Signs The Man You’ re Dating Is A Keeper

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So you’ve gone out on several dates he’s. been very romantic sending you flowers. taking you to wonderful restaurants and. generally sweeping you off your feet. you’re starting to think that you’d like. to take the relationship to the next. level but how do you know that he’s not. just an experienced player how do you. know he’s not just putting in his time. until he’s had his fun only to leave you. in a dusty heap brokenhearted once. again while he goes back to cavorting. with his buddies looking for his next. conquest how do you know how do you know. that he’ll actually stick around and. want a committed relationship if you. allow yourself to get closer to him well. forget about the flashy gifts the. romantic poems and serenading you. beneath your window at midnight while. those things are oh so romantic they’re.

Not the true telltale signs that he’s in. it for the long haul. lots of guys can be over the top. romantic when they’re on the hunt. especially the players so you have to. know how to distinguish the players who. just want to sleep with you for the men. who want the same thing you want a real. relationship. here are the much more subtle signs that. you should be on the lookout for if you. want to know if your new guy is ever. going to turn into real relationship guy. material number one. he tries hard to make you happy. men want to take care of a woman they. care about they’re wired for that they. want to do things for us to protect us. provide for us and ultimately they want. to make us happy guys are doers and they. show us they care by doing things for us. if he waxes your car or changes your oil. or at least takes it in for you or if he.

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Goes out of his way to make sure that he. always has your favorite yogurt in his. fridge when you come over those are. really good signs that yeah he’s into. you. bonus points if it brings you hot. chicken noodle soup and a copy of. bridget jones diary when you’re on the. couch feeling ill gives you a kiss on. the forehead and then leaves you alone. number two. he thinks you look great at your worst. when he looks at you the same way. whether you’re all dolled up for a night. out on the town or saturday morning and. he sees you with no makeup you’re here. pulled back and wearing sweats that’s a. good sign all men love it when we do. ourselves up for them but it’s the guy. who’s in it for real that still has eyes. for us when we’re in our baggy sweats. mode and let’s be honest sometimes baggy. sweats mode is very very necessary.

Number three he wants to show you off. he’s not hiding his social media pages. from you and in fact you’re. predominantly on it a guy that’s really. into you and only you wants the world to. know it he’s not hiding you anywhere and. he has nothing to hide see if he’s. really into you then he’s not holding. out hope that something better will come. along which means there’s no reason to. hide the fact that the two of you are a. thing. number four. he calls you often and you actually have. real conversations you spend time. talking about things like your personal. history what your childhood was like. where you went to school what you like. and don’t like to do etc all those. things it shows that he’s interested in. more than just your beautiful curves and. gorgeous eyes he wants to know what’s. behind those eyes and what makes them.

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Sparkle and shine. it shows that he actually cares about. you the person not just you the hottie. number five he introduces you to his. friends and his family he’s not afraid. to make you a part of his life and in. fact he can’t wait to introduce you to. everyone that’s close to him he wants. you to be a part of his life and that. means taking you to his favorite places. and introducing you to his favorite. people. now you might not want to hang out with. his friends and his family and that’s a. subject for a whole other video but the. fact that he wants you to is a sure sign. that he thinks you’re actually a keeper. here. if you see several or better yet all of. these signs then you can feel confident. that this man sees you as the real thing. and if he sees you as a real thing he’s. so much more likely to commit to a real.

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