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Are Chinese men good in the bedroom?. I’m Veronica, I’m from China, Xiangshui, which is a small  city in the South. Hi I’m Sophie and I’m from  . northern China, Harbin. I’m Cami, my Chinese name is  Ushun I’m also from Jiangsu. Yo what’s up this is  . Derek and I’m from Hong Kong. My name is Winshi I’m  from China and I’m Cantonese. Hello! My name is  . I’m from like the north China boundary between  China and Russia so that’s why I’m kind of tall.. It’s still like men have to you know be you know  the one to take the action first you know to try  . to impress the girl first. I don’t agree You’re so  popular maybe! They’ll set up like this scene for  . you to be there and like make it kind of dramatic.  Yeah a bunch of flowers yeah. There’s a boy  . yeah every week he will give me take out food for my whole dorm! They’re gonna rent.

A bikini or like some luxury cars or something to  show off that I have a lot of money! I feel like  . the culture is a little bit too materialistic. Most girls um because we’re more like cautious  . or like traditional like we do want to talk a lot  with them before actually going out to meet them  . yeah we’ll look for hints kind of thing it’s  a long process. That’s the part I hate the most  . you know before you get your girl, you have  to talk a lot. Girls love to test their  . boyfriends in real time not boyfriends that like  someone who was going to check what are you doing  . this is realtime! So if you’re a guy and you’re  trying to go for the girl I would say don’t rush  . her yeah I agree with you. Don’t I guess, don’t give  up too easily if she’s not like too forward  . Chinese guys tend to want the girl to be like  cuter, ladylike yeah yeah and I’m the opposite..

Personally I was like I’m not the cute type at all. Can you show us what cute is? It’s like . maybe buy something for me!. They kind of like being  very dependent on their boyfriend and they will  . ask you to do this and that like yeah if you have  a car and it’s gonna oh drive me to somewhere and  . Some girls can be pretty needy I think. Most women  want a lot of attention from guys like texting the  . whole time talking. They’re pampered, they want  boyfriends to pamper them. Let me ask you guys  . would you tie the shoestring for your girlfriend  or carry the handbag for your girlfriend. Would you?. Oh I think I will. See! Like the Chinese girl will  ask you to do that but I don’t think a white girl  . would ask you to do that. For Western dating culture  like it’s about like equality right yeah like.

In for Chinese even though like guys are  caring and like what now like girls also  . care for the guys as well a lot  of things from the guys as well. What’s the worst thing about dating a Chinese man? . Okay I feel like you want to say something  some of them are a little bit shy and they  . don’t really approach girls that aggressively. There  are definitely like stereotypes for like northern  . China and like south of China yeah I think that  northern China men’s are known to be more like  . manly like more grounded, more straightforward yeah yeah  and then like southern part like yeah yeah  . caring, like cuter even sometimes. Yeah the benefits would be Chinese guys are typically  . more I guess like sensitive to you like they  let you win, even if you’re not right sometimes.  . I think in China, the typical first day just go  for dinner yeah but the choice of dinner is.

Important. So if you say someone’s trying like  do I want to go for a drink or go for food  . I would pick food. Food yeah definitely. I  don’t feel comfortable in the first day  . that you have to go to a fancy dinner and  then you have to sit there for two hours  . but what if it doesn’t go well right? Do  you guys split the bill? I never split the  . bill. I was taught that this is my responsibility. In  north in China yeah they they wanted hey. don’t , don’t, don’t dont’ (pay)! I pay, I pay. . For Westerners it would take a long time to  commit to a relationship. When they come into  . a relationship they will be getting very serious  but for Chinese people maybe they just go on a few  . dates and then just they would call each other  boyfriend and girlfriend. I feel like Western  . people tend to bring you into the family earlier.  They don’t think of seeing their parents as such.

Like a big deal like yeah we’re gonna get married so  they’ll see my parents kind of thing it’s just   like oh me my parents because we’re dating like oh  it’s a normal thing. They like to take the risk to   come out to know someone they they don’t know on  the internet but like in china we test a lot first   you have to know about all the hobbies, how many  family members they have, how much money you earn.   Canada they care about the movement the time  they catch up with each other but in china they   cares about all that things like yeah do  you have a house do you have a car? yeah   I know a lot of people who don’t want to  ever have kids here yeah but in China if   you say that like if I say that to my parents  they were like like what are you talking about? You’re crazy! It’s kind of like a sin too  yeah not have kids, not get married in China.

In China like where people are really really  traditional like it could take months before they  . move into the having sex phase i would maybe like  after the first day like after the first or second  . day I’d be okay with it but not on the first . also I feel like in China you have to become girlfriend  . boyfriend to have sex. There’s like a whole process  there’s like different steps you do before like   . First just like talking and meeting each other  Like the second step is like holding hands and  . then yeah like hugging and then to like kissing  like kissin,g and then making out. That’s different  . too. I have a friend she had three or four  boyfriend before. No! I’m sorry she’s never kiss any  . of them never kiss yeah. So there’s no real hookup  culture in China? Probably now now there it is.

It’s changed a lot. It does, like in Big Cities like Shanghai.Yeah some metropolitan There is too much people there. Like we need sex. There’s basically yeah, there are dating apps for going out just for sex that happens too. Are Chinese men good in the bedroom? Sex ability doesn’t really depend on your   background. It depends on your experience  your just respond to your question! So I haven’t had that much experience but I’ve  heard a lot I guess it does depend like like   size wise, yes like Western people tend to be  bigger but that’s not everyone’s preference. But   those guys who work out more they do much better  than the others but you know but for Chinese guys   some of them are not going to gym that often  so oh yeah. Do you think so like for working out   the Chinese guys they do less than the Westerners? Yeah. Honestly Chinese women a re great at sex.

One of my ex he dated girls from  different ethnicities and I asked,  . Do you think asian girls are more  tight and she said no like it’s a myth.  . They are kind of contradictory like when we are  studying they tell us not to have any relationship. . it borders your academic performance your future  blah blah blah but then when you get into society  . you work and then if you don’t have a boyfriend  or girlfriend they’ll ask you hey hey how are you dating? . I’m getting ready. I feel like Chinese care  more about how parents think of their boyfriend  . girlfriend. I think only a small group people  their marriage because of due to the love.  . Like most of people they get married  because the family to the family  . like level to the level. Would your parents be  upset if you brought home like a white person.

Or like someone who isn’t asian? My parents told  me like never bring home like anyone that’s not  . asian. So my mom wants me to date a white  girl yeah have a grandson who is like a foreigner. looks dfferent and she can show off like Oh see my grandson? Maybe from different areas they will  . think differently like if you’re from Shanghai I think it’s okay. There are markets in China where  . parents will go to advertise their  children? Oh yeah yeah so yeah  . Parents they hold up like a big card and they  said oh 28 years old male and which university  . or which college and how much salary they can get  how tall is he etc. Once you get to that age yeah  . like maybe like I was like 27 oh yeah yeah like  before 30 like close to 30 in that time. If you are  . still single yeah your parents are like they  will freak out for sure. This tip like for like.

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