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We begin our tour of st. Louis on the. corner of Broadway and Cole Street. downtown at the Dome at America’s Center. this is where the st. Louis Rams used to. play it’s on the north end of downtown. we’re gonna drive up and down the. streets of downtown st. Louis and show. you different points of interest it’s. Wednesday December 18th 2019 at 10. o’clock in the morning st. Louis had. just received four inches of snow the. previous day but on this day the Sun was. shining bright on an average year st.. Louis gets about 16 inches of snow so. for st. Louis this was considered a. pretty decent snowfall st. Louis was. named for King Louie the night the city. was founded in 1764 as a brunch fur. trading village nicknamed the Gateway to. the West st. Louis has more free major. tourist attractions than any other city. in the country outside of Washington DC.

Visitors pay nothing to visit the Art. Museum the History Museum the Science. Centre and the zoo. we’re coming up on Clark Street which is. where Busch Stadium is this is how him. to the st. Louis Cardinals. also on this street is Ballpark Village. on the right where there’s a lot of. restaurants and bars on gamedays you can. sit on the roof and watch the games from. across the street. we’re heading west now towards the. Enterprise Center which is another venue. where they play hockey games and hold. concerts this is where the st. Louis. Blues play for the NHL they just won the. Stanley Cup only a few months back we’re. heading north now on 14th Street up. towards the heart of downtown. off to the east you can see the arch. located on the banks of the Mississippi. River we’ll go down there and get a. closer view later.

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We’ll head east now on Washington Street. the American Planning Association. Chintan street one of the ten best. streets in America years back this was a. pretty dumpy Street but after a hundred. million in renovations now it’s one of. the trendiest and hottest spots in st.. Louis they say Washington Street is the. perfect combination of modern chick. meets classic 19th century architecture. lined with beautiful lofts eclectic. boutiques and restaurants and exciting. nightlife. now we’re gonna head south on 6th Street. in 1904 st. Louis was the first US city. and only the 3rd in the world to host. the modern Summer Olympics st. Louis is. home to anheuserbusch and Nestle Purina. you. directly in front of us is keener Plaza. Park which has a skating rink playground. fountains and a concert area. off to the distance you can see the arch.

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St Louis Dating

The big domed building is the Old. Courthouse which is now part of the. Gateway Arch National Park used to be. where many important court cases were. held including the infamous Dred Scott. antislavery Court case. we’re gonna go back down Broadway and. take Market Street. Oh. now we’re gonna take tucker boulevard. and go north again. this is Olive Street. you. the. you. you. now we’re going to head back to 4th. Street and head north so we can get to. the entrance of the Gateway Arch. in this part of town there is a number. of casinos as you can see. here we are at the Gateway Arch its 630. feet high it’s nicknamed the Gateway to. the west and it’s a monument to the. Western Hemisphere it’s the tallest arch. in the world and the tallest manmade. monument in the United States it was. built in 1965 for a cost of thirteen.

Million dollars for twelve bucks you can. take a tram up to the top where there’s. windows from which you could see 30. miles to the east and west. people go to the top sometimes get. scared since on windy days. it’s weighs as much as 18 inches in. either direction. south of the arch now we begin our. departure from st. Louis we’re gonna. cross the Mississippi River over I 55 on. the clay bridge. st. Louis is really an awesome city and. there’s a ton of stuff to do this was. just the downtown area there are many. other areas to explore st. Louis gets a. bad rap for being one of the most. dangerous cities in the country and. there are some really bad and dangerous. areas in the greater st. Louis metro. area outside of downtown proper but as. far as downtown itself it’s a great. place to be. hey guys if you learn something new or.

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