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Strangers Chat Online on my own computer

I recently went on the dark web for the. first time in my life and i actually. became friends with a complete stranger. a place known to be scary and dangerous. actually ended up creating a beautiful. moment in my life so i want to see if. the dark web can influence my life for. the better in more ways. and what better way to do that than to. let it control my life for 24 hours. what am i doing to myself why am i doing. this this is such a stupid idea so last. time i went on the dark web i bought. this burner computer off craigslist. because i was scared my computer was. going to get hacked and. it broke after going on the dark web. once so i don’t know if it was just a. shitty computer or if a hacker broke it. or if there’s hackers. still inside and they’ve been listening. to me for the past two months while i.

Cry on my ship bed yo you still in there. my social security number is. you get out of my computer so for. this video the stakes are going to be. way higher because i’m going to be using. my. personal computer now how do i have the. confidence to do this on my own computer. well it’s thanks to our sponsors i. wouldn’t be doing this video if not for. nord vpn baby. it’s our first brand deal that’s pretty. damn cool wow. so supposedly downloading nordvpn and. using it is going to protect me from all. the hackers because it encrypts your. data. and then they can’t read it so i’m going. to trust them and if by the end of the. 24 hours my computer is completely safe. you guys should go to and download it because the internet is. a scary place and you should try and be. safe and if something does happen to my.

Computer nordvpn has to buy me a new one. and a tesla why not just throw it in. there i want a tesla nord we didn’t. agree on this beforehand but uh i’m. seeing it in the video now so. you better hope nothing happens to my. computer by the way why do i trust. nordvpn of all places well i did some. research and they are recommended by an. insane. amount of reputable places it also says. they have double data encryption. not single data encryption double data. encryption that’s double protection and. if you’re thinking uh eric i’m not. stupid like you i don’t go on the dark. web i don’t take naked photos myself i. have nothing to hide well nordvpn. doesn’t only help with encryption and. stuff. it can actually change your ip address. so if you’re on netflix and netflix. isn’t showing something in america but. it’s showing something in canada.

You can change your ip address to canada. and then watch the movies in canada. also if you use my code word to box. right now you can get 68. off and you’ll only be paying 3.71 cents. a month this just and i also got you one. additional month for free come on. that is a steal i’m bringing you guys. the best deals before we start i’m. creating a different account on my. computer just to be a little extra safe. i trust you nordvpn but i just i just. want to be safe. because i have nothing to hide i really. don’t um i don’t. okay so full name is i don’t have nudes. password okay i have nudes please. don’t leak them i’m gonna make my. profile picture real quick. you got this eric let’s do it i’m home. alone why do i keep doing these videos. when i’m home alone it’s so. freaky all right let’s start the day. let’s go to the first chat room 304.

Users online. talk to john doe i gotta have heartburn. because i’m anticipating going on the. dark web and it gives me that much. anxiety. it’s scary i don’t know why it’s so. scary it’s just the unknown and. people who know computers are scary oh. my god heartburn. hi why are you here in dark. it’s probably some russian dude that’s. about to hack all my emails why are you. here in dark web. why you here i am a vendor here. vendor what is a vendor he’s like a. vending machine or something i don’t. know anything. we sell card details access onions site. hosting software tools etc. can you get me a credit card contact the. contact sounds like a video game. hey you must contact the contact contact. the contact for more details. i am the contact plot twist. i’m having too much fun i’ve gotten a. little cocky on this website.

Hopefully nothing bad happens do you. want to control my life. that’s like a sentence that’s like every. person on the dark web’s wet dream. they’re like oh my god i thought you’d. never ask. oh my god. not feeling as comfortable as i was two. seconds ago. how important is your life who asks that. you decide gotta lock my door jesus. what do you do for a living. i need to know before we start the. simulation. i hack so you can just get into random. people’s. computers and steal their information. impressive something like that okay. that what a pretentious hacker yes. something like that you wouldn’t know. i will ask you a question. and i have to do whatever you say this. is the question we’ve all been waiting. for the darkest question. ever asked on the dark web what should i. eat. for breakfast pancake. okay great guys this is gonna be an easy.

