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How would you breach the escape from. zero to ten okay yes hey guys today. we’re doing a very different video from. what you normally see on my channel. basically what’s gonna happen is I’m. actually gonna go on a date that’s why. you guys heard it I’m gonna I actually. saw this article on mothership like yeah. basically it’s saying that there’s this. Singapore company called maybe and you. can actually get a date with a price so. in Japan they actually have this in. China so this is a pretty common service. that they provide to pay for a. companionship like a friend or a deal. basically the first question I know you. guys must be asking is how much is it so. looking through the list it ranges from. $80 to $400 okay but I didn’t find it. always a bit extreme because you’re. actually going on a date with two girls.

Most expensive person I saw it’s about. 20 50 girls so I decided to go to middle. ground slightly above average hundred. and fifty dollars for two our date. there’s some basic rules involved in. this so there’ll be no physical touching. I don’t know what degree I don’t even. know if I can shake our hand because you. know the introduction it’s I don’t even. know if I can shake your hand you have. to go out in a public place so you. cannot be like boom you know they’ll be. outdoors and I think other than yeah I. just got to be like a gentleman I guess. but also there’s not only guy van. tinkles. there’s even a male option so you can. check out there’s even men that you can. vent out so far there’s only four men so. not a lot of choices for a female are. there we need more guys to sign up for. this. I did her name is Kay she’s coming in.

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About 15 minutes. literally truth be told I’m a little bit. nervous it’s not because I ever had a. date for a long time okay yes it’s. because I have followed but I don’t feel. like this is a deeply I don’t know I. don’t know what to expect but I was. really excited to see this is happening. in Singapore so how is the process like. so basically what happened is if you see. someone that you kind of fancy you click. on it and it actually has click to book. me and it directs you to a whatsapp so. you immediately what set the nautical. the company itself and they’ll ask you. like our time place activity that you’re. doing and when you want to have the date. it’s pretty straightforward and. everything is through the app so I have. not talked to K yet so everything is. true the company so it keeps it safe so. yeah we’re just gonna wait for her to.

Come and see how it goes. okay so she’s camp. I just graduated up from Gaza by just. trying on new jobs and everything try it. again a very long time. okay that’s interesting how long have. you been with me Oh too big for me. yeah it’s quite new actor University. right now and I’m joined our just like. seven girls on a website. have you been. I didn’t it’s besides how those things. okay so informally because I knew the. diesel Ally when you go on a date I just. want to hug you. so there are like three guys who put me. every God right they were just drinking. then they decided to just touching. together so it has been a companion yes. making even I guess and also three guys. abyssal are you have B this video. correctly. it’s not like I’m putting my own domain. thing actually they just want a company. like plus one for weddings has let me.

Know we are experience. yeah they try to get your numbers during. the day you know try to go the other way. go we have the guys like they were. certified time I don’t know just say uh. how about we go over a house. but luckily they did another video so. you can just you’re like sorry biggest. videos educate audience yeah no this is. no I’m not paid to make this video in. fact I pay my own money okay I think a. lot of us also have the mindset even I. have the mindset to know that a lot of. people a little bit like you know like. you know you get by in life oh yeah no I. can supply so and if you they reboot you. in advance right so they really know. what they want to do so they were. actually I make my reservations at. restaurants or news right but you know. if there’s like a real boyfriend. so he’s like yeah just that um just.

Amanda pass me that menu are the fingers. cannot even pass they don’t they just go. and you buy crafts with a make sure this. really no station yeah because there’s. one of the rules they say that. again also I think he drives inside of. the base make it something we’re here in. Syria it’s not the most fancy place but. you don’t mind because I want the. Japanese food I always love Japanese. food she just so mean it should she. don’t eat Japanese it’s no walk foot so. we’re here then can see another fun fact. is on the website is says that the guy. was paying for everything during this. big. yes please order anything you want to. Regis at lunch to continue to beat right. now I’m gonna bring that to a unique. experience because on her bio she says. she likes to try unique different. experience so we’re gonna play.

Corian pool it’s right here this is not. your normal pool in this Korean pool you. know this there’s no hole so this I. we’re having a hard time even get one. point. chuckles II pantanal’s her. okay so we come too close to the end of. the date we had food games and a bit fun. yeah but she isn’t paid to say yes all. right. I personally think a simple day like. this is this quite common like a day. like this. no I just. Oh mommy don’t bring us up for mean I. don’t get fail series more like just. food and drinks and they just talk yeah. right okay I person like my date didn’t. involve any fun activity play some games. all right then we we try to play this. program pool it is so really difficult. after 10 minutes of a book like yeah. we’re not going any points a few. questions I have is like do you give. your number to guys no I don’t really.

Find out well you can call me again. about you can like something cigar and. us and everything oh cool you net about. you can up so what’s your Instagram. handle a via my hand I have known yeah. you can check her Instagram out if you. want to have a date wafer you can go for. it CUDA maybe yet it’s in the. description box down below but she can. give her personal information. yeah but you have my Instagram handle. and yes mine baby booking and K special. for me so do you have a boyfriend. sir there is a chance for you to fight. so for love is it maybe is a slight. there’s a slight chance a chance no how. would you beat this thing from 0 to 10. this very far is easy to commerce and I. I really do have an interest. I’m sitting here when I talk about right. the other one that’s true that is true. usually I’m not be your daddy.

Keeping. hey she give me a small but I think it. is a pass yeah I think maybe I’ll. explain which is not here no I’ll give. my cause I did another video she is. honestly fun it wasn’t I didn’t feel. awkward yes yes see if you want a date. kg I’ll be on the movie website maybe. this time to my DM I’m just kidding. would I do it again maybe maybe I. guess it’s the end of the date. and shape Alma we spent two hours. together already Tony handshake. handshakes are too formal. I don’t know okay I’ll see you maybe. next time. anything else interviews about baby you. know less if you this is the best where. you can kind of change people’s concept. miss concept my baby maybe really. doesn’t provide any shady business we. are just really taking this as a psychic. job just for us the one of your money um. yes the time so it’s just purely going.

On it’s just you know another company. right. changed a misconception of our baby I. think that’s fair. try yourself before you flame it okay so. that’s pretty much the end of the date I. mean first impression and everything. when I saw her I was a little bit. intimidated she was exactly how she look. like in the photo but I didn’t expect to. be that just really varying like. gila high heels. let’s scare me a little bit but I think. that’s a good thing. okay I didn’t know she did not play pool. and I I didn’t know she didn’t like. Japanese food so everything I planned in. my head I’m a plain Japanese food I plan. puh okay everything was gone but I think. overall ways to have fun I mean I like. the taking the photo part I got a nice. photo of it hopefully she likes the. photo I think of her but yeah overall I. thought I didn’t waste my two hours you.

Know it was a pleasant you spent two. hours knowing someone else so I learned. all because of a book very different. walks of life you know it’s just very. interesting to get to know her a little. bit more when she talked about her job. why she does this it was very. interesting and yeah I was an eyeopener. for me so it was a good experience for. me so if you guys want to check it out. it is I can maybe I’ll it’s all down. below you can check it out for yourself. it’s pretty fun and I would advice maybe. if you feel awkward 101 you could. actually get you and your friends. to get a date to get it sounds really. real but yeah I think you can do a group. bit and I think it’s pretty fun so thank. you guys for watching if you guys want. to see more such videos you get. subscribed we can check it out. the link down below and follow me on.

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