Sugar Dating Tips

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Hello love bunnies it’s andrea and. welcome back to my channel. if you’re new here hello and welcome it. is officially valentine’s day and i. believe. it is what it’s 1 30 in the morning on. valentine’s day. so happy valentine’s day to everybody as. you can see by the title of this video. i’m finally doing. an official sugar baby video. i know a lot of you guys as soon as i. started talking about sugar baby stuff. on my channel. everyone was like do more give us tips. and how. you do it stories and things like that. and i didn’t really feel comfortable at. the time. but earlier tonight i should say. yesterday. i was on instagram and i found myself. giving sugar baby tips to this. girl online the tips that i was giving. her they were good. except i felt like she wasn’t my target. audience if that makes sense i decided.

To make this video to give my. tips to you guys and whoever else needs. to hear. these tips um also because. she mentioned a youtuber that i felt. like. wasn’t really giving the real sugar baby. tea i guess there are a lot of youtubers. that teach you how to finesse a hundred. dollars or. two hundred dollars just really quick. and block and delete without ever. meeting guys. but it goes way deeper than that these. are actual real tips. these are not finesse tips these are not. you know get the money and delete tips. because. what is that i and i do want to remind. you guys that i am no longer a sugar. baby. that’s just not what i want to do. anymore so i have not been a sugar baby. for. a really long time but these things are. still. things that you can include even in. regular dating or. hypergamy dating if you don’t know what.

Hypergamy is. it’s just basically dating up if you. want real sugar baby tips and not just. um a quick book so if you’re interested. in learning. a few tips from a former sugar baby that. will really help you in your sugar baby. journey then. keep on watching so what i have for you. guys are four main tips. two bonus tips and then each of the main. tips has a pro tip. along with it so the first part of tip. number one is to play at your level. until you’re ready to level up and what. i mean by that is that not all women are. gonna get the same things. you really do need to have realistic. expectations. on the type of man that you can get. right now at the level that you’re. at the better you level up in general. the better type of men that you’re going. to get so keep that in mind have. realistic. expectations and realize that it is a.

Looks game. it is 100 a looks game at first. so you want to be able to attract the. type of man that you want. in addition to your physical appearance. you do have to level up your mindset. and your behavior so if you are. very beautiful but you’re a little bit. rowdy you’re a little bit too loud in. public or you get into fights all the. time wherever you go. that’s gonna deter the men that will. spend money on you. from being in your life speaking to that. girl on instagram made me. realize this tip was really important. because the tips that i was telling her. were tips for my level anything i said. to her it just wouldn’t it wouldn’t work. for her the second part of the first tip. is play at. his level and what i mean by that is. don’t expect. things that he can’t afford don’t expect. things outside of his salary range.

You have to be realistic about his. situation and what he can do for you he. might be able to get you. something from victoria’s secret. he might be able to get you a watch so. just be realistic and realize the level. that he’s at. and also not all men will give to you. even if he does have money and you know. he has money. he may not want to give to you he may be. a stingy person. so just keep that in mind what level is. he at is it. where you want to be the pro tip for. this section. is there are levels to this so there’s. the quick buck finesse. then there’s the long term sugar baby. finesse. which is basically what i’m teaching you. guys right now and then the last level i. feel like. if you want to is marrying a wealthy man. so there are levels within levels within. levels to this so what level are you at. what men can you date at that level what.

Level is he. on and then also what level of. finesse do you want to be on do you want. to make a quick book do you want to be a. real. longterm sugar baby or are you in this. to eventually marry a wealthy man. on to tip number two which is. make sure that he actually likes you. this is so so so so important. so important because you won’t get. anything from him if he does not like. you. so for example i knew this guy he told. me. that he had one date with a girl and. then she called him after the date. and asked him if he could pay her car. note. he had just met her and i’m not saying. like it’s impossible to get a guy to. spin on you after you just met because. it’s happened so many times for me it’s. possible. but he was actually just. there to get in her pants like he had no. connection to her nothing like that so.

Even if you’re pretty even if like you. have it all going on. if he doesn’t like you he’s not going to. spend on you. there are some traits that i do have. naturally that make guys like me. a little bit faster be sure to be. charming with him. be playful guys like intelligent women. also. being feminine i don’t meet a lot of men. who have money that like women who are. very. aggressive or very masculine. um i’ve always been very girly i’ve. always been very feminine. and it’s something that attracts men. because they don’t see that that much. these days it gets you noticed. my pro tip for this section is the. quicker he likes you. the quicker you’re gonna get to the. money and i say this from experience. because i’ve had. cash gifts given to me the same day that. i met a guy. and other gifts given to me say. the next day it’s possible and if you.

