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What kind of words that they use to. flirt with a Greek woman you say. gob llama what is kablamo boner. everybody so today I’m in Athens to find. out what not to do on a date with a. Greek person and if by the way if you. liked the video don’t forget to. subscribe and hit a big like and let’s. go. if a foreign woman comes to Greece and. she wants to go on a date with you . with a Greek man what is something she. should not do a blonde very big to make. a personal token and also others. accountable so this capstone up with it. enough thought let’s keep open an. opposition and give the very be many. you’re talking about the finance. situation in Greece and about our wages. not have like warm coffee in a warm day. because like you know foreign people. have only like warm coffee and we have. like iced coffee and they don’t know.

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That it’s coffee a big thing here yeah. this is a very big thing what’s your. favorite coffee I don’t drink coffee. if a woman want to approach us okay it. will be a good signal to the to doing. with only only with your eyes so you. prefer that you do the hunting yes yes. we we try to keep this tradition in our. date we are the hunter. we are the man we must tell in the girl. too you know. we are late in on dates like we can say. Oh marina will meet at 9:00 and we’ll. meet at 11:00 or midnight I think they. should know that Greece is kind of a. closed community and it’s not very open. it’s not very open sorry. maybe the Greek guy that the foreigner. wants to go out with maybe he’s not. openly gay or something like that and. that might create a problem I think and. don’t expect like from the first day I. know that many people in Europe like.

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They are having relationships physically. in the first date but English is more. like offensive to ask a girl that we. should go to bed straight away Napoleon. is no meaningful him of the Living Arts. in agony no critical shopping on this. cap key line say Nissa Nissa. semi selling me this unicast nalada in a. pure actual car yeah it’s an EcoBoost. a broken economy animal Portuguese see. in a minute they cut it free and a spoon. make a movie me attacker European the. couple say a polystrate terrible it’s a. promotion I am The Skeptical. demonstration afforestation rs6 it’s a. unary mathematical to Alice and protocol. now Stephanie come here you see you’re. Greek Canadian a Greek Cypriot Canadian. Cypriot Canadian yeah okay don’t be too. pushy. I think Greek girls come to you easier I. think you think Greek guys are pushy or.

No they are they are they’re very pushy. they like flirting. you know Traviata coh sorry soup only. miss case of the masala see do you use a. lot of gestures yes we do the mucha this. is when you when someone says something. super and then you say like nah okay you. must know that with respect very much. our country our family but yes he knows. that already. and for us very important is the food. because you need policemen to go photos. many different stories pass a periodical. a me a shoe Amata. excuse me mnemonics and philosophy on me. the short of the guards family is very. important and you need to respect that. because there’s tight bonds a great guy. you must take the approval from family. unfortunates like this what is some. criteria for getting in good terms of. the mom to be nice girl to come from. good family good pal the family and to.

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Love me too wants to make family what’s. make it’s these are very important I. hope you surprises while filming today I. think the first one was that I expected. Greek people to be extremely open to. being stopped in the streets and I found. that it wasn’t the case I think a lot of. people are very shy but when they did. stop I think that the it’s a bit harder. to really understand your culture when. you’re in it I think the people that. leave Greece and go live somewhere else. they they really they really get an. understanding of where they come from. but a lot of people they rate their. raise the subjects a family name family. is a huge thing here as well as you know. being presentable and and modest in a. way but tell me what you guys think if. you are Greek what is one thing that we. haven’t mentioned in the video that you.

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