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My favorite. Croissant Tastes delicious Yeah, I kinda wish I got one. Enjoy for a second Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy Ready now? Today we answer another question! What question? E: yaaay One moment Timeout. One minute. One moment. Hold on. Find it So we have a question from, Im.emilyy. She asked if Ellen didn’t learn sign language, would you still be with her? Her. Me ? Sorry, that’s a heavy question Pretty heavy question. Because sign language is really part of who I am, part of my identity. And if someone is not willing to work with me, because it’s my identify. You have to merge those two identities for a relationship to be successful, right.

And if you don’t merge together on a bigger things like communication, then the relationship might not work I might still date her, yes. But to last this long, no. Probably not. Make sense right? Because I feel like her learning sign language gave us a deeper connection. Because now she understands my struggles, my frustrations, my happiness, my successes. Relationship with sign language with sign language with sign language E: Sorry, I don’t want to interrupt your sign/answer It’s fine, eat. With sign language, So Really, the short answer to your question is: I would still have dated her, but we would not be together for 8 years.

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Probably not. Probably one, or two at most, then done. Finished. But we’re still together, which is good. Because you also dated someone else before me and they didn’t really learn sign language and that only lasted a little bit right? A little bit. Yes. I noticed that we didn’t sign and the relationship didn’t last. One moment, we’re both eating. I read somewhere that, it talked about deafcentered Or deaf and hearing relationships, whether they’re Deaf Deaf focused or hearingfocused relationships and It was a article saying that deaffocused, deaf and hearing relationships always outlast. Really? Yeah.

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Hearingfocused deaf and hearing relationships Really? That was a mouth, a lot of sign but Wow, I didn’t know that. Do you have the link or something to share? Yeah. Yeah, I think I can find it. I’ll leave it in the description down below it explains a little bit It’s not really a long article though. It was more like, three paragraphs. That’s it. Yeah, I was really simple but it makes sense. It makes sense. What’s your opinion? My opinion, is that Sign Language is awesome because I can eat and sign at the same time. That’s not what the question is. The question is, do you think we would have lasted? I think that, we would not have lasted.

We’re so strong now, but because we have communication. If we’re not signing, then how can we communicate? Forces you to speak. Not a good situation. Only time I speak is when I’m mad right? Yeah. You’re like babe? Babe. Babe. Or you try to get my attention. Babe. Babe. We have a bonus question. Surprise. Question from Bentley: I think what he’s referring to is AC-R-O-N-O. No, AC-R-O-N-Y-M. Acronym. Acronym which is a summary of words. H S High School H S That’s called AC-R-O-N-Y-M. But, what he said, "initialized" That’s I don’t know exactly what that applies to in sign language but, she says she looked it up.

So, maybe can you explain a little bit about that? I looked up on Life Print. You guys can, I’ll leave the link down below. Great website. You guys can check out the description that I found about "initializing". So that means, for example, the sign for family starts, has the hand shape of the first letter of that word. So F. Family Group Class Yeah. Room Room, but sometimes it can be not as common in ASL because it’s more English or SEE. The question is when are signs that are initialized accepted or not accepted? So, it’s usually accepted if it has been around for a long time and people of past generations have used it.

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"Family" is one of those signs. Another reason why the sign would be accepted would be if it was if it took less effort to sign and then slowly got integrated into mainstream signing. Mainstream. Yeah, mainstream. I signed integrated, integrated, into mainstream. A good example, that one would be: breakfast or breakfast. So, instead of signing two signs that requires a lot more effort food morning, is it morning food? Food morning Morning food Two signs you can just sign breakfast with a B, breakfast same with Lunch Dinner Sorry, breakfast. Breakfast. I still sign breakfast. Me too. Breakfast. I sign lunch dinner instead of noon food and night food.

Dinner dinner lunch Breakfast Breakfast Dinner It’s easier to sign, lunch or dinner. So those have been slowly being integrated. Makes a lot of sense, that’s true. Yeah. I didn’t know about I didn’t either. A word in sign language I know in written English, but in sign language, I don’t know if that applied some rules So you guys can learn yourself too, I’ll leave the link down below you guys can check it out and Oh! Oh, oh, oh umm Ryan and I have been trying to screen print and we’ve finally just was successful. Can I have one minute with the camera? Please. E: oh look at the puppy. So cute. Sorry.

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It’s hot in here. Anyways, guys we have new tank tops in that say Sign Fam, if you guys want to order them, go to our Sign Duo shop that has a link in the description down below and there’s only a few so if you guys want one, I would order one soon. We Limited Limited edition Yeah, we’ve been trying to learn how to screen print and we finally Just figure it figured it out. It looks great. And so you guys should be expecting more merchandise to be coming soon One important reason we stopped making merch for a while Why? Because the quality wasn’t good. Not there. We really want to sell only clothes like we would use.

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Right? Will you use that ? Yeah, we tried teespring too and the printing was just kind of off, it wasn’t that great. So But, for sure this That was our experience Really good quality. Yeah, but these Sorry, we had to replace the battery, it died. Anyways, you were saying they’re new, comfortable What? You were talking about the shirts Oh yeah, they’re just for sale if you guys want one, get one. We only have a few because we’re just starting to make our own and screen printing our own. So it’s like we’re testing the waters, you know But this one, this tank top is really nice quality. I, like, I use it myself.

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