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From here to Alaska oh wow oh my god the. two cat. felonies are independent and strong and. they love their state I think it’s the. best state and for the most part I mean. people are always surprised by how. friendly and open Texans over. people are really really nice and. friendly here in Texas which for dating. makes it a lot easier because then you. go into approach people right it’s kind. of oldfashioned you know you got a Wine. and Dine you got you know people you got. to treat a lady right which is great. actually you know you know if you go out. of the lady and she’s your company by. fire drink your company. nobody said y’all had to go home with. one another or anything like that but. I’m just thinking she’s wanting to come. there to spend time with me so that’s. it’s what I’m paying for. he never should even let girl reach for.

Her purse or her wallet kind of what. I’ve been in the wrong place so don’t. women expect you to like to pay a lot. all right yep I mean my experience you. know maybe I’m just doing it wrong but. yeah I mean that’s these dates at least. 100 bucks you know and oh yeah easy you. know hopefully I’m not spending our. bucks every single time are the women. encouraging you to be like hey you know. let’s let’s go try out this restaurant. yeah absolutely they will tell you which. restaurant like here you’ll be like what. area town you want are you by oh the. Pearl great oh great I like this. restaurant there I’m like there’s. usually a reason I haven’t been there’s. because I’m cheap. so you’re telling me Austen guys are. different from Texas guys yeah because I. feel like they’re a little more. progressive and a little more liberal.

And kind of more feminist I’d say then. regulate Texas guys that are Cowboys or. conservative you know a lot of people. goes to each other how do you done it as. a lot no I have not it’s like if I’m not. into somebody I let them know like hey. things aren’t working out but never just. vanished on him I just don’t think. that’s right. Wow I got this girlfriend and I was with. her for a few days and I just wasn’t. feeling it but I did not like I did not. want to just vanish on her but then. again I also could not face her to tell. her hey you need to stop talking so I’ll. just even I was young so I asked my mom. and she would speak to her handle it for. me. I have dated it like gone on dates with. Texans and I’ve gone on dates with guys. you know that are not from Texas and. what I find interesting is when a guys.

From Texas 100% he’s going to open the. door for me. he’s gonna pay I’ve actually gone on. dates with guys where they get mad if I. don’t open the door for myself so like. no stop like I have to open the door for. you I mean personally for me because I. am. the world I like the progressiveness. like I’m totally okay with splitting the. check like I can get the door for myself. but there is that part of me that I like. to be taken care of like I like that. it’s a big deal that you wants to open. the door for me having spent four days. in Austin and still having no idea what. real Texas was like we took a bit of a. road trip to check out the smaller towns. ceremonial flat cakes I can hold a flag. in it that’s important to have I mean. like when is an occasion that you’re. gonna wear that. got no money right it’s just sexy oh my.

God just sexy for my hat. I’ve been. Lyon. let’s go try some hot top all right I’m. gonna try some hot sauce I’m very bad. with spicy food so pick a sauce for me. I’m gonna try it okay we’re gonna try it. together do you have a good tolerance. for spicy yeah you look like you’re. having a good times it’s a spicy. it’s not that bad I don’t know about. let’s go spicier if I started like. having convulsions or can you bring me. water and $10 for the water. it was really bad. oh my god oh this is really bad. oh it got into my eye now listen I’m. crying. come on cameraman cameraman. I’m from Longview Texas well everybody. knows everybody it’s like you go to the. same dance hall you’re probably gonna. see the same people. but it’s our job to. my videographer cuz he’s a mean person. he’s making me go on a date and he wants.

Me to go on a date with a cowboy because. we want to get really serious if achill. here where do I find a cowboy that. you’re dancing with that was the only. cowboy so that’s the only name G okay I. didn’t actually end up going on a date. with this guy cuz he was like underage. instead a friend set me up with a Texan. guy who was also an actor and I think he. took on the Texan persona just a bit too. seriously hey Franco Marini chair. welcome to Texas thank you. so what what is what are we gonna do. it’s like a Texan date well we’re gonna. go shoot some guns oh my god I shot a. gun no never I am terrified come on it’s. gonna be fun. so yeah we’re gonna shoot guns today. mmhmm. hopefully that you can hit the target. hopefully doesn’t bounce back and hit me. in the face that’s my biggest fear. oh you do not have to worry about that.

Oh I will protect you how are you gonna. protect me I mean that’s a southern. thing out here we jump in front of the. bullet for you good then you be on your. way the next day now if you hit right. here yeah we’ll go on a second date all. right well you have to hit right here. okay I don’t know what to tell you and. if you hit right here you are getting me. uh I don’t like it once expensive thing. I can get like if you hit it here we go. on the second date I mean I’m down to. hit it that’s why I shut it down in the. front slide it back and text we shoot a. lot of guns so. I see okay oh my god okay holy . shooting is like shoe shopping do you. want to know why right okay so here’s my. analogy today’s your lucky day I’m gonna. take you out I’m going to buy a pair. Jimmy Choo shoes got one question for. you can you go dancing in them tonight.

No what I need to wear them in same. thing with shooting gotta get company. we’ve got to be comfortable with it. because if you’re not comfortable with. it I don’t care how nice it is it’s. gonna sit in the closet with the rest of. them shoes that you love so much do you. have a gun yes I have two guns your own. to that yes this gun right here and this. gun right here this is the easy part. pop and boom bow. okay turn around oh look at that. so one two three four this is the. closest that I got okay is it well I did. one two three four five six seven eight. nine ten one so your lucky day so since. I hit this target I gotta buy you. something yeah actually that’s perfect I. prefer it. I’ve never been no I mean I I came. yesterday but I’ve never I’ve never been. on the boats okay I’ll try the frisée. and you want me to get a beachy violence.

So you can have both or do you go in a. lot of days. I was pick out the crazies like you know. I don’t know you know get what you. swiped what I mean like if you swipe up. for a woman and a man comes to the game. I have them then they don’t really. appear like what they look like in this. photo there’s a lot of the time Cheers. spicy I forgot put spice it is have you. ever been on a date and taken a day down. on this this is gonna be my first date. really so where do you usually take your. date it’s the bar you know Starbucks so. this is like way way out of this is way. this is way better I’m getting the yet. the good thinking about even more money. I’ll just get a picnic blanket and some. bottles of water just well I don’t know. why I didn’t walk to water just water. that’s not even a picnic that’s just. like I regulars day at the park right I.

Mean just water just so you don’t die of. dehydration so when are you moving to. San Antonio so we can go on board. and when you see how this 20minute ride. goes that’s gonna determine my destiny. here we go we are off. so how did you like to be Riverwalk boat. ride you have a good time yeah it was. fun actually that was nice I preferred. this over just sitting in Starbucks. yeah call me okay. as I haven’t had the chance to properly. explore the full state my opinion might. be limited but here’s my two cents. Texans are oftentimes perceived as. closeminded and let’s just say query of. the foreign but what I discovered was so. much more than hospitality everyone. seemed eager to share their stories and. open up like I haven’t expected and. while Austin was definitely on a more. fastpaced transient side with a greener.

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