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Sims Dating App you can always perceive them

Hello everyone it’s me and welcome to. another video I was actually speaking to. a couple of my friends about what videos. I should do and my good friend jasmine. actually said hey I’ve got this great. idea you should like make a tinder. profile as your sim self and see what. happens it I was like that actually. sounds really cute they’re really fun I. have no idea what would happen using my. sim self on tinder I’ve actually never. used tinder myself so I’ve always been. curious to try it anyway I feel like. this is a really safe way to try it out. without actually putting myself out. there it’s like a little little moth I. made a sim I’ve called it Delhi sim and. I said I’m a social influencer off and I. said so so my name is Delhi. I live in Willow Creek and enjoy my. chouchou donkey valsa I like to eat. goopy carbonara and take long walks on.

Brindle tune baby CH I also liked he’s. my future keep and I’m looking for a. wicker pot na dag dag and I just said. I’m a social influencer and I live in. Melbourne and my gender is a sim I’ve. got two pictures that are exactly the. same so I’m just gonna see how this goes. and hopefully we get a few bye. oh my gosh someone sent me a message. Susu hey what are your traits I am. creative familyoriented aspiration and. ambitious SPD what’s your life. aspiration virtuosa I am wanting to be a. mansion barn it means hellar in my. language ah there you go what language. that sim. lish what your traits why are you guys. not responding to my messages it’s so. rude. first up not a virtuoso you realize. mansions of life yeah I need to save. lots of simoleons ears but am i right. what is samolians I don’t live in. rosebud samolians is my currency but you.

Can cheat first bud or motherland what. are your traits active family oriented. geek call me Lorna oh this this guy. knows what we’re talking about very nice. do you like watching clouds ulcer do you. have any various traits. I’m very bubbly fun and silly. downto-earth and open-minded person I. love pushing my boundaries and try new. things what about yourself oh I have. never unlocked these traits is that a. mod Oh sometimes it takes someone else’s. help to unlock them I do I work mostly. from home as a social influencer. sometimes I do freelance jobs on this. side. if there’s good ones hey woman we use. Australian dollars here I don’t. I live in wheeler Creek do you like to. be. I don’t like tinder I take that as a. mean interaction comply your mom mom. okay this guy’s got a great how do I on. match him reason cloud watching is fun.

Sims Dating App Melbourne and my gender is

Even IRA yes it is the like yes as long. as it doesn’t end with the new food. eleméry. have you ever been trapped in a pool. rules put around you too many times you. that would make my plum book very red. sometimes I prefer to go fishing at. Willow Creek where I live I’m hoping to. complete my collection and make amperes. yeah oh he’s typing oh my gosh is he. gonna be like you really weird it is red. surely after it happens sometimes I wish. I could stay here all day. Oh have you ever used aged a cheat. I want cheated my needs do you feel. really good at the mailbox sir whisper a. secret. I do mostly work from home as a social. influence that sometimes I do freelance. jobs on the side if there’s good ones. nice sounds like a good gig do you enjoy. it yes what do you do can you play any. instruments I’m an electrician I’ve been.

Doing it for five years that’s cool. I bet your handiness skill is very high. my not so much maybe a 1 I don’t play. any instruments but I once used my uncle. Vlad Hogan herping to level up soon. haha not for a while last sheet I used. was klappa seus your secret is safe with. me. what’s a Casillas money oh my god it’s. quickly replaced by rosebuds oh my god. this guy’s like my tree much whoa I. didn’t even know that one you don’t have. a picture it’s a very original money. cheap yes. I’ve only just made this accounts earner. pick yet same older I have I need two. and two old American get more I mean tap. merge silly me. by the way can I see a photo of you what. instrument would you want to learn Mertz. drums if they patch them in would be. sick I have a serger up maybe I can take. a pic of me in the furture. straight year but pancakes may need to.

Help take. that pick do you know bub pancakes or. eliza Oh guys are nice can never have. enough samolians nope it’s been real. swell chatting to you Brad but my hunga. ba is pretty ler. best be off to take care of that before. I die of starvation hope your bars are. full and you find woohoo and romantic. relationship ba soon alright it’s okay. you can always perceive them and we were. great I best be off now my hunger bar is. ler thanks for chatting and the friendly. interactions dag dag well that was a fun. little social experiment let me know. what you think of this video in the. comments down below it is you think we. should do it again and of course a shout. out to my good friend jazzy for the idea. and I don’t know how you guys use tinder. I get nervous even just doing that Sarah. I didn’t think I could actually use it.

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