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Everyone just assumes I’m female but. there’s a little more to that the last. guy I told about my condition. he said that was like a deal breaker it. can be kind of awkward at first I need. someone who can like converse. I’m Joe Teague I am 18 years old I just. graduated from high school I’m going to. a community college in the fall I was. born with a condition called intersex I. defined that as not having the typical. binary sex organs or parts in my case it. means that I don’t have any internal or. external sex organs. it also means I won’t be able to have my. own biological children since I don’t. have like a vaginal opening I don’t have. either ovaries or testes I was born in. Calcutta India and I was adopted by sue. and Patrick when I was about three and a. half. oh we hope she was delivered to us in an. email yeah we had been attempting to.

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Adopt for probably two years I looked at. that email I read it over again and I. thought that’s our kid that’s our baby. I’ve always seen myself as a girl as. female and so it wasn’t really like a. question of who or what I was it was. more like what am I gonna do for myself. in the future and that’s kind of like. where we are now it says I have the. vocabulary of a welleducated sailor. hey like have some my coffee but it has. to be sugarfree because of my diabetes. in July I’m having a reconstructive. surgery to create a vaginal opening and. the vaginal canal you might not want to. see this yeah I decided to do the. surgery mainly because as I get older I. want to have a more typical female sex. life I know that it’s gonna be a long. surgery and there’s a long time of. recovery my hope is she’s gonna feel. more complete as a person she identifies.

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As as a woman and that it will make it. easier to date. so what are your options frozen I like. it so if I’m pursuing a relationship. with a heterosexual male there’s the. assumption that I have like all the. typical parts just worried about looking. to fold because we’re going to Main. Street for real I have to explain it and. I want to be upfront about it I’m gonna. try my other option I’m going on a date. with Johnny who I met on the app OkCupid. we have a lot of the same kind of. beliefs and the same point of view. I guess he’s also kind of nerdy I’m mmm. I’m I can be kind of nerdy to a little. mostly because I haven’t actually met. him yeah it sounds like a just a good. person a mature person with very similar. interests and values to hers so I’m I’m. trusting and I’m trusting Jose judgment. too. we’ve texted a bunch we popped on the.

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Phone he knows about my condition. I’ve probably worried to access about. whether or not this guy will back out. I’m really glad that you said yesterday. I was kind of worried the last guy I was. like I went out with actually said that. it was a deal breaker my condition. Surrey organized a little I tried to. watch TV but my earring that’s been out. all day i watch the superhero stuff. early things like that anime yeah I wait. for a show to release and then I’ll just. binge all of it yeah and also here’s the. thing oh I had a lot in common in fact. we talked more than we ate actually now. when she told me about her condition I. thought well cool it’s different. but I want to get to get to know her as. a person. it was a little awkward at first but I. think yeah she’s really cool I liked her. so I had a really good time me tail.

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