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It can be extremely intimidating introducing yourself in a professional setting. We all want to make a really good first impression. In this video, I’m gonna give you some tips to making you introduce yourself professionally a breeze. One of the key ways to make yourself more professional is to wow your boss! Stay tuned to the end of this video because I have something really cool for you which is a really great guide on how to do just that. Hi, if you’re new here, welcome. My name is Adriana Girdler and I’m a business productivity specialist. Having a very clear concise professional introduction that you can say right away is important.

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As a professional meeting facilitator I have seen my fair share of really bad. intros so let’s get started on how you can have a super professional. introduction. Be a person, not a machine. Sometimes in business with introduction. it is really easy to get nervous and when we get nervous we become very much,. Hi, my name is Mary, I’m from HR. Now I know we don’t get really like that, that. automated, but we get so focused on just that. My name, what do I do, boom, I’m done. and I can walk away. What I want you to do is I want you to bring something. really personal and people really want to know who you are. It’s about. connectivity, that’s part of the introduction because it’s not just in. meetings, it’s about someone you just met within the organization, it could be a. client, could be, it could be a supplier, whatever that may be so this is what I.

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Do: Hi, my name is Adriana Girdler, I’m a. professional speaker and a business productivity consultant. I help. organizations and people do what they do, better. One thing that I love to share. with you is we just got this amazing puppy! Her name is Yoko and I love her to. bits. If you can do something like that, relatable, you’ll be amazed at how many. people come up to you afterwards even just to talk about your new dog but what. a great way to connect. How do you introduce yourself in a professional. setting? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to meet you. Focus on the. other person. What do I mean by that in an introduction? Well, let me tell you, it. is really really easy that when we get nervous we give our introduction and we. continue, we don’t even ask about the other person, so what I’d like for you to.

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Do is, as you’re giving an introduction, be short and sweet,. do something personal and then afterwards stop, ask a question to the. person that you’re speaking to. Say, so how are you? Can you tell me a little bit. about you? You’ll be amazed, that’s just that twoway conversation, how it really. opens up conversation because I’m sure you can recall times when someone. introduced themselves to you and they just continue to talk and didn’t even. ask anything about you, how did you feel? Probably like, hmm, didn’t even want to. know anything about me, not a great feeling. So don’t go down that road. Trust. that you are enough. When we’re introducing ourselves sometimes to. someone for the very first time, they may be really high up, we want to impress the. heck out of them because they’re really important so what do we do? We rattle off.

Our CV, well they don’t want to hear about your resume that’s just that, it’s. what you’re doing, that’s not the point of the introduction. It’s to get a. connection, so don’t worry about that, trust that you’re enough, have a. conversation, explain who you are, explain how you’re gonna be helping out,. but don’t rattle off everything. You know how you impress people? Not with the. introduction of your CV but you impress them by actually doing work and. accomplishing things and being accountable. I have some really great. videos on that so check it out. For sure trust in yourself. Remember your business. cards. What? What’s a business card? For your younger generation out there, you’re. probably going, what the heck? People don’t do business cards! You’ll be. surprised. Business cards are still relevant. In fact, a lot of people who are.

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More senior up actually still use business cards. It’s kind of part of the. culture. You introduce yourselves, you hand each other your business cards and. then by the way it’s a great way to have all the contact information. Now I’m not. saying it’s just about business cards, it is really good to have a set if you’re. being introduced to a lot of people but there’s other things like LinkedIn and. LinkedIn apps where you can actually swap information with people and you can. hook up with them on LinkedIn which is another way to get that information,. highly recommend you do those things ASAP when you meet somebody but here’s a. little trick and technique that I do with a business card because I do both. by the way, is when I do get a business card on the back immediately I put the. date and how I met that person and anything of special note and interest.

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