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Okay so first. this video is kind of weird but it’s a. subject that interests me. so hopefully it interests you too it’s. about. smoking. i want everyone in america right now to. look at me look at me smoking indoors. i didn’t ask anybody i just did it what. are they gonna do. kick me out before i get the prize now. this is called. leverage. stop and think about the people you know. who smoke. who are they smart stupid it’s odd. smoking has a connotation it’s dirty. uneducated. but the people that smoke aren’t losers. far from it. and many of them are incredibly smart. so why is smoking so hard to quit for. smart people. what makes tobacco addiction a unique. problem different than. every other addiction or maybe you just. want to know why your friend won’t stop. smoking. it’s time to answer the questions nobody. wants to discuss.

Whoa whoa whoa not that guy also that’s. a pipe that’s better. as the child who foolishly started. smoking surrounded by a family of. doctors. oh boy i have a personal interest in. answering these questions. but first i have to convince you why. smoking is great. don’t worry i’ll keep it funny we. present the family model when father. says puff. we all puff. this cute boy will be warned later in. school that smoking is addictive. but he’ll still smell the boy is me. i know i screwed up. the point is young adults are told to. just say no. just say no one puff is too much but any. person who has smoked a cigarette. knows that’s not true one cigarette. doesn’t hook a person in fact many. people are surprised to learn. smoking is only about as strong as. drinking a cup of coffee. but if that’s really all how the . can. nicotine be according to like 30 studies.

More addictive than heroin and alcohol. and so attractive to educated people who. should know better. the first step to knowledge is learning. our previous education. is wrong i think confucius said that or. something. i’m paraphrasing i read it on instagram. what is true though is that in order to. understand. why successful people smoke we need to. update our theory of addiction. because it’s out of touch most of our. understanding about addiction. comes from studying heavier drugs and. smoking doesn’t follow the rules of. other drugs. the last 40 years taught us how to keep. individuals who hit rock bottom from. relapsing during physical withdrawals. but what if you haven’t hit rock bottom. maybe you’re a journalist. maybe you’re an actor maybe you’re the. president of the united states. how do you quit a drug if you have a.

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Good life. an interesting question right. modern addiction researchers think. paradoxically because smoking’s effects. are so weak. it is precisely one of human’s strongest. addictions. when smokers inhale they experience no. cognitive decline. this is why your favorite comic or actor. can tell jokes get on tv and make money. all while smoking the difference between. smoking and other drugs is that the. smoker is seeking a distraction. not escapism a distinction that hasn’t. been made an addiction until recently. nicotine nicotine nicotine nicotine. nicotine. nicotine is gentle it makes good parts. of life better. in the worst parts of life more bearable. all without interrupting. life itself like a cnn anchor. congresswoman let me interrupt you just. for a moment we’ve got some breaking. news. out of miami justin bieber anyway.

Smoking. fitting neatly into everyday life helps. explain why people keep smoking. it’s not the withdrawals it’s something. less visible smokers grow. accustomed to enjoying activities they. like while smoking. and suffering through life struggles. while smoking up or down. joe camel is around therefore when. someone stops smoking. their entire life slides down awkwardly. every aspect becomes slightly less good. i’ll let christopher hitchens explain. it’s the most perfect addiction well. if you aren’t hungry it’ll give you an. appetite smooth. if you are hungry and you there isn’t. any food in the immediate future. you can dull your pain of hunger pain. smoking. perfect selfadministered micro drug. that come to you i can’t think why i. gave the up. recovery from most other drugs even. powerful ones often have tradeoffs.

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You hear a person say i miss alcohol but. i don’t miss blacking out. i miss heroin but i’m glad my sex drive. is back i miss math but. i don’t miss joe exotic i’m broke as. so smart people continue to smoke. despite health advice because it doesn’t. affect their life enough to draw. their attention they’re not trying to. escape life by smoking. they’re already enjoying it tell me how. it tastes. schnitzel amazing. okay so where am i going with this well. maybe this means. it’s time to reimagine smoking as a. biological relationship. which is weird but hear me out maybe. there’s a purpose to smoking. some plants can live only if they feed. on. other organic things each of these. is parasite that lives on other living. plants or animals. to understand why smart people continue. to smoke imagine tobacco as a parasite.

The human is the host tobacco has. perfectly. darwinianly adapted better than any. other drug to coexist with humans. by playing on all of our psychological. weaknesses. like instant gratification and a long. tail risk. if heroin is a giant squid paralyzing. the user with tentacles. where everyone sees they’re in big. trouble and need to stop now. then smoking is a barnacle present and. slowly sucking blood. but never enough to draw attention until. it’s too late. but it goes both ways the parasite also. has advantages for the host. study after study found tobacco enhances. the brain’s ability to focus. nicotine allows people to concentrate. longer practice harder and continue to. function with higher stressors than. without it. if we’re honest and this video is about. honest critical analysis about smoking. tobacco is basically a micro performance.

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Enhancing drug for the mind. this may be why many successful smart. people continue to smoke if it gives. them a mental. competitive edge dave chappelle and. obama both. get trapped in something like zeno’s. mathematical aero paradox. each day it seems measurably better and. easier to smoke than not. until suddenly they have cancer i. literally expected to be welcomed with. open arms by the people of vietnam this. is a good time to bring up the odd story. of vietnam. back in the 60s many gis consumed heroin. like rice. the use of heroin was so widespread army. officials screamed epidemic. during the early 70s the nixon. administration prepared the va to treat. millions of heroin addicted troops. public enemy number one. is drug abuse the cdc labeled it a. public health crisis. the entire movie american gangster is. about the problem but you’ve likely.

Never heard about this historical fact. because when vietnam ended. nothing happened. there was no crisis the millions of. soldiers using heroin. just stopped it was unbelievable. eventually doctors concluded the. phenomenon occurred because the gis were. removed from the environment that. created need for heroin. many soldiers who were otherwise in good. mental health simply stopped. the environment trigger when removed. made otherwise normal people. less likely to use so what’s the. difference between heroin and cigarettes. then. i’m not saying heroin is easy to quit. but environment plays a powerful role in. human behavior. duh so obvious until you realize. smoking exhales into every aspect of a. person’s life. from office tower to apartment trucking. to air force one. how do smokers abolish the environmental. triggers when they’re comfortable.

Functioning in every environment. new science now indicates the best cause. for the reduction of smoking from 48. of americans in 1965 down to 20 percent. of americans in 2006. was not the billions of dollars in. health awareness that was a total waste. of money like donating cash to bel. delphine. instead the simple ban of smoking in. airplanes and restaurants worked better. those laws broke or stopped many. environmental triggers from developing. in the smoker’s brain. either way smart people smoke it’s. undeniable. and they do it for a variety of complex. reasons. in fact oddly in america the association. between childhood intelligence and the. consumption of tobacco is. positive the more intelligent they are. in middle school and high school. the more tobacco they consume as young. adults seven years later. psychologists don’t know why this is so.

I won’t speculate either. but the statistical significance exists. nicotine is a very unique addiction. so what should smart people do if they. want to quit this is the psa part of the. video. to make it more redemptive the newest. science suggests. smokers should separate their smoking. life from their nonsmoking life. then slowly start moving activities from. their smoking life and placing them in. their nonsmoking life. the process is slow and painful but as. shown earlier it’s about removing those. environmental triggers. more than adding nicotine patches but. don’t feel bad if you don’t succeed at. first. at the very least you’re in really good. company how many cigarettes a day do now. strokes. am i a daily smoker a constant smoker no. i would say that i am uh 95. cured but there are times where. there are times where i mess up so.

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