are you doing this now huh why are. you doing this. remember everything i did risking my. admission to write exams for you. you your launch fee your upkeep money i. i took care of everything. why do you want to leave me now why are.

You doing this now did i do anything for. you eh did i do anything for you all the. countless time i was opening my legs. upon your requests giving you all the. styles in the world. so you don’t know that was my own way of. paying you back so sounded like you are. the only one that gave me something joe. leave me oh my god please. i love you okay i i love you i love you. so much please. eh. see it’s not my fault that your business. failed now you’re not my fault you can. no longer take care of me. eh let me be fine but i want chocolate. let me be fine but i want you see let me. let you know i have gotten a new bubble. that can fruit my bears. i am tired of suffering and smile. everything. see you see this your love this is your. fine boy. your dry pockets take it somewhere i am. dumb is it my fault i am duck. america.

My father. everything i did for you. after everything. i did for you. she decided to break my heart. you told me that you love me. when you are in love with another. you spied on my love america. i’ve been told she was joking. when she said she was leaving. i didn’t know she meant it. now i know that all women are the same. she raped me off everything. you left me. emotionally broken. america you are mean. you are heartless. thunder. tom that will fire another woman. that will say. she loves me. thunder will fire a new woman that will. say she’s in love with me again. i must. i must take my revenge. because. love. love his peers come. listen bro. you can continue to drink like this. but for you if someone should tell me. that. after all you did for makkah that she’s. going to leave you for another one i. would never believe it.

Tony. tony all women are the same. listen bro you don’t have to kill. yourself over without mcad. you just have to pick the little broken. pieces of your life and move on how. and how do i move on. to where. listen. i’ve been waiting to hear this from you. okay. um i think there is vacancy in my place. of work. and i can actually take you to the md if. you’re interested you can go tomorrow. what do you think. so. what am i going to be doing there. to serve as a waiter. doorman or even. a delivery man like you. you see a problem justin no no no me. jackson jason you see your batman. waiter. oh a delivery man what are you saying. calm down calm down let me talk to you. this is your problem. okay you even have a choice of work. you have a choice of work where you. don’t have to you don’t have choice for. food if i if i if i saw gary you drink.

If i cook around what one midnight you. eat and it’s in my brain you eat you’re. telling me the job to do and the one. you’re not going to do listen you better. talk to yourself. you better talk to yourself okay well. i’m just trying to help a friend if you. want to follow me you follow me tomorrow. and if you’re not interested you can go. ahead with a heineken if you don’t have. anything reasonable to say just shut up. okay no problem it’s not your fault. but by the time i stop bringing food. here then i will know what you would do. give me your fault. oh boy boy just me now what’s going to. happen. let me get money by all those things. with kitchen. tony. turn your grace on my grace. forget about grace just me what’s going. to happen well. a lady visited the bar today. fortunately for me. she forgot her purse you go collect the.

Money wait inside we shall be calling. him. i called her now. i saw the person i called her. she asked me to bring it to her house. bros. i took the post to her house. you need to see man shawn. house. if you see a house. oh when i was living now she gave me. thank you. all right just like that i don’t believe. you. you know me now she get ten thousand. nights she got a thousand. guy i felt as though as though i i just. collected my my salary. i wanna be smartino. hi so i decided to get some items and uh. hey man okay you do what you do when you. do well don’t do whatever. 30.. today let that happen today. what didn’t happen mr grace. mr grace what happened yummy now should. be i don’t tell you your grace and my. grace. don’t be the same no being made don’t be. made to talk. this woman. gave me a brand new phone. in a cartoon.

Siphon. you know. look at the phone with this cell. which kind of business where you want to. i can’t tell how much i see what. i want she said. i am going to speak to one of my friends. to. help out. brush. as we speak now. she won’t make you star business um. she won’t stop business now if you don’t. want me to stand in business. tell me the truth. um. you and this woman. by. bambam i don’t understand nobody says. about that. you know me now. anything love none will be my eyes i. know. the only thing i am after. cross is to take my own pound of flesh. ha finish. listen justin i’m going to tell you this. thing again. if this woman can do all those things. for you. collect your own pound of your flesh. collect her own. you go see what thing will happen. wow. i have just fired the arrow. and it hit. that exact point that i wanted.

She has confessed that she loves me. with. enchanting keys. i have made her believe. i love her too. you disappointed me. and. one thousand. women. will pay for it. i don’t care. i don’t. care. i do not care. one thousand women will pay. jason. come on. come on this. is real. what a word. indeed. whatever human souls. he reaps. just. because of my past experience. do i decided. to hurt a woman. a woman that loved me. pure and wholeheartedly. cherry. cherry i really hold you. what. emerald. just did to me was exactly what i did to. cherry. god. how do i make things right again. i am back to zero. i came back to square one. my life has been shuttered. i am now in shambles. god. how do i make. things right. where do i start from. my cherry. my love. i have come to see that i’m sorry for. everything. i am sorry for taking your love for. granted.