Guys want the story time on how i got a. thousand dollars. and an over 300 um date at a five star. restaurant. then a comment below it’s possible to. get money. and gifts right away it just depends. on how quickly you can make him like you. tip number three. is gonna be a shocker it is do. not ask for what you want and i know. that sounds kind of counterproductive. because. here you are a sugar baby you’re in this. for the money you’re in this for the. gifts you’re in this for the trips. you’re in this for the experience. why can’t you just ask for what you want. listen. you can ask for what you want but don’t. ask for what you want. you don’t want to demand anything from. these men especially. not right away especially not right away. when he doesn’t even know you. that will get you blocked if he can. afford it and if he.

Likes you and if he wants to do this for. you then he will there’s no need to. demand there’s no need to pressure. him so say you wanted a designer handbag. don’t just ask for it because it’s going. to make you sound like a gold digger. basically just say it in a subtle way. that makes him want to. offer it to you just work it into the. conversation say something like oh my. gosh babe. i saw this bag today it was so so pretty. i didn’t pick it up though because you. know i’m trying to save money. and you know i really have goals and i’m. trying to save but that bag oh my gosh i. could wear with anything. oh well how much is the bag sweetie um. you know. like 1500 it’s crazy right. oh no no i’ll get it for you or he might. not even say that he’s gonna get it for. you and then. the next time you see him he’ll just. surprise you with it so try to be.

Really subtle with these things you. don’t you do. not want to demand you don’t want to ask. if he likes you and if he can afford it. he will just. offer it okay remember that the pro tip. for this section. is that you can simply just be around. him. out and about and that’s almost a. guarantee. nine times out of ten that you’re gonna. get some money from him. or some gifts just being around him. trust me for example there was a guy he. was a millionaire and i used to date him. back when i lived in sacramento he liked. to go to the casino all the time. i went with him a couple of times and. after he would win he would just give me. money he would just hand me hundreds. and hundreds and hundreds after his. winnings. so just being around these guys if they. have money. they’re gonna give it to you there’s no. need to ask trust me.

On to tip number four despite what other. sugar baby youtubers tell you you will. not get something for. nothing these guys are gonna want. something and some of these guys are. really. forward with it they’re gonna tell you. up front i want this. i want sex you don’t have to give it to. them yes it’s your body. you can do what you want you don’t have. to do anything that you don’t want to do. just know that if you have gotten. something from him. and he’s expecting something in return. that you don’t want to give. he’s probably going to cut you off i’m. not saying. you let that pressure you into being. with him in. that way you can go find another one. it’s no big deal but. you do have to realize that he’s going. to expect something it’s not. always physical you can provide an. experience for these guys. you can provide value to these guys or.

You can fill a void for them. for an example going back to um a date. that i had. for him it was more of like an. experience like i said i was very. charming i was very playful. and i felt like that was something that. he was missing so. that’s also filling a void for him and. the pro tip for this section is being of. value to him. will get you more in the long run. because he’s going to do whatever he can. to keep you around so once again you. will not get something for nothing. moving on to the bonus tips that i have. for you guys number one. is try not to get emotions and feelings. involved. this seems very obvious but when you’re. in the moment. sometimes you just can’t help it if he’s. attractive this is gonna be. a hard one your emotions can be used. against you. so don’t fall into that trap losing. control of your emotions and your.

Feelings can have you lose sight of your. goals as well. so for example say you’re dating a guy. and your goal. for him is to get ten thousand dollars. to put into your savings or put into. your business. your emotions are gonna cloud your. judgment you’re gonna feel guilty. and then you’re gonna not do it and then. he’s just gonna walk all over you. so just be careful with that don’t lose. sight of your goals. keep your emotions in check bonus tip. number two is this is not a forever. thing. i know a lot of people have that. misconception that sugar babies are just. sugar babies for life and then that’s. all they know how to do. that’s not true if you’re smart you’re. gonna get in. get what you need get what you want and. move. the heck on most sugar babies they do. love the lifestyle. but maybe they don’t love the men so.

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After they’re done being a sugar baby. they go on and they marry millionaires. and they marry billionaires. being a sugar baby is not forever you. can try. but when you grow up. you’ll realize what you want to do with. the rest of your life. and that’s completely up to you so those. are all of the tips that i have for you. guys today i hope they were really. helpful. let me know if you guys like this video. go ahead and share. and like leave a comment if you want me. to do. more videos like this maybe a part two. or maybe just some story times on my. experiences. as a sugar baby even though i’m not a. sugar baby now being a sugar baby was so. much fun. i did learn quite a bit about dating. wealthier men. it has taught me a lot about give and. take and i have grown as a person. because. of being a sugar baby believe it or not.

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