Video. thank you there’s nothing special about. your life. lol you wish so what’s the need having. control over it. you have no idea who i am. i’m an actor with an imdb you . with the wrong person he said lol. oh my god he thought my imdb joke was. funny even people on the dark web think. my imdb joke is funny do you think. you would ever consider stopping hacking. and doing good spreading positivity. i might guys this is amazing i think i. found my new profession. i’m gonna be a dark web therapist that. should be a thing. imagine how useful that would be what. happened to you when you were a child. that made you want to steal money from. people and then they’re like oh my god. it’s because my parents stole money from. me and this is just me overcompensating. for that and stealing money from other. people to cope with that pain.

And now that i realize that i can stop i. think you are a really great person. i really enjoyed talking to you and i. believe you can do a lot of great things. on this earth. i hope one day you can remember these. words and be inspired to pursue your. dreams. and do great things instead of hacking i. know it may be hard at times and you. will make less money at first but the. feeling of achieving greatness will be. way more rewarding. than all the money in the world. what do you think. thanks for the advice it was touching. my words were touching you touched me. uh not like sexually. emotionally okay pancake time. oh yeah baby some blueberry pancakes. thank you to the stranger on the dark. web. oh my god this is gonna be a good day. i thought it was gonna be scary dark web. all these things were gonna turn out. terrible.

Strangers Chat Online double protection and

I was wrong this is great oh my god. all right back to the dark web for the. next activity all right so i actually. realized i made a little bit of a. mistake in the video. um i decided to put on these clothes and. the dark web didn’t so. um before oh i’m actually i’m not. wearing any underwear right now. okay um let me okay all right. i’m butt naked what should i wear today. oh panties oh my god. panties what oh no. panties and what else no they skipped me. come on all right let me put on these. panties first real quick. what has youtube done to me here are the. panties. my mom’s gonna watch this video the. panties are on what do you think. well i didn’t think three years ago when. i was studying economics at nyu that i. would be putting panties on on camera. panties are really uncomfortable. how do girls do this they’re also kind.

Of seethrough. to hell why don’t they make why would. they make seethrough underwear what’s. the point of that. what should i wear today um wear a shirt. over a hoodie and then they just left. you didn’t give me the bottom. part come on all right i still need to. find pants so. back to the dark web what should i wear. for the bottom half of my body today. what the that is a completely. appropriate. response pants. this is the 20 20 dark web look black. pants sweatshirt with tshirt on top. and panties so in a lot of my videos i. like to meet strangers and make new. friends. so let’s see how i’m gonna make a friend. today where should i go to meet a friend. hell so i drove to hell literally i. found a place in philadelphia called the. gates of hell which is a part of an art. museum. and when i got there i realized even.

Hell is closed during covid. so since i couldn’t get into hell i. decided to look for my soulmate. near hell i came up to the first. stranger i saw and asked if they would. be my friend. oh you’re busy do you have two seconds i. guess people near hell aren’t really. looking for friends. but i kept walking around and then i. spotted an angel. i was wondering if you would be my. friend really. okay safe do you have a lot of friends. are you like popular you’re my first one. i’m your first one. i guess air okay how do we what what. what makes us friends. um buy me something. let’s go just like that we were best. friends. we walked to whole foods together. learned about each other picked out. flowers for her girlfriend i used the. last 14. in my bank account to pay for the. flowers we exchanged numbers. and said goodbye so i actually haven’t.