I’m sorry for betraying you. i am sorry for. taking out. the revenge of another. on you. i was filled with rage and bitterness of. my past. i wasn’t thinking straight. i thought i was doing the right thing. please. find it in your heart to forgive me. just forgive me and give me another. chance. give me another chance to. to show you how much i love you. god i love you genuinely. in all situations. i just love you money or no money it. sounds very easy doesn’t it. i give you my heart. you toyed with my emotions. extorted money from me. made it full of me. didn’t even have the distance to tell me. that it was over. instead you left me. a stinker. and now you ask me to forgive you. you think it’s that easy i know it’s not. easy. i never said that. believe me i. i i i never said it’s easy no it’s not. i said. i. like i said. i was filled with.

Unforgiveness. hate and. completeness of. my past experience. i practically became a house help. just to make you happy. i’m sorry i did everything you asked. i have learnt my lesson. i loved you i love you too darling. i love you and. i have come to show you how much i love. you. just give me that chance and. again keys. so. should you let anyone out of these gates. yes give me the keys yeah. give it to me. go inside go inside. yes. thanks for forgiving me honey. thanks. i knew you were going to forgive me. honey i was going to tell you something. i i have um. i have 50 000 in my account. i will give you the money. okay uh. i know you have a good heart you’re such. a wonderful person and i. i really. baby thank you so much for coming on. short notice. don’t worry. i am honored to help. i really need to take my car to the. mechanic.

You don’t have to be all walked up. because of your car. i don’t mind being your driver oh really. yes i’m ready to take you anywhere. you’re so cute. thank you you’re welcome. okay so. are you not forgetting something. um. you must be emerald. yes. and you are. my name is tasha. and my name is avira and i am judy. okay. so how may i help you. help me. okay. well young lady. the question should be. how may we. help you. exactly excuse me. young lady. i’m sure jesse is your boyfriend. and you love him right. yes. how will you feel. when you discover that. he is not who you think he is. what is going on here. listen. if you ladies will not come out straight. i would advise you take your leave. all right listen mr justin is nothing. but a cheat. a heartless gold digger. a despicable liar i beg your pardon. we all have the proof of what we’re.

Saying. he promised another woman marriage. and the woman has been helping him in. all ramifications. exactly. now he wants to dump her and follow me. truthfully. we need you. we need him. to pay for what. he did to our friend. certainly. we need you. so again. such a man should be dealt with. without mercy i can say that again. in any way can help. will you come this way. jason. jason the lover boy. oh. no. i am not a ghost. i am not. yes. i am road. you think you’re smart. unfortunately you are not. the hunter has become the haunted. the hook has caught the fisherman and. the sniper. has been sniped. ah baby boy it was all again. and a very very smooth one. with a memorable ending. you thought you could mess with the. heart of ladies and get away with it. well jason. you have messed with the heart of the. wrong ladies because we are going to.

Serve it to you like a hot sauce. to all the girls in the world. who have always wanted to get back at. lying. cheating. betraying its yachts like you. this is for you. and you’ve got emerald. the queen of karma. at your service. ladies uhhuh. i want to see something. come this way. where does he think. give me. okay. it is very very. right. again. it’s fine. is. mess me. up you. after all i did for you move come on. move in. please. go forward. if you touch me again. back hand my friend let me just go. forward from where go away. now. now let me tell you we’ll give you 20. strokes of cake five each. weight and it will teach you never to. toy with a woman’s emotion babe before. before vlogging okay oh yeah pull it. pull it. by anyway. get up pull it pull it. so this is how you be eating my friend’s. phone come on enjoy the morning see your.

Skin. cheering and i’m sure you’re seeing. organically my sister. wait let me start with my own way with. him. is. oh yeah sit down they have pimped you up. somebody face her. when i didn’t say come on. no no no no no no no no. come on. listen good that’s fine that’s fine. now listen to me. you don’t deserve pity. but you know what. i already came down to your level. you can’t give what you don’t have. you’ve never known love. so how do you recognize love. when given to you how do you give it. back. when you’ve never experienced it. i don’t blame you. i blame myself. for coming down to your level. but it’s okay i caught my losses. after everything i did for you where is. that your moses sanders. the one you want to this house the first. day you stepped your your dirty feet. into this house. today look at you you even have tattoos.

Spend my money nonsense. then spend you. touch. hello. that’s true religion. i bet you never heard about it before i. bought it take it off no now i’d rather. give it to my kids. are you taking it off or not. see what’s that. nobody would know anything because i was. doing. the gold chain on your neck just keep it. off. the eyes. you now have a piercing. i bought it take it off you clean this. boy real quick. good job. but you know when you bring the pig out. of dirt when you came to this house you. were wearing. i don’t know what today you wear. designer boxers. pants are you having one on right now. no. they are upstairs oh they are. right where they belong are you sure. check. what’s that he’s wearing one. that’s good. so it’s okay i’ll leave him some. memories okay. i’m not going to press charges. i would let you go. but let me warn you.

Look at me. leave town. because if i see you anywhere in this. town. if i see you anywhere in this town what. i would do to you. today. your experience today will be child’s. play. get up and get out. thank you. so you can say much. excuse me. did you stop there. did you hear what i said. i should go did you hear what i said. said i should go i said leave town. i said what live town because if i see. you anywhere in this town. get out oh yeah. follow this way. i’ll be right back just give me one. minute i’ll be right back. now you’re talking. it’s fine. come on. i understand. it’s okay. you see what you just did the best thing. you have okay. you know after this whole episode we. need to drink first. i need a glass i need this i can deal. with it. what’s today okay. thursday thursday what’s tomorrow. hmm. all right. men. get away with their.

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