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Sri Lanka Dating my Sri Lankan friends making

I think the women are also cute there.  I wouldn’t know, I haven’t researched!. Oh Pakistan. Gorgeous girl and guys. Amazing, firstly girls girls are amazing. Insanely pretty over there  . lI completey agree. The are getting good skin! I think like big  eyes. I everyone that I’ve met from Pakistan has  . really big, beautiful eyes. So it’s all about  cricket or food, amazing food. Lots of kebabs. . yes sure, and sharmas. Yeah for me it’s a Sufi music, the singers, and the culture and the  . Definitely. you know well Pakistan,  Bangladesh were part of you know they were  . together once right? So I would think we were  like our former relatives kind of a thing right  . We know Bollywood songs sung by Pakistani singers. Tea. Beaches. Oh that too nice! Resorts, beaches. Very educated people, literacy is very high. I’ve seen a.

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Lot of my Sri Lankan friends making some rice  delicious with milk? With milk yeah coconut milk. It seems like the funner version of India. A good cricket team in the 90s. Oh lots of stuff, yeah. Bollywood. Population. Well,  it’s 1.3 billion it’s like a seventh of the   entire world in one country which is crazy. Or cricket! They’re not goldie for the matter. The food. Thee variety of food in India. There’s rivalry in terms of politic that they put into   our media. Then there’s cricket like sports. but what I realize is when I interact with   Indians is there’s a lot more understanding , a wavelength that matches.

Mount Everest. Beautiful place honestly yes. Amazing momos. Oh momos yes! Colors. For some reason like their  . outfits are very colorful. It’s a very old society  so I feel like there’s a very strong identity  . to their nation. They look like a mixture of like  east and south asian so they’re like a brown east  . you know a brown asian. Manisha Koirala is from Nepal yeah. That’s where we don’t require a visa to  . I think the women are also cute there  I wouldn’t know I haven’t researched.. Bengalis. Bengali tigers which they  represent they call themselves Bengali  . especially when they play cricket. India versus  Bangladesh I was about to say the same yeah  . That’s the hot topic kind of! Whenever they just like have and how they lost. for some reason it just causes a  . very big scene when if Bangladesh loses or India  loses. Can i say should i say it i don’t want to.

Say shy but like oh like respectful woman for  some reason that’s what i think of. I think it’s  . a very politically charged place they were our  veterans they were left hand that got separated. I think it’s Nepal for some reason. I think it’s Pakistan right Pakistan  . whatever it’s a name that i’m saying pronounced. He’s not from Pakistan is he? No I tried  . oh yes oh I knew I knew that. This definitely has to be Bhutan yeah  yeah yeah I would go with Bhutan as well. Sri Lanka. I mean look at the literacy rate India  yeah that would be India in the uh India just  . because it has a lot of population. Oh I think  it’s also because of colonization I mean there’s  . a lot of British that was there for a very long  time. I would say it’s also due to globalization  . and economy because of so many IT jobs like call  centers and everything being outsourced to India..

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Indians are educated. They’re smart they put  their English speaking education top priority. Bangladesh. Pakistan. It’s probably  Pakistan. I think I didn’t get it.. I don’t know about your family but  my family still calls us alone so yes  . a lot of time we’ll still call  it Ceylon so yes Sri Lanka. our left arm apparently. Yes, East  Pakistan sorry Bangladesh yeah. India which I’m surprised, it’s  2050. I thought it’d be faster  . That’s gotta be India yeah it’s definitely, India.. just peace. but it doesn’t have a trench  it doesn’t have ocean oh yeah  . yeah the country famous for mountains beside  us so Nepal I think. We’ll go with India  . Nepal. Hush! I knew it. I told  him right like two minutes ago  . like it was Nepal. Sri Lanka? Teardrop of India oh okay I get it because it’s like kind of like underneath India.

Sri Lanka. I think it’s Sri Lanka.. Makes sense because we kind of split from India so  . maybe they’re like sad that we left and  so that’s why they call it that could be.. I would say most of the questions that have most  . people oriented is India. India yeah  that would be India. Why in India?  . It has a lot of millions. I think the population  being that large helps them in a lot of  . things you can get your things out in the market. There’ll be someone who’s going to buy it right. India. India. Can you name one of your favorite meals raj maja? For sure you could have it with  . curd you can have it with whatever you like it’s  amazing. See I could be biased and say Sri Lanka  . but I’m gonna go with India. I’m  sorry Bangladesh straight up. Pakistan.  . Yeah i mean we’re going to be i’m sorry i mean we’re going to be biased. We know Bangladesh said Bangladesh. Indians in.

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India but come on let’s admit it but the thing  is we’ve already we’ve grown up acquired to this  . taste so i can understand why Bangladesh would say their food. India is going to say their food.  . I would say butter chicken chicken tikka masala  pani puri dosa what not so many there are  . so many different yeah India’s known for  the fast food. Honestly you now like pani puri.. street food. street food is really  amazing super, cheap good healthy options .. Not healthy? We have a lot of varieties in street  foods as well whenever i go visit bangladesh I . don’t even go to fancy places. I don’t care if  I get food poisoning or fever or whatever I am  . just going crazy for all kinds of street foods. Right can you like compare a chicken biryani  . from anything? Like no man this is the ramadan fast  speaking by the way like chalmuri like jhalmuri.

Basically it means it’s uh puffed rice mixed with  chana che which is what my buddy is wearing today  . because we think about like  Jhal Huri is like life to us  . I mean there’s attractive people everywhere. Exactly honestly I mean look at us right? What  . specimens we are! Pakistan. I would say Pakistan. It’s just their faces like they’re just like beautifully  . built. Yeah I mean everybody like for that  matter of fact like you see a girl she’s got  . like flawless skin with no acne problems like  throughout her life. Hair like luscious hair all  . of them. What oil and shampoo do you guys use? My  opinion Bangladesh. I love girls from my country  . I feel very homely to my my kind of girls right. Another country I think has really good looking  . people would be uh Bhutan. Right I think their  features are very they’ve got unique features.

It’s kind of a blend of east asia and i’ve  had my fair amount of crushes on Pakistani  . girls in the past. I’m sadly rejected you know. And I have to say India because my partner is  . from there and if I don’t say India then I might  get into a lot of trouble so definitely India  . I’m going to say India just because I don’t want  1.3 people to hate me. 1.3 billion people I would  . say India for its diversity. In india if you go  you can actually see like there’s snow there’s  . like different sorts of like landscapes. I love sri lanka because I hate the cold so  . in Sri Lanka it’s just beautiful with all the  beaches resorts. People just get on with this  . beef between IndiaPakistan for some reason  but I think that honestly people from there  . and people from India actually don’t care  about the beef at all. And I think especially.

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