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Spokane Dating there in like 11

Spokane’s like Seattle only there’s more. Sun more mountains less ocean and less. education people there take nature very. seriously it’s almost like they resent. houses maybe that’s why there’s so many. homeless people there or to be more. politically correct I guess we have to. call them fresh air enthusiasts Jesus. now we have to all act like we’re from. Portland. there’s three months of good weather. there in like 11 months of winter. whether it’s a long year in Spokane. outdoor enthusiasts in Spokane which is. also everyone in Spokane think bad. weather is good weather they love it. they don’t know the difference oh it’s. 20 degrees windy and snowy sounds like a. good day for a hike you know people who. think McDonald’s isn’t that bad for you. because they grew up eating it Spokane. people are like that but with the.

Weather it might be 9 degrees outside. but at least it’s sunny be cool. we’ll die of hypothermia with a sun. shining on our faces that sounds. Pleasant but hey it might be cold. outside but at least there’s bears. Cougars and wolves that might kill us. while we’re out you can tell a Spokane. person no I don’t want to go on a hike. today and they’ll just be like cool. we’ll just take a walk outside instead. I’m like no you’re not gonna force this. hike on me no means no the economy in. Spokane is exciting the biggest. industries are forestry agriculture and. meth fishing is big in Spokane but it’s. the most boring thing I’ve ever done how. can spoken types love to do something so. boring answer because they’re always hi. it helps them not notice that they’re. fishing while they’re fishing they think. they love fishing but they don’t they.

Really just like feeling high while. they’re fishing if there’s one thing. wrong with Spokane is that it doesn’t. have enough dispensaries one time I had. to walk almost two blocks to get to the. dispense. sorry I was looking for I passed three. other dispensaries on my way but I. didn’t go in I almost died of sobriety I. started crying just thinking about the. humanity of it all like they’re starving. kids in China not getting high right now. and in that moment I knew what it’s like. to be them 11 seconds later I got to my. dispensary of choice it was my first. time in Spokane so I asked the clerk do. I have to pretend I need this for. medicinal reasons is it no we don’t do. that here and that’s when I found the. cure to my sobriety it helped me not. feel my feelings anymore so I feel. better because I can’t feel and you.

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