Been making that much money off youtube. just yet my mom told me i’m gonna have. to be a real estate agent if i don’t get. a million followers by the end of the. year. so subscribe also i’m gonna start maybe. a patreon or podcast and like. merchandise and stuff let me know if. you’re excited about that in the. comments below but in the meantime maybe. i can ask some people on the dark web if. they have any. advice for jobs i’d like to make some. cash. advice you great advice. thank you. you too hi i need cash. now what can i do take nudes. and sell them so i took off my panties. it felt amazing and then i proceeded to. take the sexiest pictures i’d ever taken. in my life then i printed them out and. hit the streets. to see if anyone would actually buy them. um would you potentially. be interested in purchasing my nude.

Photos. no but you didn’t even look at them my. nude photos. yeah but they’re printed out how good. are they i think they’re pretty good i. can show you them before you pet. okay would you be interested you’re new. for my new photos. like new new dude like peepee full video. i’ll give you a little. a you want little sneaky it that’s a. tough one. you know i appreciate your artistic. talent yeah thank you but maybe i don’t. want to see your artistic talent i. appreciate that response. but um www write it down yeah. 20 000 likes on this video and i start. an only fans account and these photos. will be on there. okay have you ever taken nude photos of. course yeah. artistic ones erotic ones. okay i’ll take a look you’ll take a look. okay okay. um i don’t think i would pay much for. that sorry what don’t you like please.

Get that away from me. i was really sad that she didn’t like my. peepee. but i had 10 more hours to go of the. challenge. and i had to keep going all right so i’m. really close to my mom i usually talk. with her on the phone a couple times a. day. and i haven’t updated her today so i’m. gonna ask the people on the dark web to. tell me what i should tell my mom. when i call her my mom is calling. what should i say i don’t know. hey air. eric i don’t know. what is going on i don’t know eric are. you okay. i don’t know eric what are you on. eric. that’s it she just hung up on me what if. something was wrong all right so i. usually post. an instagram story throughout the day. too just updating my followers and stuff. so. um i’m gonna ask uh the people what i. should post on my instagram. this can end very badly i need to post a.

Story on my instagram. i have a pretty big following what do. you want me to post. i could get cancelled right now. depending on what they make me do oh. no oh no i want to you. rough oh no that’s not what oh. god stop that first tell me what to post. i wanna you ruff. jesus a video of you fingering yourself. oh my god how am i gonna do this. how am i going to do this how am i even. going to figure myself i don’t even have. a vagina. oh god i actually posted it jesus christ. oh my god i’m getting some i’m putting. my phone away because i’m getting so. many messages of people being like what. is go what are you doing. people probably think i’m like having an. amanda bynes moment or something i’m the. next britney spears all right so it’s. getting towards the end of the day and i. gotta start figuring out some like.

Night stuff um this is where i think. it’s going to get. very difficult where should i shower. tonight please say a shower please say a. shower. with your mom oh my god. what is wrong with people i never. thought i’d be saying this but uh. now i will be showering with my mom all. right mom let’s go. no i’m kidding hey. why am i showering with you you don’t. like it. it’s a little weird all right so it’s. getting late i’m exhausted i’ve done so. much today i’ve spoken to way too many. strangers and now the most important. question of the day. where should i sleep now i’ve slept in a. lot of weird places for videos. and i really hope i don’t have to sleep. in another weird place. for this video please say bed. say ship bed on your house in your room. in your bed hi yes thank god. they didn’t say something absurd i have.

Done too much crazy stuff in one day. hopefully no one shows up to murder me i. was on the dark web for 24 hours so that. gave hackers 24 hours to try and. get my information but honestly i’ve had. no time to actually think about the day. and let it marinate so. i’m gonna sleep on it and then i will. let you know my final thoughts tomorrow. good night this might be the worst day. ever i really wanted this to be like a. sentimental video. where i’m like oh my god you know a. beautiful thing happened on the dark web. and i experienced things i would have. never experienced in my life and. i’m so grateful for nope no don’t go on. the dark web. and don’t let people tell you what to do. this video‘s purpose. is to show you how not to live your life. use me as an example as what not to do. this wrong what i do recommend is.

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